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Sensationnel Synthetic Lace Front Wig Empress Edge Custom Lace Perm Wedge




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Hair Type: 3C, 4A & 4B

Camera: Canon Rebel T3i

Lens: Sigma 14mm

Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X


FTC: All opinions on products are true and honest and they are my own. You know I always keep it real with you guys B-)

Hello, my love naturally over here today, and I am finally back with this video, which was highly requested for this unit, that I wore a new previous video. I'M just giving you guys a little preview of the delightfulness of this wig and I'm actually not going to be lazy and show you exactly what I do when I get my units. So this unit is from Salmons beauty, and this is known as the sensational Emperor's perm, which something another I will have it all in the description box. As you guys can see, this is the perm wedge unit never tried one before so. I was interested in trying it out and it comes with a lot of different information. I hired put the wig on the colors and everything, and now we were looking at the part, so the part is very dense. It does come with some lace and it does have a middle part. So if you guys want to decide that you would like to wear your leave out, it's possible, I'm assuming that's the whole perm wedge on the sides there and you guys see it - has the elastic bands going around and it does come with some clips. It looks like there's one on the side, there's one of that other side, and there are two there to keep it down now. This is exactly what the hair looks like. I actually have to say. I was very impressed with the hair because it looked exactly like yaki textured. The ends were nice as well, so it was really cool to see if this was synthetic unit that had you know like that kind of display to it. So I'm doing here is cutting the lace, and one thing that you want to do is make sure to leave a little bit there. If you are going to decide to glue it down with anything whether it be jelly whatever is your preference make sure you lose leave a little bit of lace now see me, I'm actually kind of lazy, as I said earlier in this video. So, rather than going with the squeezer and just taking all that time, I do a mix between plucking and also tweezing to me. Just helps to get you know like areas where I really need to be fine to like the front I'll go ahead and use my tweezers, but if I know I can just eyeball and just pluck it out, I definitely will, and this is exactly the whole process. So once I'm doing that this is pretty much what it looks like. The part now looks very natural compared to the very dense kind of you know closely. We looked at a half before now, I'm doing is just going in with some of my foundation power press power whatever it is that you use, you cannot use just make sure it's to your skin color, because this is exactly what we're going to match so that We can mimic a scalp, I'm just allowing the wig here just to see exactly where it might lay up, because I wasn't too sure on how far to push it back or how close to push it forward. So once I figured it out, I'm just brushing all the tangles and all the you know: excess plucked hairs tweezers to make sure there are no like flyaways or anything like that, and then once I'm finished with that, I'm just going to continue to play with it And see exactly how I wanted to frame my face, because you definitely should try to push your wig in a sense where it looks more natural and not like it just came out of a packet. So once I was done with that, I figured out that I wanted some nice, like soft, swept to the side layers or bangs whatever you want to call it, and you guys are pretty much able to see that it is a huge difference. From the left hand, side the right side looks like it was more so styled for my face and then the left side looks like you know, so I definitely would suggest you know layering your weeks to make sure that looks more custom for you. So I added some more bangs on that side off-camera, I decided to put some gossipy glue just to hold it down and I'm just going to give you guys the talking points on my final thoughts. Hey guys. Let me doesn't yours today and I am back with a quick review. Obviously we do have some different hair going on here and this one is definitely different from my normal comfort zone. This hair is so long, but it is so pretty so I got the opportunity to collab with Sam's beauty, and I saw a couple of boys on a cycle and I saw this one I was saying to myself, like you know what you never try, one that Was this long? You never try one that wasn't straight, so I definitely did want to try it out and I'm so happy about it. So, as I said, this student can be found with Sam's video and it's definitely a unit that is affordable. It retails for $ 29.99, so this week is definitely under 30 bucks and it's a very, very beautiful unit. This is by sensational it's the empress. Lace, weight, lace, front edge, does come Flo Billy has a stocking cap with quality, custom lace, wings. I'Ll just tell you guys, my thoughts in the cap is very interesting because it does have a cap, that's reminiscent to the what you normally would fall before you put the wave on that. I do like that because, right now, this week is extremely sub, but when I say snuff on my head is so sung it's not going anywhere. It does some of the elastic bands and it also has a couple of cones on the other side. Now this is a way where, if you decide that you do want to split the part down the middle - and you do want to wear some of your leave out - that's an option for you, but we'll get into the parting situation. The parting on this hair looks so so natural, so you honestly don't even need to leave your baby hairs out. You don't need to leave your edges out. You don't need to leave anything of that out. So I definitely do. Love is great for protective Sally. Now, as far as the length on this hair, I do want to get up, so you guys can see exactly how long it is. It is really really long guys you can see. It comes all the way down to my waist and then, when you put it behind you, it comes down to the waist in the back as well. It'S actually very reminiscent to natural hair, if I have to say particular texture, relaxed hair. Definitely somebody very similar to that, mainly because of density. This is a very, very thick unit, as you guys can see, the hair is sort of heavy. It'S not heavy in a sense where, like it feels unnatural, but it's a very high density. So it's a lot of hair that they giving you here is exactly what it looks like and it has to brush out some of the kinks in the curls, and you guys can see what we just doing this test right here. It'S going through to here with no problem, it's not overly shiny, like some of those synthetic weeds would be, and I love the fact that once again it does mimic natural