Under 30 Min Wig Install Challenge: Delicate Hairline Skin Melt Lace Wig

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00:00 Introduction to video

00:16 Wig Straight Out The Box

00:35 Channel Updates

1:08 Blowout on Hair

1:37 Pin Curls On Wig

2:23 Wig Install

5:18 Back of wig Hair

5:44 Styling Hairline & Hair of wig

10:12 Match lace color With Skin

11:22 End Results Final Thoughts

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Welcome back to today's video, we are going to be doing a wig install that is under 30 minutes. People tend to think that you have to spend a lot of time for your wig to look like this. This wig right here is absolutely gorgeous. It already comes pre-plucked, so you don't have to do anything to it. Taking this wig straight out the box, I want to show you all what it looked like, because I did do some alterations before I installed this wig. So, as you see, it comes in a natural black color and it comes with a beautiful hairline and also a 13x6 cap. Now I did not want to wear this color, so I lightened this using the developer method, and this is the color I took it about one shade lighter, so it's like a dark brown now, if you are more of a beginner, definitely really check out yesterday's video That I shared with you all, I showed some really great tips on how to instantly install your wig, lay it like scalp without any work and without any glue, of course, that video will pop out right here. If you are new, my name is Marie subscribe to the channel. If you are already subscribed, make sure you turn on those Bell notifications. I do not have a set schedule anymore. I do try to upload at least three times a week and if you don't want to miss any of my videos, definitely make sure those notifications are turned on, but let's jump right on it and let's get into these details, I'm going to start off with styling. This wig, since I've washed it and colored it. I am going to just take my dryer to it and knock out the waves. Now when you are coloring a wig and making it lighter, even though I went one shade lighter, it's still important to deep condition. The hair, so I did deep condition the hair for 30 minutes and let it dry overnight, so it's not even really wet right. Now, I'm just using a dryer to take out the waves. Now, as far as the length, I did take away some of the length because it was a little bit too long now, as you can see, the color is a bit uneven. You can see that black color at the roots, but it is okay, it definitely still turned out really pretty when you're using the developer method, it kind of can vary. Since this is supposed to be an install that is under 30 minutes. I Am Curling big chunks of the hair and I'm going to pin curl pin curls definitely help the curl last a lot longer. I'M taking a little bit of my Sebastian spray spray in the hair and then curling it in an upward motion and pinning it. I will put all of these products in my Amazon storefront. If you are trying to find some really good products. I use really great products on my wig, so everything will be in that link. Also, this wig will be linked in the description box all right. So I went on and cut off the extra lace we're going to go ahead and glue down this wig. Now today I thought about using a real wig adhesive, but then I was like I rather use something I feel like I'm comfortable with. I honestly believe the fastest way to apply your wig is with the sprays like the adhesive sprays hairspray. Whatever you want to do, it'll get a job done now. My personal favorite adhesive spray is the gold can by them. So if you are looking for some something, that's good, it's really good. It definitely is gentle on the skin. It'S easy to remove and the hole can last a couple of days just depending on how you install this is what the hairline looked like on this wig. As you can see all right. So I'm just going to flip this back and if you want to you, can clean your forehead area with water or whatever wash your face, I'm going to place mine right here. This is where the spray is going to go. I'M going to get my spray go straight around that hairline like so, and take my finger and just kind of rub the area and then take my dryer and we're going to dry this until it's tacky, but once I have the glue where I want it, I'm Going to place this lace down and as you can see, the hairline is absolutely gorgeous on his wig. I'M going to lay the lace right over top um. I should have tightened up the straps hold on. I didn't do that. Let me all right so now I'm gon na lay it down and matter of fact. Let me show you guys something I'm just going to position it where I need it to go, starting with the sides and just press it, and then I'm going to instantly take my Edge band and flatten it completely down, and you can find these on my website. I will have it linked below if you would like to get one all right so, like I said, pen curls are like the best now. If you have not already go ahead and thumbs up the video, you can leave me a comment below this video also um. I really do like when you guys talk to me and make me feel like I'm actually making a connection with you all. Besides, just sharing things all the time so definitely drop me. Some comments below I may have to come and do a video on that method. That I use to color this wig because I think I'm gon na do that with all of my wigs for this month. Just because I would practice coloring wigs a little bit more. The developer method is really good and at least changing the hair. One shade lighter, and it's really fast too, it's very convenient all right. So this is what the hair is like. The curls are super tight, super bouncy all right. Let'S see what we got going on with this Edge band, see if it laid down everything. Yes, it is so next I'm going to go in with the spray and kind of just clean up the edges, clip the hairline brush all these straight hairs back and that only took a few minutes um to settle so I didn't even have to leave it alone. So a lot of times with the lace, if you don't want to just keep going like this pressing the lace into that adhesive, you can just get your Edge band and tie it around and just let it sit for a second. But just don't do it. If your hairline is wet with the product because it will stick - and you don't want that all right so for today I I'm actually going to take my Sebastian spray to smooth down the hairline and everything was going to spread like so, and I'm going to take My hot comb and push back this hairline and this hairline is really gorgeous on this wig. Now it's a bit more pre-plucked than um, the other one that I've been working with that I shared with you guys in my previous video. So if you like them more natural hairline, this one gives you a lot of room to play with you know, creating edges all right. So, let's clean up this area, I got hairs going everywhere, so I'm going to take my brush and just brush them back and then to create edges with this type of hairline. It'S so simple! You just want to take some hairs out. You don't want to use too much hair, because if you use too much hair, it's going to look like crazy baby hairs and we do not want that. We want just a little bit of hair, I'm going to take my smaller curler and flip this like so now, remember I did cut this length, so if you want it longer, you can definitely get it long. I'Ll put the link for this wig in the description box. I like to take my spray spray it on my brush, shake it off just a little bit and just go down the strands just like so not creating anything too intense and just use that also to get rid of any like strands of hair. That'S laying on my forehead on this side. I'M not worried about the residue. That'S stuck right here, because once I create these edges here, it's going to clean it up anyway. So the same thing do not put any gels on your edges because it will make them hard and crunchy, and we don't want that. Now. In my last video I shared with you all how to install a lace wig. If you don't want to have the pre-plucked hairline, if you just want a wig that you could put on definitely check out that video, I laid some good tips down in her video um just for on the go type of wig. Today'S videos are just a tad bit more detail, but still getting this wig installed in under 30 minutes. So I'm just going down to parting with some of my Foundation powder like so, and then I am going to fluff out these curls loosen them up a little bit. This is super pretty super pretty. I can actually go back and touch up this Edge a little bit more because I think I combed it out now. Remember you don't want to put too much spray, not too much just enough. I have some residue there I'll clean that up later, but I'm just gon na yeah yeah. Now, if you don't want to use the hot comb, you can use hair mousse and lay everything down take a dryer to it. I don't use hair mousse anymore, just because I feel like with certain Styles. It just you know is too hard to get it to dry in the time. I need it to dry, so I like using the hairspray or the hair wax and then the hot comb. I will have all of these products Linked In My Amazon storefront. So if you are looking for anything that I'm I use in my tutorials, you can definitely check out that link in the description box. Now, if you are finished with your install and you notice that your lace is a little bit whitish like you can see right here, I have like the color is off. So what we're going to do we're going to fix that um right now? Some of this true match um spray, and this is in the color 10 and I'm going to now, when you do this, make sure you have your dryer handy because it's water-based, so it will lift this product that we just used to glue down. So you want to spray and then rub and as you can see, it instantly changes the color of that lace. It helps it to blend and I'm also going to go back with some hairspray just so we can make sure that that lays flat and then dry it, and while I'm at this area, I'm gon na go ahead and create the sides all right. So this is like a really up close personal look of what the hairline looks like so far um I probably will go back and tie it down for about 15 more minutes. Usually I do that to make sure all the lace is together and to the skin but yeah. This is what everything looks like so far close up close up all right. So this is the finished result. This wig was installed in under 30 minutes. Very simple, very easy, but I really feel like it's not really a challenge for me, because I really do this all the time like it takes me no time to install a wig and I'm hoping that you guys are learning some really great tips. For me. That way, your install can be very simple, stress-free yeah, so be sure to drop me. Some comments like the video subscribe. If you are new - and I will see you all back for another video very very soon - thank you guys so much for watching music. Please

