Don'T Do This To Your Natural Hair In 2023 | Natural Hair Trends We Don'T Want To See This


Happy New Year


2:25-4:00 Aiming for equal hair

4:05-6:15 Relaxing Children's hair

6:15-7:30 Ridiculous Baby Hairs

7:35-9:47 Miracle Hair Growth Products

9:50-10:38 Dead ends

10:40-12:20 Product Junkie

12:25-14:50 Wigs for Kids

14:50-16:12 Dyeing kids hair

16:15-20:56 DIY youtube

21:00-25:25 Frontal Wigs

25:28-End Not using products well

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Like if you feel offended, that's on you, that's on you baby, that's that's! That'S your fault! Mothers and fathers get in here. Think yourself, why are you only five shampoos or five different brands? So my next Trend here is baby hairs. I don't see the points you can convince me to buy a week closure. You can even convince me, but you see that thing that they call frontal wigs, looks like a freaking hair heart guys, it's a natural hair trends, we're going to be teaching in the New Year sort of kind of video. Okay. So without further Ado, you know how we do it, let's get right into the video. So, as I said earlier, this is what I do usually at the end of it. I think I did in 2018 throughout hair trends. Yes, they were ditching in 2019. The chairs that we want to leave behind the old year 2019 2020 2019 cannot pass Us by without us dropping a Trends we should drop in the trash can in 2019 for Loma to pack 20 21. I think do you really think I'm going to? I was going to MBA finished 2012 to finish complete without coming through with a natural hair treatment. 2020 video. Did you really think I'm going to end it without that farm? No, there was no way. Okay, now we're in 22. So let's, let's just wrap this up. Okay, so guys grab a drink. It'S going to be a long video. It'S going to be a long, video, I'm going to just be talking and talking and talking so grab a drink. Your Christmas Wine Juice, water, even water, says cherries every moment in 2023 Prosperity happy New Year in advance, guys, okay, so guys I'm going to be talking a lot. So I'm going to be hearing my thoughts no holds bad. No, I'm not getting this video. If you feel offended, that's on you, that's on you baby! That'S that's your fault. It'S not my fault! Okay! I'M here to make you feel comfortable, but we're here to have a discussion yeah so guys. I have a lot of trains here guys and it really look like almost like 15 different trains. I just came to my mind like in the night, I'm like we haven't done a video to end the year, so, let's crack into it. So the first one I have here is the first train to ditch I'm trying to open my water close. The first trend is trying to have symmetrical hair, like what I really like dislike. I feel like no gosh we've been talking about in, like 2023 is when we say: oh, my hair is not even here and there I have to go and cut or three minutes, so I can be even how is your hair going to ever be even from The egg with cycle for those - I don't know, I make cosmetologists yeah diploma in cosmetology yeah for hair growth. The way you're sleeping pattern actually influences your hair growth, like the pressure on some parts of your scalp. That'S why usual and even in children you can see like this part of your head, not everybody, but in general it's really the longest part, and I'm saying oh, my back is longest. This part also is quite long for like look at you. Then, how does the hair grow normally it's like usually hair will be bold. Then he also going first, it's actually the longest, because there's no pressure here like normally, you are sleeping on your sides and your back. So how do you expect your hair to be equal, and I think equality is like in hair? Growth is like such a crazy thing, because equality that he has to have equal length of hair or equal when you drag it on your body, because your body at different size. If I drag on my front - and he gets here - I think on my back. It goes down my back when I say they are equal, but they might be the same. 15 inches 15 inches. So I don't like people say: oh, my hair is not um, it's not symmetrical. It'S not equal like what was that your hair can never be equal. It'S just what it is, whether you cut it ruler, it can never be equal, so why? Why do people say? Oh, my hair is not equal. Let me go and get the trim because get a trim, because you are trying to retain length you're trying to prevent like cut off split ends and um single strandels, not because you're trying to have equal hair there's nothing like equal hair. In my own books, though yeah so my next trend is relaxing children's hair, I don't know why we still do it in 2022, but parents, mothers and fathers get in here. I don't see the point of relaxing a baby's hair for someone that was relaxed. I mean I was relaxed from, like I don't know like six or seven legits or even five. Five years old, see like 18. 