hair, I would say the last year as far as where there was maintenance for their hair. When I started out the package, the only thing that I did was obviously I clums it out. I played on my mannequin had to see exactly where the part would be, and when I did put the part in then I did take a look at that part. I'Ve noticed it was very, very dense and very it was tightly compacted and very dense, so I did have to put it on my mannequin head and I did have to like was a mixer spoon, tweezing and also party, and then finally, I was able to get Imparting like their attack, any of my hair out. The only thing that I really did was just gel down the sides, and that was about hair, and then I just applied the wig. I did apply a little bit of glue, and this is what we have here. Like I honestly cannot how natural the party looks on the swing it's insane so once I was finished with that, I basically put the wig on and then I was just lining up to see exactly what would look go with my face. It does have these really like kind of like Farrah Fawcett bangs, if y'all remember those things that kind of like swoop around to the side, and it looks really cute on the model. I'Ll show you guys, the boss hair looks super cute on the model. I just wasn't feeling it from man. This is exactly she has. Those are the bangs on the side. For me, I just wasn't feeling it so what I ended up doing is going in with a scissor and just lightly making layers that was more fit. For my face, and that will flow better with the wig, as you guys can see, so I made a little bit of layers here on this side and also did the same on this side as well, and I felt like you just looked a lot better and It just looks to me a little bit more natural to go with the way that I normally would wear my hair. Once I was finished doing that, I think I was ready to actually put it on, so I just play with it a little bit to see exactly where the lace with me. The thing about the lace is that the color is, more so of a neutral color. Far from my skin, so it was actually very easy. Once I was able to see exactly how it would look, I figured it would look a little bit better if I did use a little bit glue. So I wonder what the gospel we can move declare card. I just put a little bit blue dry, so it was a little tacky, so so natural. I love the fact that it doesn't look too Wiggy and I also love the fact that, even though it is synthetic that he is just like natural, I would like. I am running my hands through it and there are any tangles on it. There'S, no anything of it. Nature now showing I definitely didn't notice. When I was like combing the wig out. I think that was a little bit doozy too far that I did over pluck it, but if you do comb it um from brushing it. Since I started this video, it's only been like one strand that was shed, but you guys can see. It is pretty easy to detangle it's pretty easy to get the comb through. It'S not getting stuck now, since it is a synthetic unit. If you take care of that, I do believe that you could give probably like about maybe two to three weeks out of one of these units. I have to really compare it to anything. I would say this is how natural hair looks when it's straightened. It has more of that thick texture to it. It has more of a Yacky texture to it and you guys can see the hair is not stiff at all. Even we're doing like this. It'S like flowing back in it's. It looks very healthy for it to be synthetic hair, so I was actually very very surprised by that. I definitely would recommend this unit, especially if you're looking for something. That'S bold. If you're looking for something that's just like a game-changer, I have to look line to see exactly how long this hair might be. It definitely does surpass the 20 inch mark. It might fall into maybe like a little bit of the 30s woman's. Definitely past my waist. It'S definitely a game changer for me, like I've. Never ever had hair this long and I love it. I love the fact that it behaves just like natural hair. So if you are looking for a wig that is similar to straighten natural hair thick straight and natural hair, this is definitely going to be. Your best bet would recommend you guys getting this hair. I would say this is great hair if you decide that you want to change it for luck. If you want something, that's long, if you want something that is it going to break the bay, because I think the best thing about this unit is the fact that it's under $ 30 - and it looks so good - it looks so natural. Like you honestly look at this off phantom, so you guys can see it. You honestly would not be able to tell this. Is some synthetic hair like out? It looks just like natural hair. It'S not like tinkling, it's easy out there, where my hands to it. Like girls Tommy, this hair is not cute like for real ooh. Tell me this hair is not cute, look at it. The flow in and everything else is crazy on it. Like look at that, it's insane like this hair is this. Hair is a business so guys that's pretty much it for this review again. I absolutely love this hair. If you guys enjoy this video be sure to give it a thumbs up, and let me know what you guys think of this particular here excited to get my in a 1b, but if you guys want to try other colors, they definitely do have them available. Thank you guys so much for watching, if you guys want to see other with reviews, I'll definitely leave them up in the top of the cue cards as well as down below in the description box. Thank you guys. So much for watching and I'll see you all in the next video, oh hi, guys, I'm just trying to Bob take time. Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba. You know better than eight months.

Rocknalldatime99: This video is great! I'm usually discouraged from wearing wigs because many natural hair gurus make it seem soooooo difficult and time consuming to prep a wig before wearing it. I'm sure the detail is appreciated by seasoned wig wearers but I'm a beginner and I ain't got time for that. Also, the wig is pretty damn affordable!

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Kee Kee Rampage: You completely rocked perm wedge the best!! Did you straighten the wig? My unit was curly on both sides; I like the way your wig was straighter and smoother. You make me want to buy another unit. I’m going to try flat ironing it my unit!

Concrete Rose: damn I need this wig in my life!

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Tameca Stewart: This looks great on you!

Miss Galore: Beautiful!!

Melanie Pizarro: Yes girl it looks good

Manny B.: Love it !

CierraMonae: Amazing

Kathyann Harris: love the units look so natural

Shalonda Foster: You are the only person I know that can talk me into wearing a wig I'm always so scared to wear themcould you do an updated video on your natural hair I noticed how much it has grown seeing that the color grew out a lot

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