MsPreciousMarie: Happy Friday!! ❤

J-Nicole W: You’re so beautiful!! I wish I could look this awesome in a wig!!!❤ great tutorial

Treia McGee: Ma’am! Sis! I have been watching you for years and I’m always learning something new from you!! Thanks for sharing! Keep doing your thang girl!

Mammie Summers: That’s nice Marie. I love the hair line. Looks so natural. And the eye shadow, very pretty!

Graciously Blessed: Good Evening Ms. Precious Marie. The hairline and the curls, especially, are extraordinarily pretty. - I intended to mention in the previous presentation that the sparkling stones are such a beautiful enhancement to your hair dryer. Yes! You really do use great products. Thank you. May you and your family have a blessed weekend.

Donna Martinez: So Pretty! Love that hair! Lookin forward to watch those videos about hair colors! I tried to bleech the knots on a new wig and I'm gonna have to hit them again!

Beauty by Jay Morris: Beautiful Marie, can’t wait to see how you lifted the color, thanks for sharing

Jazmine Gardner: HEYYY Marie!! Love your content always slaying and GORGEOUS Thank you ❤❤

SS: Beautifully done!!!!

Shell Shell Beyond Beauty: I love the wig but can we get this makeup look cause omg girl you look beautiful. Every time I use the spray my edges get hard. I usually glue down all my wigs. I want to give the glues a break this month.

Donna Wallace: I agree about the hair spray Marie. Since I started wearing wigs i've used glue. But it never turned out as good as yours. Last week I was not feeling well and used the Eben spray. What have I been waiting for! My wigs are now slayed ok? I won't use glue until summer when I swim etc. Can't wait for the developer video. I'm a brown haired girl

Shirley Ann: I am usually here watching a Videos because I love seeing you do Wigs. I tell all my friends if you want to put down a wig watch ms precious Marie .


Jasmine W: Nice, can you do a video on the developer method coloring?

Daniel Simpson: Have you used the bold hold liquid gold?

Daniel Simpson: How do you lift the color with developer?

Paricia Jones: ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️✅️✅️

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