How Would They Know? Watch Glueless Wig & Scalp Become One #Wigwhere #Lacewig #Lacefrontal #Hdlace

Nobody'S Gon na Know, nobody's gon na know, they're gon na know. How would they know? How would they know? How would they know I can I just I can't? Oh my God,

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Diane R-D: It’s gotta be growing right outa her scalp! So gorgeous….Both the wig and the young lady!!

Tina Paul: You know what s crazy it s on camera it s à very good job.But,when i see those girls in person the wigs looks complety crazy.

Giovani Tasis: Let me know where i can find it???

Vuyelwa Zenzile: Where do I get it?

Moazzan Khan: I want this one

robert verrege: While these lace hairlines are unbelievably undetectable they are extremely delicate

Rebecca Becky: Where do I get this from plz let me know

Pamela: Wonderful

Rebecca Becky: Do you have an app or how is it done on line let me know

SinoAko Resident: WOW♥

Christian Cruising Cousins: I want one

Funny videos: black ladies always look pretty when they have straight hair.. i am asian, but everytime i see you black woman with straight hair, i can't take my eyes on you..

Sheila Smith: I want 20 different ones how do I get

Эпик:3: где купить такой парик, напишите пожалуйста!!!!!!!!

Sani Bwalya: WOW!

Monique Monique: We know because u posted it for us to know

peace: Nobody is gonna know

Jeni FF✨✨: Then ,what will happen If someone pull over her hair for fun.....?

lauretta harris: If only I could leave that's asking what I'm going to get if I order it. And not some synthetic crazy looking wig

Rebecca Becky: Is there a shop anywhere in India cause I'm in bangalore city

Star Hamilton: Lmao that was not the right placement push it back .5-1 inch

rosanna kameyama: Were and How to buy?

Assaanouet Awandjo: Bonjour comment se procurer vos perruques merci

fatoma's 5: i want this please let me know wer i get this

Jennifer Escaño: Lika ❤️❤️❤️

Thomas Baker: They WONT know.

KL.13 KHADAR.: ❤️❤️❤️

Antonio Flowers: Where's the lace?

Жыпаш Аб:

chirawat moranok: อยากให้ไทยแลน.มีบ้างเนียนมากๆ

Alilee: Prices tohigh for me

Rabbit Hare: What repulses majority of people to watch more of your videos is the irritating way you repeatedly say, "nobody is gonna know blah blah blah ".....

Deborah Swearingen: they not going to know

Penny Washington: Count me in!!!

Donna Marshall: Nobody is going to know.

Angel Kasturi: Where..

Upscale_ ExclusiveMusic: #2024 New Years Party #invite ✨✨✨✨

Elaine Hanbidge: Wear from

Amelie Remp: stop

Sajeevan Thundiyil: Don't you have gents

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