Hairvivi Wig Truthful Review On The April Glueless Wig!

Are you getting the hair that the influencers are selling?

Hey everybody, I'm making an honest review on hair BB, wig um. I had bought the April hair style and the hair BB wig and um. I just go, get a honest review on it. It'S supposed to be a a glueless cap and I'm not making a video to show you how I put the hair on, but I'm just making a review of the hair. So you'll know if this hair, if it's worth you getting or if the the hair company itself is so I have the hair on right now and um far um as the hair texture, it's nice and stuff like that um I had got the April hair in That style is number one which um as far as that hairstyle go when it came, it did come like how it was supposed to be like layered out um. It just seemed like this hair was just like long and straight. So I was not happy about that. Um, I know I could have sent the hair back, but I didn't because I already cut the lace off so now, I'm just making the video - because I look at like this after a person spending all that money, you should get what you pay for anyway. So um but uh um. I had got the hair like around the time when they did a Black Friday, sale, um and the hair did come pretty fast. It came like at seven days so Sun like that and around that, like six seven days um, it do come with the the true hair, scalp and um. It also came in this box as well. You know I know some people seem like they like when somebody say that they, like the boxing of the hair and stuff like that in which it came in and uh in in the packaging was nice and stuff like that. But that's culinary things: it should be um in the package like that. It also came with some good gifts, along with it um. It came with this hair BB comb um, and you know like with the brush for the um the baby hairs. If you want to put baby hairs in there, if that's what you like doing, also um it, it came with these two hair clips um on there, and it also say hair vivionary as well, and that will help you you know like if you was trying to Style, the hair and to help lay your lace down so um and and also in the um Cap Construction. It also came with this hair band to like help you get um the help tighten the hair. I ordered this hair in a 21 21 um. You know like the head size for the hair um. That part was fine, but when they say it's glueless, it's not because I had to lay stuff to like really adhere that like to lay their hair down um, and if I didn't it was going to slip. So um, so when they say that it's it's glueless for me, it wasn't um. I had used the ebbing spray in the Evans glue in which um they work pretty well, but it caused like a um. Oh no, that smell from that hair. Experience thing it smelled like a fish smell to me, but the hair itself. It did not stink and it it smelled pretty good and the texture on it was nice, but far as it being like straight, like how I thought it was with the um layer Cuts in the hair. That part for me was not good because it kind of like was stringy and I had to add um other products to the hair to like um, give it the shine that it um, so that gloss like will can appear in there and then um. The hair density was 180 um, that's what it say on there, but in the back it seemed like majority of the hair is like going towards the back versus where I feel like that. Hair density should have been all over. This side of this hair was Thicker Than This Side of here, so I don't know um when I try to lay it down it kind of come like a humping, even when I um put it and lay it down like what using this um luster um stick And you know like to put you know like the um help the hair lay down flat if you're, using like a straightened comb or the curling wand. Now, as far as the curl go, that's in the hair that I have even right now I didn't do this. I used like a flexi rod with that and I use like um so moose. It'S a spritz to like keep the curl in, because even when I did use the curling one um, the the hairstyle, the curls it it did like hold a curl like when you put in there. But when you put a curl in your hair and you do your hair, you want that hairstyle to last throughout the day, and it's not so I don't know what's up with that. So I don't know. Maybe if I wash it again and um and get another feel because, like this may be like the third time to be watching this here, so at least you can see that even when you wash it, it's not um. Looking like, like dead, like you know, but um far as like the um, the hair texture of the hair, that part do feel good. It don't make me feel itchy. I don't have some hair that made me feel itchy and this one didn't. So that part is a plus, but far as like the nuts, how they saying that you can't see the nuts in there. I didn't use that tape that they um they sent not to shed anyways but um. I didn't use the tape that it came with. It came with a dark one, but um. I did order this um in the mocha. I mean I'm sorry about that. I ordered in a caramel for the scalp color and it came with several of them, but that dark one that I did show you that's in that box for the uh for the tape scalp. For that part right there they did send a dark one. Just in case that might work better, but um, maybe I'll give that a try but far is like the hill, the hair cap, construction um, how the girls just say that, like you, can put this hair on and plop it on and then go buy your your Business - a that's not true, you do got to put some work in there. You got to put that that glue, that I told you in that hairspray