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Watch you have to go into some crazy energies. Handbag hi loves welcome back to my channel. So today I have a wick from a new company. I believe, and that company is royal me. So this is my first time working with this company and I can honestly say that I think this is the definition of a do-nothing wake. So if you see my face, I look a little weird because I had to examine the wig and figure everything out about it, because this is my first time working with them. So I wanted to actually see what the unit was looking like and the unit comes with an elastic band in it, and I was checking to see if it was full lace, because the construction from the inside kind of looked like it was a full lace unit. But it's not it's just a lace front, but they do have what I guess would be their version of this fake scalp and it's perfect for anyone who doesn't want to DIY it or is scared to mess their units up. But theirs is a little bit different. There'S this more like a silk based unit and if you're familiar with the soup base unit, you know it kind of looks like Scout, but it's a little bit bulky which I hate and it's not really light breathable. But this one is totally breathable is super lightweight and it looks like scalp. Okay, if you don't like this or if it's too dark, you can either like tint, it add your foundation, powder or liquid foundation to it, or you can completely remove it because it looks like it's just sewn on with invisible thread, but this hair line is plucked And the knots are bleached, so literally you have to do nothing to this unit. You don't even have to braid your hair, so I'm not even gon na braid, my hair, which I really do anyway, I'm just I'm just gon na go ahead and get my hair as flat as possible and put it in a nice little bun and, like always, I am using my lovely beast as control to make sure everything is nice and slick, and all of my baby hairs are out of the way, because I have ripped them out before so yeah. I'M gon na make sure everything is nice and slick and pull it back and make sure I get my bun as tiny as possible. So now that I got my slick back going on, you don't even need a wig cap with this unit, so I'm just gon na go ahead and put the unit straight on in this unit. Looks so good! You guys. I love when units have like the little temple area for the hairline like and not just like a straight across or like a little like. I don't know. Sometimes they try to have like the little temple area, but they don't really have it, but this one the hairline, looks so good, so I'm gon na go ahead and get a little bit closer. So I can show you guys exactly what it looks like you can part it anywhere and you're going to see scalp like up down sideways. It doesn't matter, it's going to look like scalp ain't, no little black, dots or anything like that or showing. Let me just go ahead and say this now, I'm sure somebody probably already said it in the comments because at the beginning intro, but I am using an HD camera, you guys and I'm literally like two inches away from the lens when I get this close. So, of course, you're gon na see the grids on the lace a little bit, but nobody should be that close to you in real life. So now I can just go ahead and cut the lace off just a quick little disclaimer. I guess, if you're not used to doing this, do not cut your wig lace off with the unit on your head. It'S actually like I'm not as easy as it looks, and I hate doing it, but it looks so good in a video. You know. Oh so yeah, if you are new to this, I would definitely cut the lace off wise either on a mannequin head or, if you're holding it up like to the light. So you can see the exact shape of the hairline. I will cut it like that, just because it's more a little bit more easy and you don't have to worry about cutting your real hair or cutting the lace in the wrong spot. But yet this is what the unit looks like with the lace cut off, and I did absolutely nothing to this unit but cut the lace off and it looks bomb. It'S not tacked down like anything like the sides are a little bit loose like by the ear tabs, because it's not tagged down, but you could totally get away with just wearing this unit and maybe like your wig grip or something underneath it just to keep it From sliding back but y'all, you can tell me that this don't look bomb and it's like fresh out of the box. Okay, but because I'm me and because the video would have been so short and I feel like I'm like cheating you guys, because it was so easy, I'm just gon na show you guys a quick way that I like to apply my units when I'm like in A rush and don't really feel like going through the whole method and literally just take the got to be glue, free spray, and I spray it directly. On top of the hair, the lace, the hairline part - and then I just go in with the end of a rat tail comb and kind of just push the lace into my skin and then take the blow-dryer. All cooler like a warm setting and just blow-dry it down to make sure it's completely dry, and I just do this around the perimeter of the hair. You guys will see like it looks like I melted this lace down. Okay, it does not look like it took me two seconds to do this, but you don't want to use too much of any type of like holding spray because it will leave like that crusty white residue and then you have to take like a damp paper towel And wipe it off, but look at this y'all like I can comb it back and it's not lifting at all. The sides are tacked down and everything, and it literally took me no time to do this and you guys know that baby hairs are totally optional, but I will wear baby hairs with my real hair. That was straight, so I'm gon na do it with my unit. So I'm gon na do very minimal this time. Just gon na take two on the little temple sized area, just a little hair on both sides and cut it a bit. And then I'm gon na do like the little widow's peak area in the front, because I have kind of a widow's peak and I always swoop it this way. I'M sorry, I'm gon na take a little bit of the same edge control, my lovely beets, edge, control and just slick my little baby hair. It'S just a little bit yeah I'll, be catching myself making the weirdest faces one of these sitting down to edit, but I lost my scissors right here, but I ended up fighting them but yeah after I do this little swoop. I'M gon na go ahead and zoom. You guys in so you guys can see this hairline, and I literally just. I can't believe that it took no work to achieve this like where were you guys when I first started wearing wigs but yeah? If you guys want me to do a giveaway on one of these units, because somebody definitely needs to experience this and go ahead and comment down below if you're new, don't forget to hit that subscribe, button hit that little notification bell. So you are notified every time. I post, I love you guys and I will see you in my next. One y'all see that little crest right there on the side, thats exactly what I was talking about with the free spray, but bye y'all. Oh

Shawniek Griffiths: Love it so nice

Sophia Davenport: I like this hair

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