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Thank you, hey Beauties and welcome back to. I am beautiful Hustler TV, and today we are back with a new collaboration, and today's hair is provided by Mega Look hair. Now today, these they sent me over this um 24 inch. 200 density um highlight the way they call it like the blayage, wig or whatever, and of course they gave me some goodies in my packaging lashes, a pretty clip that we're going to use in this video um the Melt band. You know all the good stuff cap. You know a little reindeer ears, little Christmas tree, um, keychain or whatever like that, but today we're gon na. Do this install and it's going to be an arrogante inspired, look um! This is what the wig looks like straight up the package. It does have the elastic band on the inside, it does have about five Combs and it is full parting space, 13x4 lace, frontal wig and super nice and full, and it is HD lace, okay. So this is what the wig looks like um, fresh after package. I did go ahead, you know bleach the knots and do some plucking and I did blow dry and flat iron, the wig before installing to just kind of speed. The process up now, like I mentioned today, we'll be doing an arrogante inspired, look and we're just going to add, like a slight little twist like in the original style that he did. It was a um like a more lower back ponytail, but I decided to do a little bit higher um and then add the clip that they gave me in the packaging. So I'm jumping straight into the video well straight into the install I'm just going to place. The wig down and just go ahead and cut that extra lace from around the ears, and once I have that extra lace cut off, I will go ahead and apply my Ruby kisses foundation on the inside of that lace and begin to lay down my layers. Foreign foreign foreign apply my first layer and then I'm going to spread it out nice and thin, so it can turn clear and, as I turn clear, I will go ahead and add my additional layers and once I have all the layers that I want in there. Um that I want on there, I will go ahead and um begin to lay down the lace, foreign foreign first and place it down, and then I'm using my fingertips to push the lace in I'm going to work. My way around one side at a time and then have her hold the side. As I lay down the other side, then I'm going to go in with the hot comb and hot comb the lacing and then also going to blow go in with the blow dryer. On the Hue setting and blow dry that lace, foreign, foreign, foreign and now I'm gon na go in with the Melt band and tie down the Melt belt on the hairline. But I'm just taking a little clip really quickly and just pinning the hair out. The way and then I will go ahead and tie down that melt belt, foreign's off it is time to go ahead and cut off the extra lace. So what I'm going to do is pull down the hairs that is not glued down and just pull them out from the roots. So I can get a better clear, visual of me, cutting the lace and going with the fresh eyebrow razor, I'm just raising off that lace on one side at a time and then, of course, I'm going to go in and tap down any other extra lace. That is still lifting now, when I do cut off this lace, it is going to be like a light Halo, but we're going to clear that up once we um you know, add more foundation and title lace down again, but for the most part we're just going To go ahead and cut both sides of that lace off and then begin to make my sections for The Styling before we get into that second step of the melting process, foreign look! So I'm gon na drop a little picture um I would know, or a screenshot of the style that I was going for, but um. The first part of this style is creating that little small little half circle, because that's going to be either two little bangs that we're going to do a diagonal part with. So we're just going to go ahead and section that off and like I said it is I like Halo as of now but y'all know we're gon na get that melted and Blended. So don't worry about that for now and then the other part is just kind of smoothing and hot coming back the rest of it, because we're going to end up creating like a wide V, part um. So when we do our ponytail, it is nice and sleeked up, but with the inspired look, it was like you know, like the Fuller sideburns, without cutting it, so we're going to just section The Sideburns off and also apply wax thing and smooth those areas all around That um side and I'm doing like a half circle for the um Sideburn area and we're going to do that on both sides as well. Foreign foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, with more Foundation just a slightly darker than her skin tone and apply that to the lace. And we will get rid of that little light Halo and then I'm also going to spray the hairline down with the um olive oil, wig spray or whatever, and then we're going to go ahead and spray that and then tie down that melt belt. And I did let that milk that was sit for like 15 minutes, so when I you know, do take it off. It'S going to be super melted like her brand new scalp okay. So, as you can see, as I'm spraying, that olive oil with the extra lace is blending and even more and once we tie that thing down for those 15 minutes and y'all see it y'all, just gon na be like whoa, okay, the lace is literally going to Disappear so stay tuned for that foreign super super melted; okay, it is super melted, okay, very natural, Blended, no Halo, as it should be. Okay, so um now we're going to go ahead and create the sections for the um bang part, but in the picture of the inspired look the part was a diagonal part. So we're just going to do a quick diagonal part hot comb, uh the hair to the direction it needs to fall in just make that nice and smooth add a little hold and spray waxing. Whatever is needed to make it nice and neat and then once I do that side, I will go ahead and begin. My V part sections for the top area before we do our ponytail foreign foreign and now I'm just going to take my comb and create my V part sections. You just want to make just like diagonal Parts on both sides of the head, but just make sure it's nice and symmetrical and um, because I did like pre-strained this wig. It was super easy to lay it nice and flat. So I'm just going to add some wax. They can just home how comb the areas just so it's super flat and neat and just easy to lay down, and I'm going to repeat this as well as well to both sides, and then we will go ahead and get into slinking up our ponytail foreign foreign Foreign foreign foreign, so, as you can see, I went and section off that back part laid it out really flat and now we're just going in with that. Wig fix olive oil holding spray and just we're gon na rub a band each section. So I used three rubber bands um to kind of like blend in every section, so starting with the base section, we're going to go ahead and ponytail that then we're going to pull one side up slick it smoothly