you got ta use something to hold this hair down. You know like it do go, come with the the two Cyclones and the one in the back, and then you know like the elastic bands on there, but um I had to um readjust all that to like make the hair can and just like, lay down the Way that I wanted to so as far as that part go, I didn't like that and plus this hair is not cheap, and so you want to get what the girls are saying that you're going to get that's in these videos. They'Re saying you know, this is beautiful here, it's like it's growing out your hair. It'S giving you know like girl, bye ain't, none of that jumping off um, it's pretty! You know like they try to. You know like if you want to put it on your hair. You want to go out or you want to go to work. What is on, but you got ta you, I'm gon na. Tell you right now, you you have to do your hair like the night before, so this can work out for you or style this hair. On the uh mannequin head and then put it on, but still you're gon na have to get up a little bit early. If you work in the morning to try to like make sure you fix it, so it can work out right, like um, I have Vitiligo and uh so like around in my scalp. You know like as far as me like with that um with my makeup. You know, like I, put it throughout through the hair now I know that part could have been a little bit better on the hair, but you know um. I try to like cover up that big old Gap that it had in the hair when it came because it came with a middle part. I chose the style one and which is straight hair. I wish I would have chose y'all too, and that was the body weight, because maybe that one would have been better, I don't know, maybe they would have fixed the Cap Construction a little bit better because even when they say like the um, the ear Taps that Come on here, I didn't, I didn't get it, those is not on there. Only thing they did do is like. As far as around the ear part like I didn't have to um like cut around that part to make me have an ear part around it. It already was cut like that for me, but I just had to just cut the lace off, but but if someone asked me well, I purchased this hair again. I don't think so because, like um, I feel like 400 something dollars. You should get. What you're supposed to get when you first purchased it here? That'S how I feel about it. You know um and that's crazy, because, like um, I've been looking at here, BB for a whole year, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it or not. Um and then I finally did it on the Black Friday sale and then, when that hair came, I was excited because I knew it was coming and I was gon na make the video, but it was not like how I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be just like those girls on the video Throw the hair on, and it's all, magical and stuff like that, this hair, don't look nothing like how the um, the other, ladies in the videos, be having you know, um. Someone would kind of make me want to unsubscribe to them, because I don't want you to like um, give people false hope and and make it seem like they're gon na get exactly what they're going to get and they not not um. Don'T do that to people. So this is an honest review. This ain't, nothing me just like um trying to like uh hurt this hair company or or anything because like as far as like positive advice go like I said, the hair feel good, but it's kind of streaky so but on the videos, it don't look like that. It just look like good hair, hair growing out of scalp. You know like if you want to take it and um imparted in in like um to get you know like if you want to do a side, part or whatever you can do that on there, but um, and I say, like probably about it, come you those Tracks going to stop right at this point right here in the here. The good part about it is that, like the hairline, do go all the way back on here, but as far as that, glueless that they say that is a lie. So hopefully, the next hair company that I tried they um have a good, better quality here, um - and hopefully you ladies can't see me in this video I've been trying to like make this video and it kept messing up. So I just want to hurry up and um put this video out here. So you know if the hair BB worth you spending your money on and for me, if I did it again that hair hadn't been like a at a real, cheaper price like in the 200s, because that that this is not like what you should be getting um. Not with all this money that you spent, you know no, and you know like if you ladies want to try to hear - and you feel like that price is too high. You can also pay make payment plans on that here, but they still gon na. Send you that hair so think about that? You know if that's what you want to do then try to see if that hair worked out for you, but like again, like I said, I'm gon na make another video with this same here, because I got it on a Black Friday, sale and um and I'll Wait until right now to do the review for this hair, so um thanks for watching this video and hopefully um I'll, get a you know some people to watch this, and if you do like what I'm saying, please share this video, because this is one that you Can say that it's not fake, it's real um without somebody just making up some stuff I'd rather tell people the truth, so they know if it's worth even spending their money on thanks for watching the video bye.

Katina Taylor: The hair is beautiful but your right the person needs to be honest about the hair there selling.

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