6 no 17, 18 ish everybody around my age was relaxed, but now that there's so much internet, there's so much information on the internet. Why I used to relax in your baby's hair at five six, seven, I don't. I don't see the points I mean. I know people say: oh natural hair for children is hard. No, it's not hard. You just don't do enough. Research, like I mean just type, how to wash baby's hair on YouTube. You see like email and I want videos how to grow babies hair long. Even when I want videos, so I don't see why they say people say it's hard. The products are not expensive Edition. Isn'T like it's like having your hair as a child at the cheapest to ever be for you, because I mean you are you're buying. Sometimes your Shuffle comes in one bottle so stamp. One condition is one bottle. Excuse me to wash your entire hair slather some oil on the hair Plus like does it that that that's the Dazzle so like children, Hair Care is so easy, so basic that I don't see why you should be saying. Oh, the baby will be crying, buy a living, conditioner, stop combing your baby's hair dryer, stop blaming the baby's hair for being hard. You are the one that doesn't want to do enough research. This is basic. Information like your hair is hard when you buy living conscious. Many people can you know that when your hair is dry or when it's hard put some water, a living conditioner, it's become soft. It'S a no-brainer. I say it's not it's not like magic, it's just science yeah! So I don't see the point of relaxing music. Like I just feel like, I feel like two times like 10 double digits. I don't feel like the child should have relaxed it's just my personal opinion. I want a period, I don't have any baby anyway, put on my only baby yeah. So but I don't see the point of a baby having relaxing like, why do why why make it make sense? So my next Trend here is baby hairs. I don't see the points. I don't see the points. What is the point of having like some of you all just have like adult hairs? I call it baby hairs like when the edges are getting to your brows, I'm doing like snake. I don't find attractive. Even when I used to watch all these femininity channels, they would say it makes you it makes your your look look cheap and you guys. I agree. I can't even disagree. It just looks so weird like I don't know whether it's cause me. I don't have to baby hairs like that too, but even though even the kind of you can you cannot do something until at my eyes, it's not what I admire. No, I don't expect a lot of my hair yeah, I just from time to time, but there are some categories of baby hairs that need to be uncategorized and thrown away in the trash, and never put that again. It'S two Daylights, like all those that could be headed, I bring almost half of the person's hands. Calling me baby hairs, my guy! That'S an ancient of this agent grandmother here. That'S the baby, hair lady hair pack. That thing up, if you can pack your baby here, that means there's an issue. It'S no longer baby, it's not an adult okay. So I'm I'm done with baby hairs. Like I'm done, I was never really on the three handle train of baby hair, so I mean I can't get off what I was not on, but I feel like we should just straight away. What do you guys? I feel like it's just let's trash it yeah. So my next Trend I feel like we should get over with, is like Miracle Hair course products. We have talked about this for over, like how many years now people are actually pushing up the idea. Child products is to go exit in no time. Try this video. It won't it's, it's cuts, it shall not. It shouts it's wounds, it's it's in! No, it won't like it literally won't. So it's not like to ourselves. I hate when people like do like false marketing or false advertising for someone that wants a comment around my community. As I catchy it's not possible, they had nothing to this damage. It will not come back in two days, so I said I say oh sharp, sharp. It goes ahead this so quickly it's once and how many people are so gullible that they would want to jump on the tread I mean it's just extra 3K 4K spend the money unless you write relationship rights, but then you spend 3K 4K in like five to Five minutes: that's almost 20K! So it's really worth it! Why don't you look for Effective hair growth products that will actually work with time? They'Re, not selling vegetable, a fallacy or if I said that your hair will go down your back in no time. You'Ve had the same hair for like 20 years, and it has not moved anywhere. Don'T stop buying dreams, stop buying, like whatever Nigeria like losers, especially we love to buy dreams. We love to Aspire. Let me speak politics a bit when we came into Power before one hour. Nobody asked him how naira, I think it's