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Hair Details: Malaysian Curly hair wig 24 inches 180% density

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I'M definitely not the naturalist, most natural person on earth - hey love! It'S your girl, disastrous beauty coming back with the voice over, so this unit was wasn't to me by beauty forever hair. Shout out you beauty forever for sending me this unit. I really do appreciate it. So right here i am showing you guys: the cap construction. This unit does come with two columns in the front one column in the back and it's a 13x4 frontal unit. This unit is 24 inches long, it's 180 density and the texture is malaysian curly and right here i am going to start styling the wig. You know doing all the stuff that i normally do to curly wigs. Well, i normally do them now, but anyways. I'M gon na go ahead and let you guys watch me style this unit and if you are interested in any more details and specs and all that good stuff about this unit, then please continue to watch and i'll see you later books in the outro bye yay. Everybody told me so feeling, like i saw my soul devil in the form of a devil in the form of a horror. Oh surprised, okay, she told me she left me scored this week and this is what i got if you are interested in the details to specs and all that good stuff about this unit, then please continue to watch okay y'all, so this unit was sent to me By beauty forever hair shout out you beauty forever. The um ally express version of beauty forever, shout out to you for sending me this unit. I really do appreciate it. This is um my 100th collaboration with beauty forever, and i really really do appreciate y'all. Okay. So the unit that i am rocking right now i went ahead and went on the site and then i will tell you guys what i personally have on, but let me um tell you what they have on the site right now. First, so on the site, it says: beauty forever: malaysian curly, hair, wig 13x4 or six lace front; wig 100, women, remy human hair lace, front wig, 150 or 180 density lace, wigs um. As far as the specs and stuff goes with this unit, i don't see any other information about it, but yeah all they have on here is that it's long curly and a lace front like that is pretty much it as far as the specifications go with this Wig but i will have like the picture or whatever on the screen at some point, so you guys can see what it looks like on the site and let me go back and see um the length and stuff that they sent me okay. So what i have in my head right now is um. The malaysian curly hair wig is, i have 24 inches and it's 150 density um. They did come back initially, they were going to send me hold on okay. So initially they was going to send me. The 150 density, so i don't actually have that on. I was looking at the wrong thing: child initially they was going to send me 150 density, but it was out of stock, so they ended up sending me the 180 density, but the wig in itself is 24 inches long, and that is pretty much all the specs And stuff that i have like as far as that goes now um. As far as what i know about the wig, this unit does come with two colors in the front, one comb in the back with adjustable straps, and in my opinion i don't know if they say it on there. I feel like this. Wig is hd lace like what do you guys think am i tripping? Am i tripping like y'all, i feel like the lace even before i apply my sephora micro smooth, underneath because i did do that, but even before i did that, i felt like that. The lace was just like honey: it had that melt to it, girl. I don't know if it was just matching me or what, but it definitely had the melt to it. So it don't say hd. So i'm i'm not gon na, say hd, because i don't see where it said hd, but i'm gon na say this lace is definitely definitely bomb. Okay, um uh. As far as the hairline, the hairline definitely can't pre-tweeze, but i did tweeze it some more and i hope i can show you guys how much hair i tweeze, because it's in my trashcan okay. So this is the hair that i tweezed out of the hair. Excuse the lace attached to it, but this is the hair that i tweezed out of the hairline, and i did that because i've been staying in my videos and i feel like i want to get better at tweezing, hairlines and making wigs look more like i want Them to look, i don't think that personally that it would need it like, unless you just want to do it like if you own, on one of these journeys that i am on, where you're trying to just like get better and better at tweezing units, then yes, If not, then no like, i don't feel like it really really needed it, but i did - and this is what i got you guys know. I can't zoom in now because honey this new lens don't allow it, but you guys can still see and um. This is what the parting space looks like now. I didn't tweeze the parting space, but you know in here somewhere there was a little bit of tweezing just from me tweezing the hairline, but as far as the parting space in itself, i did not tweeze the parting space and then on top of that, i did Also apply my sephora mic. Shall i'm itching? I did apply my sephora micro, smooth to like the very top of the you know like like i always do but yeah. That'S it um. What else i want to say as far as shed and tangling now, i did not notice any shedding with this hair prior to me, tweezing it now. Obviously, after i tweezed it, i was getting shin, but that was just in my opinion because it wasn't shed prior to me doing this. In my opinion, it was just like the residual hair from me, tweezing the hairline, but i didn't notice any shedding prior to that. Now it is um it a deep curly, it's a deep curly wig. So there was some snacks. Let me make sure it's the curl check, because i could be telling y'all anything deep, curl, deep wave, all that's assigned to me. But you know it's not the same. Yeah, no, they just got curly hair wigs, so it is a curl it. I would say like a deep curl like a tightly curled wig um, i did get some tangles and i want to mention that, just because child that's teeth like that's the truth, it wasn't bad and i i don't mind with my curly wigs. I expect to hit a few snags um here and there like in the beginning, but after i detangled it and did what i did to it, which i will be mentioning in the outro outro of this video um. I didn't get that so yeah. It ain't an issue for me, but i did want to mention it. There were some snacks here and there when i was brushing it out and yeah as far as details and specs, that's pretty much it now. Is it big head friendly and it is, does it come in any other