and ponytail that and do the same thing with The third section, so it's just going to be smoothing and merging all three sections into one and then once we do that we will get into doing the knot and how I did the clip and everything else and the rest of the styling. But, like I said, three sections smooth and combine all three sections into one section: foreign foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign. So now we're done with our ponytail area. We'Re going to go ahead and let down the hair in the back and just um. You know comb and smooth that and lay it where it's supposed to be and um once we do that, we will go ahead and get into um doing our actual ponytail knot. Um, you know cutting the bangs cutting the long sideburns and just giving everything a light bump, and we will also um cut the ends of the wig. This wig is a 24 inch, but I did cut off about, I want to say, maybe four to five inches. Just so um the ends could be really really full and I didn't want it super super long. For this look so um I am going to cut off, like I said four or five inches, but you know when you do cut the ends. If you're weak or you know, do a big chop on your wig, it does make your ends Fuller as well. So um, like I mentioned before we get into that we're just going to smooth this down and then we're going to get into cutting our front bangs our Sideburn areas and also doing the ponytail not with the clip so usually this. Well, basically, what this style is supposed to be like the claw clip illusion type of look, but I want to show you guys how I created mine. So what I did was actually started this install off with a bantu knot and then I left the ends out. So, as you can see, it's going to be nice and neat as a bantu knot, then, with the ends of it, I just uh rubber band. While I left the ends hanging and I rubber band the pot part that was a knot just like a zero. Do a bantu knot and party, I basically did it like that. Then um, you know I had a little mess up a little piece of hair, so we're just gon na you know fix that and get that bit together, but I did go ahead and smooth that back on down using the holding spray. But, as you can see, I left the ends of that hair out and that's what we're going to use with the clip to actually clip back the um where's it. Where is it? You guys even look for the clip taking the clip and putting it in so that it can secure the ends backwards. Okay and then we're gon na play with this and kind of fluff this out a little bit so um. I did you know it just kind of just felt how it's supposed to do, but you know I did spread it out and just take like the curler and just curl it downward and now that that's complete we're going to go in with the razor and razor Up the front, bang part just like how he did and kind of just bumped in slightly um make sure you do both sides equal and just go on with your flat iron and just give it like a light bump and then we're going to do the same Thing with the long sidebar areas, um razor it off evenly, give it a light bump and then I'm going to have her stand up while we bump the ends, but I really did love this look. It gives me like Aaliyah Vibes and, like that 90s really cute Vibes, I got super super duper love. This look and I hope you guys enjoy this look as well. So if you do just go ahead - and you know thumbs up this - video leave a comment and also share to your platform, so we can keep building the brand. My goal for this year is to hit past 200k subscribers. Okay, so I know my business can help me get there and all my new Beauties and returning Beauties. I do appreciate y'all for tuning in and showing the girl a little bit right and oh by the way, Happy New Years to you all. I hope you guys have your New Year's resolutions and you stick with them and you really execute all of that. You want to this year. Okay, just remember, consistency is key, so don't start and then give up don't get frustrated and give up just keep pushing because it gets greater later all right Beauties, but nevertheless I hope y'all, listen, uh. You know feeling this look. Okay, so in a few minutes, we're gon na have her stand up and we're gon na um. I'M gon na show you how much of the hair that I cut off and we're just gon na make those ends nice and blunt. So here we go just going in with some quick scissors. Like I said I cut about five inches, it might look like a little more than that by the end of the day, y'all The Stylist bump. Okay, you do what you have to do and take your time and really clean it up. You know, make sure it's nice and even so, I'm gon na go in and just make sure I execute the cut and then we will go ahead and bump the ends. Foreign foreign, and just going in with my big Iron and just pressing those ends out really nice and good, going through it with the comb. So we can get every Strand, and this is what it looks like after cutting the back and it's the highlights for me like the highlights is so so pretty and a wig is so so full okay, so yeah um went ahead and did that and that sums Up pretty much that part as far as the cuts, but we're just going to bump that thing just a little bit more. I want it blunt, not too correct. I didn't want to do the hard curl underneath just just enough to get what we needed to get. Okay, but I'm gon na have her sit back down and show you guys the finishing look just showing you guys side to side. The lace is super melted, super natural, absolutely love it. I love the Highlight wig like I already knew this arrogant taste style was going to go crazy and before everybody mudded the style out, um y'all know I had to go ahead and give it a shot, as y'all can see. Slay by Jordan also did his style and he killed it as well, so make sure y'all tune in on that video because he probably showed y'all that technique that I didn't do and vice versa. I know that's my baby. We both be killing it here on YouTube. Alright, shout out to you babe and um yeah y'all, get into it it's giving very much scalp very much natural cute little clip that they gave us and I'm loving the highlights - and I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I'M gon na give y'all some more angles. Let her give y'all a 360, because I love the way the bantu knot looked in. The back is super super neat, as you guys can see nice little clean knot. So it's not messy in the back. It is super cute. It needs okay, get into it. Don'T play with your garage, Asia and y'all know: I'ma drop the ribs at the end, so y'all can really really see it, but thank you so much beauties for tuning in to this video. I hope y'all learned something I hope y'all enjoyed this new trending look. Thank y'all for watching, don't forget to thumbs up if you're new, subscribe and turn on all those notifications. So you don't miss no new posts. All right, y'all praying for a good year better year, better slays. All that all right, bye,

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