like 800., nobody asking us. So we love, we love being fed policies being fed aspire to Maguire talk uh, we love being excited exactly wow, it says wow, we're always so excited and it's very very crazy to me because I mean it's: no, it's never longer even being a research research. It'S not been a common sense thing like you, don't have anything. What do they want to add I'll make a hair grow into this? What do they want to add what they possibly want to add what they want to put in the product and package for you and say: oh take that will grow your hair in two days or one week, almost one year to damage United Way Back in one Week, oh ciao: let's do that 20 repeats Miracle, a good product. So now the next train I will hear, was um saying dead ends. I didn't put like this is my personal opinion, guys when people call it oh, these are my dead ends, natural Community, but your entire strand of hair from the from here to the end, it's all dead, it's not leaving. That'S why you cut. It does not pain. You there's no cell, there's no first name. What is the name flowing through it, there's no blood flowing on your strands. That'S why? When you cut it, it doesn't hurt. If you cut your skin, it hurts right because this is living. This is your everything. Is there so your hands that are like the bottom of your hair? They are dead, they are As Dead As here they are As Dead As almost close to the root. So when I suppose it will cut off, my dead ends was the other. The other part is you living Mickey makes sense. Well that one who I could stop saying dead end, I wrote it was being a product junkie in 2022 2023. I don't see why anybody should be a product even if you're an influencer getting PR packages. I used to be a project. Let me start. I used to yeah hey seven shampoos at once. I used to have I just washed my hair, I just wore almost with my everyday, so guys enjoy my shampoos just to try everything. I was like crazy, but after like a couple of years I say like the coloring like it's like: 20, 20 ish, 20 or 2020. I packed my foot and that's why I use my attitude in the village. I just shared everything all around. I wish you only going up. You see, package everything a pack of products pack pack, I give them as hamper like I don't see the point of anybody being a product junkie. In 2023, I mean, with the whole, trying to go green being a responsible consumer. Why should you own, like five shampoos, if you're, not if you're, not a retailer or a seller or you're, making it yourself? Why are you only five shampoos or five different brands? I don't see the points it's just. I just feel like being a president at this point. It'S just pointless. I can't give you tips I have like. I think I had a video every video of how to get a wife. Please check this card here. Yeah there's a video about it on my channel, but I don't see the point of you being a product junkie. I mean find what works stick to it. Many finishes: try another one, don't be trying like pinching and perching left and right no find what works. Six. Six, if it doesn't work dash it out, then before you get another one, stop trying to hold, there's no award for having the most shampoos in the world or the most deep conditioners in the world. There'S nobody! I don't want to see no product. No! Stop the attitude, stop it stop wasting money, stop it stop it. Okay! Actually, I wrote here was when kids wigs, I don't see the point Y of a nine-year-old wearing wig. I don't see it this become this turn around. I don't. Maybe you buy Cito or me like I'll, see them with full forms. I said it seems like you linked here that is a low budget, Yahoo, babes, Yahoo, boyfriends, Yahoo, boys girlfriends always do this you'll, never see the actual big big vendors when they're kids wigs. No. It'S always the wannabe yeah. Why? Why is your baby wearing a week? Why is that six year old wearing it? Why is that one? Why is she wearing a fun top? Why don't share with full 360 lace frontal her follicles are not even if they, even if you need this roomless, if you don't have any health issue like basically like cancer or looking at I request chemotherapy that makes you lose your hair. I don't see why I say five or six I wear in a week. I don't see, I feel like these prints are just misdoing, like maybe I will see later, but at this point I feel like we should dump that shred. That was their name trained in the trash can like even doing styles. That are like very hurtful like Ghana, weaving foreign, it's to 10 years. I I hate it. I can't steal. It literally hurts me like mad when it comes to me. So when it comes from the back, I can't deal so my eyes is attacking. When I was small, I don't see, I don't like see. I'M not really against attacking for kids, but, like personally, is like 10 from 10. You can start