size, sizes? Shell? I honestly don't think that this wig - i don't know - i don't see it on here whatsoever. I don't think this wig comes in any other cap sizes. Now is this cap size big, head friendly? Yes, i do feel like it's big head friendly and i do still feel like you can make it work if you have a small head, because i do technically have a small head right now. I do still feel like you can make it work, so i would say, like honey, you can make it work whether your head is on the smallest of the small or on the largest of the large girl. You can still make this wig work and that is, in my personal opinion. So as far as specs and stuff go, that is pretty much it. I'M gon na go ahead and give you guys a lint check, and then we can get into how i feel about this unit as well as products that i use so. Okay y'all. So this is all of the hair brought to the front on me and, as i stated, it is 24 inches in my opinion, is 24 inches curled and not 24 inches in general. It is yeah, it's pretty long on me, and this is where it comes to me in the back. I'M trying to seek it and y'all see. So this is where it comes to me in the back, and you guys know i always say keep in mind. I am 5'4, so i'm not the tallest person in the world so, depending on your own personal height, this can be longer or shorter on you. It just depends on your height and yeah y'all. That is pretty much that as far as specs goes with this wig. If you're interested in what i think about it as well as products and stuff that i used on it and a full 360 sitting down, then please continue to watch okay. So what do i think about this unit? Honey? I think she's, a look girl. I want to know how much she cost, because it, in my opinion, like this unit, is from ally, express it is beauty forever, but it is from aliexpress um. I think that their wigs be less expensive. So, okay, these these wigs, the um wigs range from 10 inches to 24 inches. I do have the longest lint that this wig comes in so we'll say, 24 inches and i do have it in 180 density and it is a 13 by 4 um cap, size and okay. So if you get it in the longest length, which is this length right here - it is 239 dollars, honey, okay, and if you get it in the shortest length, it is 10, which is 10 inches. It is 75 dollars now, in my opinion, that is hecka, affordable. Okay, you guys have seen me review wigs from uh six seats, all the way to four and five hundred dollars. Okay. So to me this is a really good price for a wig. That'S just my personal opinion: a human hair, wig uh, 24, inches 200, 200 and 239 dollars to me. That'S not bad whatsoever, but you know it depends on your budget girl. Okay, like some people, be like girl ain't. Nobody spend that on here. I get it but to me, as far as wigs go, i think that is a really good price for 24 inches, and you know you can obviously get something shorter. Like 20 inches is usually like my cutoff point. I am happy with 20 inches and if you were to get 20 inches 176 dollars, which is you know, obviously under 200, i think that is really good. That is my own personal opinion. You know how to do what you want to do girl do what you want to do: um, but yeah. I think the price is good. I think the wig is nice. I think everybody should own a curly wig like yeah. I know you were like girl. You feel like somebody should own every texture, and i do i think you should own at least one of every texture and, of course, honey. You know your other synthetic or whatever, but i do feel like you need one at least one of these wigs yeah, okay, curly it don't have to be deep wave. It don't have to. I don't care if it's deep way deep curly lose weight whatever. I feel like you need at least one curly wig, because to me they they are really really low maintenance and that's why i feel like we need at least one honey. This is good beach, hair girl, like if you ever feel, like you're, safe enough to go to the beach, because your girl don't. But if you do, if you do girl, this is your wig like that's just how i feel honey point blank period, so yeah, that's how i feel about it. I think it is a really nice wig now, as far as what i used on this wig and what i did to it to achieve this wet look, and i will say this: this is still kind of crunchy. It is sort of on the crunchy side and i think it's the products that i used um. I did use uh the method that i seen also that's mercedes use and i hope i got the same product that she used. I thought i did, but i could be wrong chad, i don't know, but um, i'm pretty sure i had it on the screen at the beginning of the video so because i don't remember the name of it and it's in my bathroom now. So i ain't gon na give it up and get it, but i did use water and conditioner. First, i soaked the wig okay, i got this new big spray bottle. I soaked the wig. Then i used my pink water bottle, which now has conditioner and water in it and then after it was soaked, and i did that, i brushed it out like to detangle it, and then i apply some type of um holding cantu thing. Curling thing i applied that and then i applied my eco styling gel and that's how i achieved this look, and i also use my lotta body mousse to shape my baby hairs. As you guys can see. My sephora micro smooth, my tiki bed head, which is those are my staple products and honey that is it. That'S how we got this. Look: okay, girl, that's how we got what we at so yeah, i'm feeling it. I think it is an entire look. Once again shout out to you beauty forever, i really do appreciate it and yeah y'all, that is it anyways. I'M gon na go ahead and give you guys a full 360 and we can wrap this thing all the way up. Okay, so this is obviously the unit in the front. This is it on the left side. This is it in the back, and this is it on the right side. Okay, y'all. So let me know what you guys think about this unit. Are you feeling it do? You think it's a look. Let me know down below in the comments. I really would appreciate it and yeah y'all. That is pretty much it. So if you like this video, give me a thumbs up, if you have any questions, would you feel like i may have left out, feel free to comment down below and, if not already subscribe, says click the subscribe button and, if you're not already follow me on All my social media platforms - i am disastrous beauty on both ig and facebook, i'm held to missy on snapchat and disastrous, be on twitter, and i will see you lovebugs next time. Bye,

Love Yourself: I love this hair Beautiful Curls and love the density and Easy Slay Have a Blessed Day and Stay Safe

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