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Foreign, the company I will be working with today is beauty forever hair. It sent me a wig cap, a little goodie bag with a silk Bonnet, I'm an elastic band, some cute 3D mink lashes and then, of course, this cute little makeup brush, and this is the hair. This is their 13 by 499j body wave wig. This is HD lace and it is in 26 inches here, I'm just showing you guys what it looks like this hairline came, pre-plucked and all I did was lightly bleach. The knots with about 30 volume in 15 minutes. Now I'm going to go in with my Erica J hold me down adhesive and I'm going to be doing three thin layers using my songbook Songbird blow dryer in between, until it dries to a clear texture. Once that's done, we're going to gently place this lace down like so and then repeat the other steps on the side until we get the full frontal laid down and nice and secure once your adhesive is clear. You want to gently place your lace down, and I slowed this down in real time, so you guys can see that I am not being rough at all, I'm being really delicate, and once I get the placing of my lace, how I like it, I'm taking my Rat: silk comb and combing the lace into the the adhesive. If that makes sense, I'm going to do that on both sides and then work my way up into the middle. Until I get everything nice and Blended once I get through combing. All of that, through I'm, going to go in with some even wonder, lay spray. This is the red bottle and I'm just going to do two light sprays on both sides. This is kind of like the adhesive, that's uh. Well, sorry, the adhesive spray! That'S going to melt the lace down once we wrap it up with our bands. I am going to be using my beauty forever elastic band that they gave me in my little goodie bag. Once that's nice and secure we're going to go ahead and get into The Parting, I will be doing a side part now. This is a 13x4 unit, but the sides of the lace were not um as full as the middle. So it's one of those tea part. Looking or t-shaped lace 13 by four wigs, it's not a it's a lace front. It'S not a lace front tool. If that makes sense, if you get what I'm saying it's not a full 13x4 frontal, it's just a lace, front wig, but now I'm just molding everything into place with my roomy wax stick and my Conair hot comb. I got this from my local Target for about 50 bucks works, wonders um, it heats up to about 425 degrees and it always lays my wigs flat. Now I noticed, while filming that you can see my two tracks up close like right at the top, but I promise once we get through styling and everything you won't see. Those um only when you're like right super up close to my head, is when you can see them and when I had the camera zoomed in, and you know since nobody's gon na, be that close to me in real life. It don't matter now, I'm just going in and pushing back the hairline in the front with my hot comb, just making everything, nice and sleek and neat and um, we will be doing a no baby hair. Look. So now I'm going to go in my LA Pro girl powder in the shade soft honey and I'm just going to use that to Define my part um with colored hair. You kind of want to try to hide the knots as much as possible because even with me pre-bleaching the knots a little bit, you can still see them. So I like to go in with a powder or a makeup. That is a shade lighter than your complexion, because your scalp is naturally lighter than the rest of your hair and I'll just pop that in to Define my part, make it all nice and neat like so anything that you get on the hair, any excess powder or Makeup you can definitely just clean that up with a makeup wipe or a wet paper towel, whichever one you prefer once that's done, I'm going to go in with my curling iron. I'Ve had this curling iron for years. I don't even know the name of the brand anymore because it's rubbed off, but I've had it for years it's a one inch or I'll say two two inch barrel: wand, curler and um yeah. It gets hot to like 400 450 degrees, but, like all my stuff is wiped off on there. So I can show you guys any of that, but, as you guys can see, I'm just starting at the bottom working my way up to the top, and I Am Curling away from my face. I'M letting the hair sit on the barrel for a about a minute or two holding it and then letting it drop, because I didn't want super super tight curls and I'm, like I said, I'm just going in small sections working my way from the bottom. All the way up to the top, I did speed this up just for the sake of the video, but y'all get the juice. Once I get through um with this side, I'm going to show you guys the other side and then we're going to comb that with the finished look, don't you give up the flowers? I don't know if you need a hero, ES can't keep. Now you got ta, save yourself amazing! Thank you. Sometimes, to give these curls a nice soft hold, I'm going to go in with this Kendra spray. I got this from my local Beauty, Supply or local Sally's. I really can't remember, but I just wanted a nice little soft hold and once that's done, I'm going to switch over to the other side and repeat the same steps until we get a full head of curls. Once that's done, I'm going to pop that band off and comb these curls out and then that will be the finished. Look foreign foreign Gon na Save you now. So you better save yourself foreign. I can't believe it just made the same everybody I know foreign before we finish up, I'm going to cut off my excess lace with my eyebrow razor. I know I usually do that in the beginning of the video, but for some reason I didn't um. So I just popped that band off and now we're cutting that lace off and it's already giving scalp. That is definitely all me no baby hair. I love the hairline with the no baby hairs, it's so cute, but y'all. Look at that. It'S like I'm cutting my skin because I don't see no lace at all. It'S crazy. That is crazy. Okay, they went crazy with this. This is beauty forever, their 99j body wave HD lace and it's definitely HD giving I get so pale and light in the winter time too y'all. So the lace is definitely giving. I love it. This is the finished. Look y'all look at these curls. They came out so bomb and I cut a little bit of layers in there. You know you can't go wrong with some layers and some curls. I definitely definitely love this unit. 10 out of 10 recommend color is a one look at the lace up, close and personal. You know I zooming in no filter. This is what it's giving. That'S. Definitely all me, that's all my hair hairline ate up, and I love this. No baby. Hair. Look! Oh! Yes, it's definitely giving realistic natural. This is my hair. I love it perfect for the winter time. I know Black Friday just passed so everybody's getting ready for Christmas. If you guys are looking, I would definitely recommend this unit. This is the back again. This is their 150 density, 26 inches and even with me, cutting layers and everything in it, as you guys can see, the hair is super super full. You cannot see through this hair at all from root to tip um. I love it definitely recommend even with the little slip at the top. I definitely recommend love this hair color on me. I think it looks really good with my skin tone. 10 out of 10, the curls lasted all day and I usually have problems with long hair and curls, but they lasted all day, definitely recommend. So let me know what you guys think in the comment section below don't forget to like comment and subscribe. Make sure y'all are hitting that Bell and be tuned I'll, see you guys in my next video thanks for watching

Curvy Kie: First

Shell Shell Beyond Beauty: Laid and slayed as always. Loving the new intro. I can honestly say I've learned so much from watching you. You look beautiful in any color unit

Empire TE: Can you show us how to achieve the eyebrows for this look as well? Or write the steps below? I would truly appreciate it!

Adrienne Davis: Flawless

The 3rd Marissa: The thumbnail outfit and look, you definitely did that

LetMeHaveMyPeace: What your opinion on wig grips?

Queen Leo: Sis, I thought you had cut the lace off already! Slayed per usual

♡Antonio♡: I'm at school but this is worth watching. Also love the intro


Adrii_Dream: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ellle LoveLee: This color was made for you

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