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It says what's up, welcome back to my channel and if you are new here, welcome, hey guys! Thank you so much for clicking on today's video. So we're going to be doing a review on this wig that i have on right here right now. We did a little something we just added some dark root: uh but yeah. If you want to know all of the specs and the deets just keep on watching okay, so this wig was sent to me from beauty forever hair and look at their cute holiday packaging. Um they sent me all of these headbands too, like i'm, really grateful for that, you can never have too many headbands. So this isn't a gray one that has like that bow detail, a mustard one, a bandanna kind of blue one. They also sent a burgundy-ish bandana kind of um headband and then the bejeweled one, and also a cap and a cute little holiday bracelet. It'S so cute. It got like christmas charms. I think that's really really cute um yeah, so the wig is a middle part. It says um in the description that it's a 4x4 fake, scalp um and, as you can see, it does have the fake scalp uh this one, the fake scalp on this is not as noticeable because we know the face. Scalp is just purposeless, but on this one it's really not as noticeable and you'll see um but yeah. So i got 20 inches in this wig and the color looks beautiful. So it has a comb on each side, a comb in the back, and it has adjustable straps as well. Now the side of it has like the lace. So if you wanted to lace and baby as you could, but it also has like the hair, like kind of underneath the cap, so you don't see any cap, you just see hair if the wind will blow - and i really like that now, the fake scalp portion, It has tracks so like it probably gives you a half of an inch of a part and then it's tracks um, so yeah. Now we are going to darken the roots, because you all know the way my hairline is set up. I cannot just have a color from the root down like it has to have some dark root for me, so i'm just kind of adding some rent - it's literally not even like as in depth, i'm just adding it around like the top portion, like the part like Around the part and then around like the edges, um, because if the window, i wanted you to see black roots as well, but i didn't like part, nothing off and like go underneath like no. I just basically did what was on the top and it actually came out really nice like you'll see it doesn't look like i did it the way that i did it because you know like you would need to kind of like part, it lift the other hair Up put some under there part it with the other hair up. I wasn't doing all that, okay, so um, but it doesn't look like i did like a half job. You know it looks good so yeah, i'm just adding that, like i said to like the roots and then um around the sides as well, and then i let that sit um in i like, as you can see like the hair, is dry. I don't know if you're even supposed to do this, but i like to add rinse to dry hair. I don't like to uh, wet the hair and then apply the rinse um. I feel like it doesn't really take good. I don't know, maybe i'm wrong, i'm sure i am anyways so yeah, i'm just like i said, adding a rinse and i think i let this sit um for maybe like 10 hours um, because i went to sleep and i was making sure to like use the Brush to turn it the other way to like make sure i kind of get in there at least a little bit, especially where i seen red. I was like you know doing that, and this is what it looks like we gon na. Let it sit and then rinse it out, wash it okay. So here is the finished product of the darkening of the roots. This is what she looks like like this color looks really really good. Like i like it, it's not too bright, like you know what i'm saying it goes well with the dark roots. It looks very good. Okay, so look, as i said like this: has the 4x4 like lace, kind of silk part situation right here, but it's tracks all throughout like is where the first track starts and it tracks all the way down. So this is where the first track starts, and then this tracks, like all the way down in this little silk base parting like um like that and then it's tracks. So you only get to have a middle part um. You could shift the wig to the left or to the right if you wanted to, but as far as part of space, you don't get that parting space and i don't know why they advertise this as a 4x4, because, although it has like this space of 4x4, You only really have this set like part right here: um, it's not really any parting space. Okay, there we go now she's fitting snug, i adjusted the straps and there we have it. I am getting some shedding as i'm running my fingers through it got some shedding. Nothing too crazy and y'all know me: i don't really care too much about the shedding. So let's see how she looks shifted to the side, i'm probably gon na wear it like this for a little bit and then i'll probably straighten it out. I might add some curls to it. I don't know what i'm gon na do yet, but you'll see because it's literally the next clip here we have, i added a little bit of a wand, curl very like sparse and not really structured um, because i just wanted to add some texture and i flipped Her over to the side - and i love it like this - like to the side into the side - part - i think the side part with the red looks really really cute. I would take this off and just have like the black and white moment, because i think that'll look best with like the hair, and maybe when i take my pictures i will but it's cold okay. So i'm keeping this on i'll show you a close-up. Look at the part two. I originally did my edges to have the part in the middle, so you know, but so let me tell you what i really like about these types of wigs that have just kind of like the lace part and not necessarily like the 13x4 front. Two or you know what i'm saying, i think that for people like me, it's very very quick and simple, because i don't usually do too much laying of the frontals anyway, like i kind of wear a middle part or a side, part um. So this wig is pretty easy that, like you, can literally wash it. Let it dry straighten it or curl it whatever you want to do and then cut the lace off and pop it on, like you know what i'm saying it's pretty quick and simple: it's a very easy type of a wig, especially for like beginners. You know like my edge situation, so i had to add the dark roots, but this really is a pop on and go type of a wig after co-washing and stuff like that, of course, but like this wig is and then even in this natural state, it still Looks really pretty y'all know a lot of straight wigs when you wash them they kind of like in their natural form. They got a slight wave to them, which is really pretty regular, like you know, regular color, but also too in this color. It looked really pretty. As you've seen, hair quality is good. It'S not like super great, but it's not bad either yeah like. I definitely think that if you like what you see um, i do believe that this wig is on the expensive side, though, like i'm not exactly sure about the price point, but i'll put it on the screen so yeah. If you like what you're seeing you're interested in a color or whatever the case may be, i will leave all of the links down in the description box for you to check it out and once again, thank you so much to beauty forever. Hair for sending me over this wig, i truly appreciate it yeah. So that's a wrap. Give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Okay drop down in the comments, and let me know what you thought of today's video of today's wig and subscribe. If you are new, if you have not yet subscribed, please take the time to do so now. I would really really really really appreciate it. Okay, and i hope you enjoy the rest of your week your weekend, whatever it may be, peace and blessings

Sophie Chanelle: Perfect holiday hair! Love that you darkened the roots. Looks great on you!

Dewana Johnson: Darking the roots is a great idea and she came out beautiful. I love the color. You did that with the ward curler. Beautiful unit.

Tee Chantelle: It’s cute! The color is perfect for the holidays and I love the fact that you dyed the roots.

Beauty Forever Hair: Wow,you are so gorgeous in this hair color. It looks so easy to install and hairstyle by you,great job,love you~

Tania108: Looks gorgeous on you! Perfect color for the holidays too. Girl your makeup is alway bomb. Can you do a tutorial of this look and the lashes used?

Brittaney Hill: Okay I love this! And it's not too bright of a red! You slayed it! Looking fwd to your next video! Oh and if possible if you come across any Bob's be sure to review I'd love to see!!!❤

kertrina321: the color, curls & side part..

Silky Saks: I like dark roots to and the color in this is amazing

Junior Chaves o Picasso de Yahushua: Hello beautiful how are you doing dear?

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