me is doing an experimenting, but, like you know what I'm telling the baby's hair grow fast, why are you wearing a Fanta for a baby? That literally requires that hair is still coming out? You know, look what's expensive and look what I don't get. I don't get what's the point like what I don't see the point of and I still don't kill. I don't see the point of dying children like. Why are you dying that four-year-old girl's hair, so a video of I did a video about it on this channel linked here? This mother usually died like literally permanent dye on her baby's hair. You can play with all these hands: um, temporary hair dye sauce for color and everything cool, a different things that can color your hair color shampoo that can eventually wash out but not permanent dye. That is work almost the same way as relaxers low-key, low-key yeah leaves follicle. Sorry least, cuticle lifts critical, all that good stuff. It'S almost the same thing if you die in for just a little too long or if you will dye your hair twice, it loses your curl pattern. It'S almost the same thing not like it's the same thing but like it works almost the same way. So why are you dying a baby's hair? You know that I need like anything, weird color, why well, even if their babies have blacklisted the natural color come out. I almost like very very because when I see people saying oh, I don't like my hair color. My hair color is light brown. I want it to be dark. Like yours, baby, you have light brown, your hair is beautiful. So why are you looking for what? What is not lost I mean well that's another friend. I think we should check in the Dustbin dying. Children here was DIY, YouTube, Instagram, tick, tock. I already completely DIY like actually this and do your DIYs, but I'm literally over. I don't exhaust me, I'm literally done with all these go ahead. To go. Go your hair will never stop going. So if you stop using, if you keep watching this code of kind of videos only if they have those very, very weird titles, yeah, whenever you say hair will grow, we never stop growing. Then oh, they knock on my channel to make a revitalizing tea. You'Ll. Do a 15 minute video about about how to make use black title for shedding and they're just showing you how to support on your hair. I feel like this video just cash grabs, because people are very very serious people love to buy lines. They love to like buy flowers. You have to buy fantasies, so those videos give us a chance to like just as part of my going into the fantasy, but those videos are literally like cashcraft because they do a lot of numbers. You see Millions, if not opinions of these videos get like combined billions and billions of views constantly. If someone uploads a video, now views and there's nothing novel, there's nothing new, there's, no new science. It is basically just showing you what you want to see. It will not help you might not even help in any way, because I know that sometimes I dedicated I was doing DIYs, but how many DIYs you are trying out like five DIY videos a week I mean that's like almost like 500 000. It has a lot of money, it's a lot of money. It'S not that amount of content. Every week I haven't even using your hair. Let me leave you. I comment using your game. I still like those are those cash grabs and I feel like we should be done with this. I mean like do you know what I like about YouTube recommend me those videos again, because I do options not interested options. Don'T recommend you know, options unsubscribe LED you to like legit, I'm like I'm, not about a life. It'S I I hate lies it affects me. I literally hate it because, like the average global person will keep on doing this trying to do all your device because you're not like saying okay like now on my channel, I used to do my videos, but if you go back walk 20 to 2019, just I Did then I thought I'm doing till today today when I do something I'll tell you guys you guys. This is my first time trying this I'm only just recording for documentation purposes, so you guys can just see how it worked for me, but some people just be doing DIY. Open DIY, open DIY today is black tea green tea, fairly, quick Rosemary henna. In one week we won't even get the chance to shout out those things I mean. I'M wasting my money buy these products. That you're telling me to the events are telling me to buy and I cannot be consistent with anyone because yeah I always come with a new formula, every three to five working days. So I'm pretty sure you're done with your bicycle, even for their Instagram there by Tick Tock. Now they always do oh DIY egg with oil and they are putting actual aloe vera, not aloe vera powder, not with dehydrated aloe vera, not dried aloe vera, as the one that has the juice that has the moisture thing inside they're. Putting