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In this video I test out a tik tok hack I found for lace tint! I am not 100% sure who started this hack, however, I have seen it on several tik tok pages.

Products used:

Black Radiance Foundation: https://amzn.to/3E6za27

Spray Bottles: https://amzn.to/3V9uWht

Wooden Stick: https://amzn.to/3UT7XqI

70% Isopropyl Alcohol: https://amzn.to/3WWvt7Z

99% Isopropyl Alcohol: https://amzn.to/3fYX2wK

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Song: Juls: Chance ft Tay Iwar and Projexx

Today, i'm going to be testing out this diy lace, tint hack and i'm going to be starting off with this spray bottle that i got from dollar tree and then i'm going to use 99 isopropyl alcohol as well as 70 isopropyl alcohol, a wooden spatula. And then i actually found these like four dollar foundations from walmart. This was just me testing at testing the um hack out, so i just decided to get like four dollar foundations from walmart, so i'm gon na start off with my spray bottle. I'M gon na open it up and i'm gon na take my foundation that i got from walmart and i'm gon na start by putting some inside of the bottle. So i at first was like scraping it, but then i decided to use the wooden spatula and kind of go inside, and so, as you can see, like i kind of turn it i'm going to turn it over and then just try and pour some inside pretty Much so i'm not actually measuring anything, i'm just kind of eyeballing the spray bottle, but i essentially put enough to cover the whole bottom of the bottle and then so pretty much like just that. Whole bottom is what i did so. I'M gon na add a little bit of the lighter foundation to kind of balance the color out a little bit just so it's not too dark and it's something that will actually match the scalp color. So i'm basically doing the same thing, just adding a little less to keep in the same range. So after i added the foundation, i'm going to go in with 99 isopropyl alcohol that i put in the spray bottle got this from wetlands and then i'm also going to take 70 isopropyl alcohol and i'm going to pour that inside as well. But i would honestly recommend that you get any alcohol levels above 90, so like 91.99, but i would kind of stay away from the 70. It works, but i think you'd be better off using 9 or 91.. So i just poured like i would honestly say about five to six times as much um pigment was inside, i poured of the isopropyl alcohol and i'm just gon na shake it. So i'm going to spray some of it on the paper towel, just to kind of see what the color is see. If i like the color - and i think that i'm good with the color, so this is how pigmented it is just offer foundation, and so now i'm just going to show you the other color that i made and how it sprays so that one just has the Other foundation - and i actually made this like - i would honestly say about two three weeks ago and that's how it looks now, so i always just shake it before i use it, but i'm trying to figure out a way to keep it from separating, but for right. Now, that's how i'm spraying the two colors that i made and then i'm gon na make one um that's in between those two colors as well. But those are like the two colors that i made so now, i'm just gon na kind of show you guys how it sprays. So i have this wig and it's kind of like gray. You know. Sometimes, when you get a lace, it's gray, it's not really like a realistic tone and sometimes late. Regular lace. Tint won't work as well. So i just decided to make this and test it out, so you can see that it actually changes the lace color to something that is realistic, something that you can actually blend with, especially when you're not dealing with like hd or transparent lace. I feel, like you, want a lace, tint spray that can actually tense it and not make it look even more gray, so i'm just testing it out and, as you can see like, it's really spraying. So this is. I think this is my first or second time putting it on actual lace and it works out really well. This is just a spray bottle that i got from dollar tree, so it's nothing fancy, but it works out. Well. The only thing i would say is that you definitely have to kind of cover your area because it can kind of get everywhere if you're not spraying too close. But, as you can see like me, comparing it to my hand, it's not my complexion, because this is for somebody else. However, it is tinting it to a darker complexion that will actually work and actually blend in on darker skin, so i actually was able to put this on someone and it blended in very well, like i didn't have to do any tweaking to it. It blended with your complexion so well, so i was actually happy about that. So i'm just spraying some more and i actually um spray it and then i kind of let it sit and then i go in with the blow dryer, but compared to most lace, tints that i've used that kind of wear off as soon as you spray it. I would honestly say that this doesn't wear off as soon as you spray it. So i sprayed some and then i'm going in a little more just to kind of get a little bit darker. If i get into the places that i didn't miss right again and then i'm actually gon na go in with my locket hairspray did i mention like other videos, i love this stuff. It'S very malleable. I think it works well with like any type of hair, any type of situation. It'S not as much of a hold as got to be, but i feel like you're able to do what you got to do and then still be able to mold the hair mold. The lace, however you'd like to so as you can see, it is definitely a huge difference like i said, this is not for my complexion but for the person that it was for it blended in very well, and it's not gray at all. It'S definitely like a realistic tone, so i'm just going to go in later and then just like pluck this unit. But it did hit very well, and i was actually very surprised and happy with that and, as you can see, that's kind of what it looks like without a ring light so yeah. That is all thank you for watching and those are again the lace tips that i made the diy lace tints, so stay tuned for more videos. Baby. Give me

Esha B’s Life: I'm going to do this. Thank you

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Blackice 12345: Does this hold w the glue or tape. I mean do you have to do this Everytime you wash the unit and reinstall. Thx you

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