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In this video, Alipearl sent me this beautiful unit so if you are looking for the perfect wig for Detty December, here you have it !! I absolutely loved this hair and I would highly recommend it.

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Foreign Beauty content, so in today's video we're going to be doing a hair review of this wonderful Ali Pearl hair. So it is the alley Pearl hair in 24 inches, it's literally so long, and it is the body wave texture and it is a three three: is it 13 by four frontal? Look at the lace. Just look at the lace is literally slayed. I did this hair yesterday and the lace is still so intact, so I've added curls yesterday I did add curls to it. You don't know it's yesterday but like yesterday I didn't add curls to it. I just um. I just had it straight, so you can do anyone, you can do straight and you can also do like um curled up and everything. So this is what it looks like curled. So this is the hair curled um, I'm not really a tight curl person, but I don't think the hair um. I I don't think the hair holds um curls that well. But if you like, like a loose curl, this is perfect for you. So I like a loose curl, this is nice and you also comes with the natural body wave of the hair. So first first you know first impressions. The lace is honestly so good and then the hair in itself is very good quality. I'Ve only had it for one day so I'll give you like an updated review later on. Hopefully, so I can give you like a one month update or something I'll put more specs on the description of the actual product down below. If you actually want to shop. The hair, let me show you one more time: no, this hair is really good and yeah. That is that's the hair, so in the next tip, you're going to see me actually installing the hair so that you guys can actually see how to install the hair and how the installation process went. I went to my hair stylist and she just installed my hair for me and the process was really smooth. It literally didn't take that long. So I'm gon na just show you those clips now and then I'll see you in my next video bye. Before I start, I want to thank alipore for sponsoring this video. We love a good sponsor over here, hi guys so back to the video. I have a little cold, so don't mind that so first um she installed the wig cap because we did the Bold cap method and now she's just putting on some foundation. So it matches my lace and the wig can lace seamlessly and actually look like my skin tone. Next, we went ahead to actually fit the wig onto my head, so you see her dragging the word wig forward so to just see where my hairline is and how well it fits with my hairline and it actually fit quite well actually looked like my hairline. I don't have a little hairline, so I think that was fine. I also don't have a receding hairline, so I think right in the middle, but she then goes ahead and cuts off the air tabs. I think this is one of the trickiest parts of actually getting your wig lid, but she goes ahead and cuts the air tab, as you can see, she's not scared to actually cut a lot of the air towels, because I think my head was a bit too. Not small but like the second press of my head, wasn't as big as the wig, so she had to cut quite a bit of air tab of see she even cut with hair on the air tab. So don't be scared to actually cut the hair off the wig, because there's so much more hair on the wig to actually use so next she's applying the glue onto my hair. You can use ghostbone bold hold any of those kind of glues, just check online, and you see nice videos and reviews and all that but she's making sure that the glue is actually placed on my head um evenly so she's evenly spreading the glue around my hairline. So that the wig can lay she's also not neglecting the air type area. As I said, that is one of the trickiest parts of laying a wig just going ahead to put two coats and actually leaving it to dry down clear so that it doesn't leave any residue or any white cast on my hairline so that it's time to make Sure that the lace is aligned with the glue so she's just putting the lace onto the glue so that it starts sticking. I don't know how else to explain that, but she's dragging the wig forward, so that it is right on my hairline and right. Where she put the glue, then I had to hold the two ends to make sure that it stayed secure until she could actually wrap it around with a band foreign ahead to start straightening, the hair and just to make sure your wig actually lays flat. She went ahead and did it section by section I'm putting the character wax stick in between the lines in order to actually get that melt. She also goes ahead and passes into a middle part, because I wanted a middle part. So that's what she went ahead and did feeling foreign. The Next Step was to start cutting the lace. So this is very important. She uses a small pair of scissors and she just tries to get as much precision as possible, so she takes off the band and then gets ahead or starts cutting the lace when she does the section by section. I do this as well. I think it's easier, especially if you're a beginner, I think, causing section by section, makes it way easier for you foreign. At this point I was getting so excited. You can see it on my face, but she already brought out the baby heads and all that. So I was getting so excited because I actually knew that this hair was going to be so good. If you can see at the back of the hair, you can see that that is the natural wave of the hair, but she's just going to have to straighten it, because I want to try something new. But honestly, at this point, when she was doing the edges, I knew that that was going to be a look like. I knew that the way that that lace was melting, this wig is going to be real for a long time. Because, honestly, I couldn't fathom how good it is as well as the wig was foreign, so this was the final look. She was just taking pictures of the hair. This is the hair straight at the beginning of the video. You can see that the hair was Curly. So I curled it so you can do anyone you like so we've come to the end of the video. I hope you enjoyed the video thank you to Ali Pearl for actually sponsoring this video, and I hope to see you in my next video make sure you like share, comment and subscribe. Make sure you check out the links below for this gorgeous units. Bye,

Zikora Ozor: Wow the hair is so perfect

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