actual raw leaves not dry leaves people that don't know when you put actual hydrated products. I have water into something that has oil. It will go around seeds like you're, mixing oil and water, eventually more, it gives more a chance to form you want your oil to be fully oils. You don't want it to have. If you don't have any preceptivity time, nobody really puts preservative inside oil. So it's just you want to use the dried ingredients, not the wet, it's just giving a chance for most. When you see the videos on Tito and Instagram 4 million views hundred thousand likes and nobody's asking sister, why are you putting aloe vera raw inside oil want it yeah nobody's asking you're, mixing shea butter and aloe vera raw powder aloe vera where's your prescription wow? Can I purchase, can I purchase you see? I say we like buying fantasies exactly you have to buy lines, you have to buy excitement exactly like one million views one thousand likes wow sees this. Is such a great novel idea? Okay, now you do it. I guess tattoo tears, I mean I mean because you want to buy excitement. You even have to understand this content. They actually know better, but I mean how would they blow there's anything preservative people? That'S why I come to say: oh preservative is not good to be natural, organic 100, organic or that was a natural. So how could it really blow exactly so? I think I will tell I'm done with the YouTube and Instagram and say I'm done like I'm trying to do it, there's not without options. I'Ve started blocking people that posts this kind of my Instagram and Tick Tock cause like I mean, stop spreading myself misinformation. It'S very annoying. My other friend I was here was, I think this is like. I think it's almost my final trend was frontal weeks. You can convince me to buy week closure. You can even convince me, but you see that thing that they call frontal wigs, looks like a freaking hair hat like it really looks like a hairhouse, I'm not going to hold my mouth today, I'm always trying to buffer and try to no we're, not buffing anything. Today, we're going to come a lot, it's like a haircut, it can never ever ever. Look like your hair quotes me anyway, 2012 December yeah. It can never look like your hair. Do your worst do your best. It has never looked like it shall never look. It will never look a chance and say: oh where's, the latest Instagram hairstylist worthless. Let'S wear less day, let's do it, you can see stop after future. If I, on my my phone camera now use the back camera. Do we put on some nice portraits mode? You will not see my acne now. You will not see these cards, you won't see it. You won't see it foreign, so nobody should tell me oh listen, frontal wigs are like I can still even get closure weeks, but four times literally to me makes no sense. I mean the fake baby hairs. Why? Why explain to me? Why does it make like you are literally like sticking your own hair back to another person's hair to bring her their own edges when you have your own edges, my dear, if you don't have Bad Girls by cartoon, is it okay? Is there my 82 guy Elixir picture here bites like legit, I used to get close your headband wigs, you part safe. You won't like you, bring out your hair, hey, you can see your skin. I will not your hair in the front but see that frontal wig. It doesn't make it differently, I think about it. As a Nigerian women have we've. Women in general are like women that were really black community and Africans. We have attached these weeks. First, women who cause these are the men. Do the difference between Fanta. I really had a guy ask me: I want a big. He was like. You dare told me that, even when he sees me makeup, he sees girls makeup. I don't see they understand that, because it's not really friends like I'm like bro, you really see girls, the purple iron pink eyeshadow, like pink eye. As you someone said he doesn't know, you can't tell the difference so the men that are even looking at also they are trying to look attractive. You know that the men don't even know the cost of a big white woman is 200k. I won't make this 20.. He doesn't understand he doesn't care, even though he doesn't care. So I don't see the points like we it's women that made it look like a symbol of luxury. I am buying her 200k one million naira, and it looks like that anyway, baby. What you literally buy someone else's hair, and it looks like that - I say no, it's a symbol of luxury, in my opinion, no matter how fine they are, might look nice yeah, but they also tacky and my day, I've seen with nobody. I'Ve seen big I've seen frontal, I mean I've, seen frontal links laying left and right. They always looked like once they're starting that that's ridiculous baby hair Within even we try to make it very minimal. It just looks tacky. It looks