The Best Curly Hair On Aliexpress | Curly Hair Routine | Alipearl Hair Deep Wave Hair

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Watch how I style and do my curly hair routine on this amazing deep wave hair from Ali Pearl hair.


• How To Make Closure Look Like A Frontal

•Alipearl 6x6 lace closure wig review


Brazilian Deep Wave

24/26/26 + 20 inch 6x6 lace closure (medium brown)

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Curls me under my top favorites Aliexpress caravanners video and you guys have asked if I had curly hair hair companies. You know to recommend - and at the time I didn't that was at that time. But now let me go ahead and introduce you to ally pearl here. So if you guys are familiar with my channel, then you guys have heard the name of that hair company before because I did do a video on their 6x6 lace closure wake. That wake is amazing. If you guys want to see my like full in-depth review about that particular wig, then you guys should definitely check out that video. So I will go ahead and leave it link down below for you guys, but aside from that yeah, this hair is from Ali pearl hair, so I'm no stranger to their hair. So in this video I am definitely going to be speaking from experience, because this is my second hair texture from them and yeah. I'M gon na show you guys, like you, know, all the details and the specs. You know on this hair and why I'm gon na go ahead and throw it in there as a top company for curly hair, so so yeah, I'm just gon na go ahead and I've already done this side of I'm gon na go ahead and do this sighs You guys I've already detangled it and even when i detangled it and brush it out, you guys like this is the curl pattern that is still there. So I have three bundles and enclosure, but not just any kind of closure. You guys. I know you guys see this part. This is a six by six lace closure, so yeah, I'm just gon na go ahead and get into the details of the strip, but before I start doing my curly hair routine on this side, I want to show you guys, like the packaging. Well, I actually came packaged in a DHL bag, so with DHL their shipping was two days so the order shipped out on a Wednesday, and then I received it literally that Friday. So, of course, I throw away the DHL packaging and incoming like a fancy box or like a nice silk bag or anything. It just came packaged normal um I'll, go ahead and insert a clip for you guys on the screen somewhere. So you guys can see how the hair looks in its natural state this little it's got product into you guys, but they sent this little edge brush like I have been wanting one of these for the longest and it's pink so that makes it ten times better, But yeah they sent this little edge brush and then also they sent like this satin little. You know head wrap to wrap around your head, so it does have their logo on it. It'S not synergy guys like this is how long it is, and you can see it's like kind of off-center, but that's not really that big of a deal. I use this faithfully every single night like just because it's like good, and it doesn't like rub against my edges. So I really like this like I've, been needing something like this, so I really like the fact that they sent this you guys. This is way better than a little cheap pair of lashes, so thank you so much to them for that. I'M just gon na see, if I can all ties here for you guys. So if you're someone who's gon na be working with curly hair, I would definitely recommend you guys get you one of these. I got this off at Amazon like this is like a mister. You know hairspray and it works amazing like it gets the hair wet SuperDuper fast, like you don't even have to like you squirt and you just like. Let it do its thing as always, you guys, I always make sure to mention it cuz. Sometimes you guys will get a little bit confused and think that this is like a closure wig or a frontal wig from you know, whatever hair company, I'm telling you guys about, but I did go ahead and make and to awake myself. So this is a custom unit. In a sense, I think, that's what you call it. That'S how you say it so yeah. I have two 26-inch bundles and then a 24 inch bundle and I did go ahead and use all three of the bundles. If you guys are familiar with me in my videos I always say like when I make my ways, I don't like a lot of hair on my head, so I wasn't sure but then again I did get this hair and pretty long lips. So I was like. Let me just go ahead and use all three the bundles, because I didn't want it to come out looking like, then you know and whatnot, so closure is really good. You guys like this closure is amazing, like of course, I'm already. Naturally, a big fan of 6x6 lace closure which, but you can see that like I did not go in and bleach my knives, I'm kind of debating. If I want to or not. But honestly I don't think that I need to so. My knots are not bleached, as you guys can see, and this is how good the closure is. Look at you guys, you guys, can totally finesse these types of closures and get them to look like frontals and nobody would ever know. Yeah frontals are really nice and all, but they are a lot of work. There are a lot of maintenance like I'm just like kind of over them right now. I'M not gon na stop wearing them, but I just needed a break okay. So now I'm just gon na go in with some mousse. You can go with any mousse of your choice, my favorite one to use it a lot of body foaming mousse. It'S got the coconut and shape oils in it. So I'm not gon na put too much product from the hair, because I don't want to weigh the hair down and I find that the less product that I put on this hair, the better, is just something about this hair, like you can literally just put water On it and a very teeny little bit of product and the curls just automatically pop so nicely now I do have my whites you've come here, but you guys can see like this hair just glides through my finger. It does not get tangled at all, and it's just really easy to like you know, Dylan's like look how easy it is for me to brush this through. So most of the times I do like finger detangling on. I said this is the hair. Before we saturated it's fully wet, if you guys seen in the clip earlier, I did show it to you when it was. It had been my probably four days since I touched up the hair. I just wanted to see how long I could go without it like or until it got to the point to where it needed to be like freshened up again and as you guys can see free stuff like it looked really good for me not having to put Any water any moves, no Jill, no nothing on it for four days. So that's why I say that I like really really like this hair and I definitely had to do a video on it for you guys. So at this point this is pretty much all that I'm gon na do so the hair. If you do want to maintain the wet look like this, then you are gon na want to like seal it in with some type of oil, because that's gon na give you like that. You know sleek look to make. It seem like it's still wet throughout the entire day, so if that's the look you're going for it - and you know do that today - not necessarily going for that look, so I'm just gon na leave it so yeah. This is the hair when it is fully saturated and wet as far as like maintenance and keeping up on this hair, you guys, like only thing that I do make sure to do, is to co wash this hair. You know Co wash it that is going to make sure that your curls stay poppin and that they don't dry out. You don't necessarily have to shampoo this hair every time you know, unless you have like a lot of product build-up, then do it, but a week you know I'd be like five five six days I do make sure to go in and co wash the head and Then go ahead and do my little curly hair, routine yeah. This hair is just everything and more you guys. I'Ve seen a lot of good reviews for their deep wave hair people have like nothing but good things to say about it. If I didn't already mention you guys this shedding cuz, I know that's a big question that gets asked a lot, so this is curly hair. Yes, it is going to shed, but this hair doesn't share too terribly. To be honest, the only time that I do get shedding with us hair is when I'm going in and detangling it pretty much eight that I wanted to say about this hair. You guys, if you guys, are interested in anything. I will make sure, as always, to leave all the information down below in my description box, for you guys thank you guys so much for watching and if you guys want to see the update, you guys know I love coming back to give you guys updates. So if you want to see it, let me know yeah, that's it bye, guys.

Denisha Ventour: I Love this hair, and keep making these videos with those GORGEOUS wigs girl x

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