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If anything difficult, why you love me baby after it, I don't know, hey loves! Welcome back to my channel, it's Lou if you're new, welcome to my channel. If you guys like what you see, which I know you will please make sure you press the Subscribe button. That'S down below, as well as the bell notification, so you guys are notified every single time that I post a new video for today's video. We are going to be doing a wig and star of frontal wig to be exact, and it's this reddish. Would this be considered burgundy, I'm not sure, but this reddish um color and honestly? This is the perfect um color for fall, so like I'm kind of really excited to try this unit out, and I actually am going to be doing this um. This hairstyle that I seen this girl on Tick. Tock did um I've seen other people. Do it um. After because it's been a while, since I've seen that hairstyle, so I'm gon na attempt to do it today and we're gon na see how it gets um. Of course, you guys know that I'm gon na do the installation part um, I'm gon na fast forward. That part and then we're gon na get to the actual styling part, because the insulation is always the same. I'M gon na of course use my um even spray, and I'm gon na use my cream, my kisses Ruby, kisses cream foundation into level 15. um. I just want to make sure I put that out there just in case I forget to like you know, put that in there somewhere on the screen and in it. If anybody had like any type of you, know, question of what I'm using and if I didn't show it and then to finish it off, I am going to be using the olive oil to finish her up. So so I'm gon na go ahead and you know start installing and then we'll get back to the actual styling portion. You know try to come back foreign look at some things: foreign arguing, difficult foreign. I don't know foreign loyalties Disney yeah. So let's go ahead and take this off and it's looking pretty pretty good she's, looking pretty melted for the most part, so I'm gon na go ahead and just quickly do some baby hairs and then we'll actually get into everything else, all right baby. I love you all this time. Hey told me about all your insecurities. Oh we're done doing the baby hairs. Now, as you guys can see. I kind of already started parting, this out um by me doing this yeah. I should probably already get like an idea of what hairstyle I'm talking about, but it's basically going to be like that that case that I've done my hairstyles similar to this Academy to be careful is lifting. So I need to be a little bit more careful. So the first thing I did was part it on the side first and I'm actually gon na spray foreign to get it as flat as possible, and I'm gon na take some rubber bands to lay this first part down definitely could be much more neater, but we're Also gon na put in like a one ponytail, so bear with me so now we're gon na do the second part, but with this one um for us to see the line, because my whole thing is, I want to see the line foreign. Oh man, you don't wan na get with me, stop something different difficult. I don't know two two two, so bad, oh yeah, you know don't try to come back all right. So at this point I think you guys kind of got the hairstyle that I was going for now. This definitely was a tad bit more complicated than I thought it was gon na, be to be honest, yeah. It definitely was a little bit more complicated than I thought um. Maybe I there was another like way for me to have like you know, did the back, so it could have so it could have actually um shown. The parts have been more. I mean like, if you look closely, you can kind of still see the hairstyle but yeah. Not every hairstyle is gon na hit, especially if you weren't doing that. We created it, but it's looking it's looking pretty decent right now, I'm just like opening up the curls. So the hair could be a tad bit more more poofier, and this is what we got for the final look like yeah, like I said I wasn't. Okay, like I probably did not do the hairstyle Justice um. If I do find the video again, I will post it somewhere on the screen for you guys, so you guys can see what it's supposed to look like and let me know in the comments if you've done this hairstyle before. Let me know in the comments down below what did I do wrong, because all I did was put this first and then I tried to connect these in the back, but maybe I was supposed to do it a different way, so it could have shown a little Bit better but overall, the hairstyles still turned out pretty cute well to me, um and in person. It still look pretty cute the lace Blended, pretty well um, because that's definitely one thing that I pay attention to is how the lace Blends and this lace Blended pretty. Well, um, it was pretty thin and I'm really loving how the color is looking like on this unit, and I did went ahead and, like you know, do my little minor customization to it and stuff like that, and I did bleach the knots um. I probably couldn't bleach the knots a little bit better, but I did bleach it just because I wanted it to have um some type of like you know, bleach, look to it, not just like the burgundy color that it came with, but the curl pattern is pretty Cute now, this hair does shed a little bit, but then again curly hair, most of the time it does shed. So that's not even like alarming. It'S only alarming if they do start to shed like a lot which this didn't even when it came to me like washing and rinsing it out and stuff like that. It did not shed that much, but just keep in mind that it does shed a little bit. But overall, this is how the hairstyle looked like. Let me know in the comments down below, would you guys rock a style like this? Would you guys rock this color and let me know what you guys think of this hairstyle down in the comments down below all the information about this unit will be linked in the description bar down below so make sure you guys go ahead and check this out. If you guys are interested in a unit similar to this or if you guys are trying to recreate this color again, this color is perfect for the fall um of what we're about to get into. So this color would definitely go with the with the um season that we're about to go into, but I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Please make sure you like comment, subscribe and I'll see you later in my next video bye all right baby. Two two: two: two foreign

Ericka Mitchell-Okatah: I love this!! Well, done Queen!!

Akada Geroge: U kill dis look , hair and color is on point, make- up on point am in love with it may God continue to bless you and your family love always ❤

Sammy Da Goat: First Comment Lovely Color Beautiful Curls Beautiful Makeup

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𝟲𝟵𝗫𝗫𝗫.𝗦𝗜𝗧𝗘: Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine Svettass.Site Brünette und eine anderen Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

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