like you will never see, like you think, of like very black, powerful women that are very fair in that very you would know. Most of it would never see Michelle Obama wearing frontal wig you'll never see powerful black women. Let me think of women are like young. Like me, wear frontal wigs, even look at you as Savage and cool when they wanted in front of them most of the time. It'S really closure. You can see Center Parts, he doesn't show all those ridiculously. It just looks. Tacky, in my opinion, like I feel like, we should ditch that hair has scored for, like usually it's no longer, because I call it the hair heart like in 2020. That'S true that it's not it's not worth it. It'S a very, very look! I'M not about our life. Headband breaks all the way head back with closure, with both frontal, please, okay, so guys. My last trend is not using products long enough and just start. This has to be like. We naturally Stars we'll buy a programming, but in fantasy we bought for us name Mary now, where we now, when we bought a fantasy product, the High products, I'm saying it's not working, we're not coming to another video, that's actually like actual good products and see everybody For today is not working, can we store that I can use useful for like at least a month to know how it works and why it doesn't work for us. Let'S stop rushing foreign I feel like. I should talk about. Oh one more Trend, my last Trend mess with is discrediting other techniques for like hair care, so there are different ways to go ahead. There'S a DIY style approx DIY by yourself: there's the no Butters, no else curly, I'm using everything. My there is the attack monkey myself. I would say they do my fermenting this. My hair is okay for me. Let each one stop discrediting the other one because they say look looking beef if we want to say the truth between like the no Butters, no oils and the Butters and oils people do you know, but that's a lot of people always be throwing subtle Shades like I thought about it in this. My video, I hope I hope I have enough castling videos YouTube - gives us five cards. I think I've said more than five things but check my description box yeah, but like there's always the first one. No, but the latest caption was taking out this stupid out of hair care. You just insulted your ancestors because I'm very sure that my great grandma was not using a jail twig to style, her hair for sure butter, sometimes even red oil to start her hair. So I don't see the point of discrediting the other one. Let'S everybody just find what works for them? Let'S not try it soon. Let'S credit, what might what might have worked for a man who would not work for me, I'm seeing that's fine, it's okay! It'S not a big deal, it's no! No pressure at all. It'S it's great! It'S not! A wildlife stops. Okay, let's just coexist exactly, let's coexist! Okay, so guys! That'S all for this video guys, I feel like we should throw away the Dustbin. I mean it's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me and I'm feeling good. It'S a new year. It'S a new year Joy with his bad habits; okay, ah guys, I'm so tired of talking. I took for like almost 30 minutes. What and I have exams like next week, quick catch up, I'm going to the new year with exams from January 3rd. I really had for a few minutes so subscribe to my Channel. Please Subscribe turn. My people of the interweb join the key again from the interweb. Follow me on Instagram show me the influencer on LinkedIn professional Awards, influenza Kachi in platform. Let'S say for my name: if you just natural, follow Twitter, guys everywhere natural key, I think I'll show you guys my next video. Thank you guys for sticking out with me throughout the entire year. This year was my hardest here again to my channel, go the most I've ever grown before guys I went from, like I don't know, seven or eight K to like 21 000 subscribers in one year. So, thank you guys very much Happy New Year in advance. I wish you guys the best hearing your lives yet 2023, God With Us all and as you get to my next video, don't forget to fit it to make it bye.

SimplyNaturalChi: You guys literally watched this video without liking?? Come on guys!

Nanya Nduka: Thank you Kachi for always spitting facts and truth

zainab umar: Couldn’t stop laughing especially “do this and your hair will never stop growing “ like those kind of videos need to be band sef … thanks for pointing out this trends that need to be over with

Maureen Okosun: Intresting point, laughed through out the video

Ayana Johnson: Some of these baby hairs are very thick and grown. Like slicked down bangs...

oghenemaro Akaka: Lace there

Blessing Chetachukwu: Kachi are you an engineering student?

Patricia Boateng: I'm first right?

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