The Pre-Highlighted Wig Look Ft.Amazon Beauty Forever Hair !! Cheap & Quick

Hey Babes,

I hope you guys enjoyed another one of my quick hair reviews ! I need to start doing them much longer but i always want to get straight to the point ! But this look is very Cute and very affordable so make sure you go get highlighted !!

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What'S up my youtube peeps, i'm back with another video, i'm showing you guys, this beauty forever care package that i got in the mail from them to review their hair, so we are going to go off and get into this video of me reviewing it. The hair is really soft y'all, it's really flowy, as you can see, i'm putting my hands through it, because that's how soft and flowy it is with no shedding it also is a closure up front. It is not a lace front or anything, so they did really good with that, and what i'm doing right here is just going ahead and cutting that lace before i even try to style the hair. What i'm doing right here is just going ahead and plucking that so that it will not look too fake up front. So i'm gon na have a little bit of gaps to make it look like a real hairline. So what i'm doing right here is going ahead and get my mousse gel and spray to put on top of my head so that it can be more flat and not a bumpy look. First of all, i don't even know what i thought i was trying to do because look what bruh that did not turn out right. So y'all, i'm just went back and started straightening it, because i need to take some curling lessons before i even try to curl. Here for y'all baby hair time, actually, this wig was very easy to lay down the baby hairs. I did not have to do all that cutting or anything all i did was bring the hair down and swoop it like my natural hair. So it's easy to straighten i'll go ahead and take some curling, some curling classes, y'all cuz y'all, see i was trying to. I was trying to curl for y'all, and i freaking burnt myself like three to four times and also i'm gon na. I have to review them. They sent me this, so i'm gon na go ahead and try them for y'all it's for y'all to lay your baby hairs down. Lay them down! Lay your edges down! Lay your edges down like lay your edges down and your weapons down. So you can work it work, so it says beauty forever. It'S really cute! It'S very silky um, i'm guessing you can wear this to sleep. Hold this up. Uh beauty forever. Also gaze gives you like a little cute headband. So it's really cute. Oh, it's really silky. It'S like a it's like a scarf fabric with your hair, so it's very, very cute. You can wear it like. This really looks like i'm pretty excited. I will wear this when i'm going to exercise make it look like the exercise headband, but that's how it looks. Y'All, but before i go in this video, i am going to hook y'all up with a great amazon company, go ahead and get y'all these headbands for the wintertime six okay for a cheap for the cheap i'll put in the link below. I don't want to quote the wrong um i'll, give you the wrong price, but it's six in a pack and it comes in a cheap price. I'M thinking it's 9.99. I will also wear this with my natural hair too. So so the first one looks like this. It looks like this crunchy in the back. If you love this review, please, like comment subscribe thumb it up for me, you will be seeing more videos like this and i'll be back with y'all bye. You

Kay💖: The wig look so pretty on you

Lyfe with Mimi on the move: Very Pretty!

Elleece London: ❤❤gorgeous!

Latoya Claudia: Are you planning on doing any give aways soon? ❤️

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