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So happy when the Melt Collection drops 13X6 styles like Inez. She is a great daily style with amazing natural density. But is she a shorter version of Bisa? Please watch the entire video for all the details including my recommendation.

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Versatility is always a bonus and she has got it a plus for that. Oh hello, hello and hello. Once again, wig friends, i'm nikki and welcome back to my channel, i upload at least three days per week. I would love for you to just join the party. I'Ve got going on here. I say that because i try to have as much fun as i possibly can on this channel and all you have to do is click the subscribe button and then you will get notified and not miss any uploads. If you already have subscribed, thank you so very much. I greatly do appreciate it. I am bringing you a wig review today, and i really want to kindly thank ebonyline for sending me this unit to review for you. It is so very much appreciated and down in the description box, you will be able to find the link to be able to purchase her and i'm here to tell you all about her, i'm going to let you know all the important deeds. Please give me your respectful feedback. You can also. Let me know if there is a wig you'd like me to review since i happily do take requests, but we are going to move on and get to the good stuff, and who i have today is a wig from janet collection and she is in the style. Inez she is a 13 by 6 hd lace front from the melt collection. I have got her in the color of butler scotch, which you can see. The stock car model is wearing right there. She does come available in a few other colors. I do like how they show some of them on the back of the stock card and some of her features is, she is got transparent, lace for a seamless blend with any skin tone or color. She is pre-plucked. Pre-Customized has a natural hairline with baby hairs and is heat safe up to 360 degrees fahrenheit. So this here is inez right out of the box and let's take a look at our lacing cap construction. So, first off i see those baby hairs. Lace looks really good on the inside. We of course, have the 13 by 6 lace area for free parting. She does have one comb over here and one comb over here. She does also have a one comb in the back handy dandy, adjustable straps, breathable mesh lining. Oh, she stretches really good holy crap. Look at that sorry, i get excited when i see that okay, it's looking like she's gon na be larger, head friendly, but i'll, let you know for sure when i come right back with my final thoughts, all right, everybody! You can see now that i am back the eyeshadow look that i created today. I used uh with the club nebula palette from kaleidos. These here are the shades one of my all-time favorite palettes by the way. Just so you know all right so inez here i'll be honest. She did take me a little while to get ready, but it wasn't because she was difficult to put together. It was just. I couldn't decide how i really wanted to style her. As you can see. I did decide to go with the center part, but i thought she looked really nice, regardless of how i parted her and technically, you don't even have to part her with a traditional part per se. You can just do like a flip over too so versatility is always a bonus and she has got it a plus for that she actually reminds me of a shorter version of visa. Ironically, i reviewed beast in this exact same color, so maybe that has something to do with it. I don't know for sure just telling you how i see it, but beasley is one of my all-time favorite straight wigs, but at times she can be a little bit too long so to have a shorter version of her. Now i'm on cloud, nine really really happy! You know when i'm happy i'll, let you know, and i'm letting you know, i'm happy, because this style, i think, is perfect for so many different situations, a good everyday style actually, but i will mention a couple things with the stock card. First off she looks like she's all one length from there, regardless of how you part her, but that is definitely not the case here. She'S got some layers and i would say she is between 22 and 24 inches long, i'm 5'5 for reference, but i do like the layers, i'm not complaining about it, just pointing it out to you. So you know - and i think her density is absolute perfection. So again, a natural looking style, i'm always happy with that too. This color. Another thing i want to point out on the stock card looks a little bit different. The roots look a little darker and then it kind of has more of an ashier tone in a way or a sandy blonde. Actually, that's not really what you get. This is what you get instead, but it's so beautiful. It'S one of my favorite shades of blonde from janna collection and just look at the different tones super professional. Looking and i don't mind the roots, i don't think they're too harsh. I think it's all blended, very nicely transitions good, just gorgeous and then look at that. Luster, too, cannot go wrong with that looks very, very healthy and natural. Her texture definitely silky. I know some people hate the silky units, but she does feel realistic. She feels really super soft and i do think she is multicultural. Let'S see her from the side in the back, i don't think she looks too bad draped either. If you want to wear her like that, because tangling i know can be more of an issue with the straight silk units, but she is not tangling all too bad and you can see that i can run my fingers through her. I mean granted. I do come across a couple tangles here and there, thankfully they come out easily and you always have to be careful with synthetic units when it comes to tangles. But i feel that you have to be even extra cautious with straight units like this, because otherwise the ends are going to look really ratty and then you have to trim it or you won't get as much use out of it. So just be careful with that, but again they're not really severe tangles, so i don't think it should be. A problem, therefore very easy to manage, shedding is not anything excessive, either and granted. I did experience a little bit more shedding in the beginning. I'Ve been wearing it for almost two hours now and since it's slowed down, i just pretty much brush that off the shoulder. It'S not anything, i'm very concerned about just letting you know you might get a little bit more in the beginning, but us avid wig wearers are pretty used to that anyway. So um, as i mentioned, i decided to do a center part. I know it's not the most fanciest part, but it's what i did and i do love the fact that she lays really really flat. I do think that she is pretty easy to blend. I mean granted. You can see a little bit of my wig cap there because the lace is pretty transparent. I should probably add some more powder to that, but i'm also used to this at this point and everybody who knows me already knows that i wear wigs and if i go out in public and encounter strangers, i don't think they're gon na be looking right at My part, if they do, that is their problem, so i'm not really worried about it, but it is what it is um. But what i really love is the fact that she has a pre-plucked hairline, because you guys know that i hate it with a passion when they say it's pre-plucked and then it turns out not to be at least i told the truth this time. So this is looking pretty good. I think - and i will point out, though, that you can kind of see some knots there, but not really bad. I still think that she's easy to blend it does say on the stock card. After all that she blends with all skin tones and colors, so that's always a bonus and she's got some baby hairs. I don't mind the baby hairs either. I think that they're natural, looking they're, also ones that should be easy to lay down. If you like to lay down the baby hairs and if you don't like baby hairs, they're not too noticeable so win-win situation, she does fit really nicely around the edges here. As you can see so easy for blending, i do not glue this side down, so you can see there's just a slight little bit of lift up, but nothing too bad she's, also right above each ear, perfectly she's really super comfortable and definitely larger head friendly. I mean, after all, you saw how she stretched in the intro. I did have to take the adjustable straps to the tightest setting and i still have a little bit of wiggle room in there, so she's definitely going to work out for everybody. I totally love this wig. I really do you know. I'M gon na give her the thumbs up. Absolutely she deserves it. I think this is one you should get, and that is my thoughts and feelings on her. Please don't forget to tell me your thoughts in the comments. Let me know if you already got her i'd like to know how you feel about her and if you are going to go, get her after watching this review. Please let me know that too. That'S it. That'S it, that's it! That'S all i got for today. Thank you so very much for watching. I always appreciate it i'll catch you next time in my next video. So until then, bye

Fantisha Sherifa: Heeeeeeey Nikki! Shes beautiful! I love the color! I'm loving ur make up 2!

Elizabeth Ortiz: The color looks lighter on the stock card then it does on you. I like the color it looks on you although I wouldn't mine Ash color. like the length. The layer look.

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