Only $30 For This Texture And Color | Outre Synthetic Hair Hd Lace Front Deluxe Wig - Avalon

For $30 what more could you ask for!? The texture on this unit is bomb! Watch this for my honest thoughts but more importantly, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

As always, google the names for you best price but I purchased mine from Wigtypes . Love Y'all!

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I know hey, I'm back with the synthetic drip that I'm super excited about. I just finished filming a store by outrage, cute little Bop daily Bop like twenty dollars. I did it in three coats. I really liked that was one that y'all recommended. This is one that I wanted, so I picked it up bam it's about outre too, but it's newer. This one is in the style, Avalon a-b-a-l-o-n Avalon is 26 inches long. He saved up to 400 Degrees Comes a Day, deeper hand, tied edges at all this old stuff. I guess they got a new collection, outre lace, front Deluxe, because you know got melted. They got the perfect daily. Now this this might be a new collection. I might be talking to this party. Okay, like I said, I got outre and sandy blonde, but she comes in some gold, just colors the outre. You know they know I'm drinking my ginger ale, Michael, like a good one too. Only thing I did to Avalon is: I cut off the lace. That was it. I don't even think I put any I ain't, putting no tinting spray on it or nothing. Okay, you get ear to ear what the hell is falling on me, air to ear, lace that lace apart, that they said is water. Then they deeper hand tied edges. They say you get one inch of legs going across and five inches going back. Okay, coming to the right, I come to the left. Coming back, y'all check out, that's what was falling on me, the other one. Is these things to make the hair go? You know back on your head, okay, this is what I'm trying to get to y'all. Look at that texture now! That'S one thing I will give our tray. I love that texture also boom just notice that the Sandy blunt is really cute. I kind of wish they would have made the whole wig this color with darker tones, but that's here nor there. That piece is just ashy y'all know I love Ash foreign and you get those highlights throughout. It. Has those dark roots, four at the root root, and then you go into that beautiful blonde? Is it darker throughout look yeah yeah? Look you get darker throughout okay and you get some baby help all right. What I'm gon na do I'm gon na put Avalon on my head: do all that flipping and dip it and then I'm gon na come back with my final thoughts. Keep it away all right y'all! So I'm back with my final thoughts on this wig and they honestly could have called this Nisha 758, because that's what it reminds me of just a beautiful niches, one of y'all, a couple of y'all actually have said this in the comments lately um the outrage like You know it's my favorite company but everything's, starting to look the same, and am I that much of a fool have I been blinded. Stuff is starting to look alike. This reminds me actually of outre unit that I filmed last. I'M not sure if it went up already, but I filmed uh Celine and that's what this reminds me of like a Tamer Celine by outre uh between the two, which one do I like better Avalon. This wig is absolutely gorgeous. I do love this sandy blonde color y'all, but I'm now I'm trying to think, because I found myself saying that like this could have been Nisha A7. I say that a lot huh in the comments. Let me let me know what you think. Altrace still is my number one. I'M sorry Tito was getting restless down. There say: hey, um Audrey is still my number one most favorite weed company they are but yeah. I guess things are starting to look a little bit. The same, in my opinion, let me know if you got Avalon um and do you like her she's cute to me, she's cute. She cute she cute, but she she does look like Nisha a mix between Nisha 203 2-0. What would that be? 203, 207, 208 and 209 if they was mixed together, like that's kind of, if you take it to buy right here, look like Nisha 210, a little bit. Don'T it oh! No she's gorgeous! Nonetheless, do I feel like you need her? Yes, but just know that this is giving oh another Niche bye, like I said, maybe you're not into wigs. Maybe it is your cousin Nisha. Maybe maybe it's your uncle Tito who want you to be done, so you can take him out to use the bathroom whichever one, okay, let us know and we'll get them right cute. Am I getting burnt out on our trade. I hope not because I got outre Blaze and outre looks that we bout to film until next time to be very, very soon bye, bye, say bye, say, bye, bye, bye, y'all,

Sissy maye maye: No No No, PLEASE don’t get burnt out on Outre/Neesha, Jessica. I don’t care, I will rock it up to Neesha 5,000 cuz Neesha is my girl !!!!! But I agree. We need more ASH !!!! More ASH options, Outre!! Your ash blondes are not ash enough, especially in the Neesha line. I’m waiting for somebody to review Antalia in the DR4/CREAM BLONDE, and if she looks good, ADD TO CART !!!!

Cynthia Cummings: Heeeyyyyy there Jessica! Listen, I love this wig!❤️ I knew it was a hit as soon as you popped it onto your head. It has a beautiful texture without being too big. Enjoy your evening beautiful. Happy New Year to you and Tito!

patrice moore: Beautiful unit !! I love the color and texture. This reminds me of the Neesha wigs.

Unapologetically _dope78 Blk: Absolutely gorgeous ❤

E Shif: That color is a whole BOP! The style is a beauty too I wouldn't mind getting this in a spice color. Let me go look even though rent is due lmaooooo

Ms. Diva007: Stone cold fox! It looks amazing on you!

The Red Diva: Outre is the bomb sis, so if that means that we all start to look like the stepford wives... well lololol!! This looks gorgeous on you! And I'm loving this new puppy side kick you have!! Hi Tito!!

Tina BlackberryRose: So Stunning on You ♥️ the color, style, and texture this is so . Tyfs

DeChana Henley: Very pretty! ❤the color!!

Alisha Parker: It’s beautiful on u girl love tht texturebut they need some fresh ideas n color updates too

Miss Meta: Very nice color, it’s nice. I would like her in a shorter length though. It’s Lovely on you.

Spring Copeland: Love this does look like Neesha..but its pretty

Queen-lee Mi...: I love Herr.. Happy New year

Bronze Beau: Chiiiiiiiiiiile I’m bout to go purchase right now….

kaneatha hargrove: i think the making them over with a lower price , but u make them all look great !

Linda Crutcher: She Neesha dem first cousin looking just like dem.

Child of theKing: It Catalina melted hair line with several new colors.

Erica Dallas: Whew lawd I love looking at reviews but I am tiredddddddddddddd lol. All I want is for freetress to perfect the Valentino PB30 so I can buy 50 of them. That is all I want. I am THISCLOSE to contacting FreeTress and beggin.

kaneatha hargrove: Hey Sis , Happy New yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! am on it

D- Jay: The wig is gorgeous of course. But I saw your comments sitting at 13 and just had to write something.

TRACY R: Happy New Year!!!!!

trinia daniels: She so prettyyyy

Utopia K.: This Neesha’s cousin that lives overseas somewhere in France She fancy fancy ❤lol Edit: do Outre’s units look the same , yes. Will they still be taking everyone’s coins , also yes

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