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If you didn't see the initial video, the mark thing make sure you go down to the description box, I'll make description box I'll, make sure I put the link down there. I want you down there. Of course. Like comment subscribe, you know so you can get so you have some Raven, just Raven you're, like you guys I'd, say just Raven, because for all my Ravens out there y'all already know how it feels to be named. Read That's So Raven. So it's just writing. Okay, guys that so maybe that's getting old as Ravens, don't like it! When you sing to us, we don't like it. Okay, I also have other parts in my name that are attached to song that people like sings to me and it's getting older guys. It'S getting really old, but anyways. I just had some ant really quickly. Um leave some comments guys. I would love to have some feedback. Let me know you know what you guys think what you guys want to see for me. I know I haven't really dated much talking. I haven't, let you guys know who I am. I think I might do like a Q & A so that we can like I could get to know. Raven talking like kinda, gets my life and just a little bit just just just a little bit like right now, but I'm gon na do like a little questioning if they're. If y'all have some questions, go ahead and drop them question down in the comment section and I'll include those in my Q & A video once I actually do it, but let's jump right into this review of this Aliexpress. Hey oh shoot y'all like if y'all here, because and then I like, fix it. It'S because I like said I was gon na stop cussing, because I cuz too much and I have two little kids yeah they don't because then they they know is wrong, but they kind of because of them like so yeah. I thought I was gon na stop. Cussing for my kids and so far, it's not going well anyways. I'M we're gon na work on it. Alyssa jump right into it, okay, so in the previous video you guys, I let you know that I purchased this hair off of Aliexpress. The vendor is ally pearl. I was recommended by them from my little sisters, like I said in the last video she's bought a lot of hair from them, so I decided to hop out and buy Lou lacewing and see what their hair be like that we'd be like so um this week. I'Ve had this hair in or this week, one for about a good week. Actually, this video is long overdue. I was supposed to do it like when I first, I guess, is not really. I got the full we're out of it for this week, so I can let y'all know how I feel but yeah I had it on for a week this week has been very ugly so, like it's been one of those weeks where it's like just throw some. Damn coat just throw some clothes on go because it's been like raining cold nasty. All of that. So, like I'm gon na work, I just be looking a hot mess but anyways I really like there. It was okay, one prop it didn't really yeah. I cannot talk today. I think it's because I've been trying to do this video all day, but my kids, we're not letting me be kraines and now, when I have the time to do it, while they're asleep, like I just can't talk, but anyway, I just thought some water and some Leave-In conditioner on it you know just go back but yeah. I didn't really get much tingling from this hair like, as you can see, I'm just running my fingers right through it. Like yes, yeah and I just going right through it now. Tingling was not a problem, but shedding was a problem like a big problem, so you know I know, there's supposed to be like pequeños small shedding, but this week I felt like it shed more than any year that I've ever want not any hair that I've ever Had we'll get to that other hair another time, but this has shed a lot and I'm like coming through it and I could just feel the hair drop it on the excellency but yeah. I like this hair. I love it and abused. Of course, I use gots to be shut out, some tip. I used two guys to hold it on and it is on their young. It is on there like it is throwing out my Scout, but yeah. It stayed on it's been on all week. I haven't come off, I mean the edges are starting to live, which I don't mind because after this video I'm taking it off, I don't see how people wear wigs for so long like without happen, without taking it off, because it itches it just itches. And it's a lot like right now, I'm gon na said the word. It should just start itching but anyways. I guess it was like like it should. I guess um I did bleach the nut. If you guys, if you can't, you see that I bleach the nuts, it was my first time ever bleaching some knots. So, of course, the bleach went through to my roots and yeah bleached a blonde, so my roots are kind of blonde, but like it kind of makes it look like it's mine like it doesn't look like. I don't know it's weird, like the roots just match. My scalp, because it's like oh yeah, like well yeah, I love this hair like it was great penguin, but I feel, like part of the reason it was taking on was my father, like I said this week, has been ugly as him rain in his memory. All right this week for me, so it was like day. I thought I was gon na be popping this week in my wig, but I wasn't because it was raining and I was looking already because the only thing I was worried about is being warned to stay and drop, but yeah I'm gon na take the week off Tonight I'm gon na be like the 613 here and you know: diet, nice, cool hood rat, color yeah, but you guys I just wanted to check back in with you before I take this week off. Shout-Out to my aunt I mean she's using me tomorrow as her model for school. So that's why I'm taking the week off so I just wanted to you know pop in you guys and let you know how I really felt about this hair before I took it off since I haven't had it warm for like a good week, and I feel, Like that's enough time to fill it out, but I would definitely recommend getting this hair because it wasn't expensive at all like I said it did, but it wasn't like I was I'm not going bald when we get going bald or whatever it didn't tangle, but yeah Guys thanks so much for watching. I just wanted to let you guys know how I felt about this hair. If you have any questions for me, just leave them down in the car and I'll be sure to get back to you about to go, get ready for it, but I think I got ta watch this hero this week off, but yeah Oh feedback, guys, like I Said before I'm gon na probably do a Q & A y'all can get to know your girl and in the next video. But thanks again for watching and hope you guys enjoy.

stylzbymo: Love you Ravens!!!! So proud of you girl

David CARELOCK: You are so down to earth. I love the entertainment u bring. Can't wait to see more videos

Tiffany Dee: Still deciding if I want this wig. You rock it better than some other girl I saw with it on. Look like hers was put in a blender. Anywho...this looked so good on you! Keep it up! ✨

stylzbymo: Great job hun bun

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