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What am i going to do with these wigs yeah? Actually, it's my real hair yeah. I got it on finger wave. Okay! I could do this for a while. So if you read the title, you know i'm going to be trying on some amazon. Okay, take two: if your friends have you know, i'm gon na be trying some amazon, wigs um. I am nervous because um i feel like they're, not gon na, be as i expected it to look and then and then again it's like they're wigs that are under 20. So what am i expecting? I don't wear wigs that are under 20 dollars. We know that so run for your treat both of us, you and i run for a treat um before i get into this video. Make sure you guys like comment and subscribe to my channel okay. So here's my amazon, hey, okay, here's my big amazon box and i got like the kink. I knew he was gon na call me the moment i started recording i was really interrupted. I was telling you guys that another package came separately. I don't really know why, because this only came with two wigs. I guess it was from like a different vendor, so they came quicker. So it was these two, so i'm gon na start off with. Actually, let me take out all the legs geez. What the hell is that no better order, a rat for a wig open in the box, okay, so i'm gon na close my eyes ready. I picked this one. Yeah y'all don't even understand how nervous i am like i'm nervous like i have to wear these wigs or something, but i will put next to i'll put i'll put it down below what exact i'm weak, because it's shiny, like i'm gon na put next to the Wake up again do a drum roll. I think i could scoop ow like i'm a rape. It'S like my problem is i'm low-key feeling it. I pay 14 and 98 for this wig. Now y'all gon na see how they look on the girl and then look up and look at me. Look at the girl then look at me tell me tell me they didn't catfish this big od, the one i'm showing is really giving me yo. This is a good starter. Wig like i can't believe it. I can't believe it. I'M gon na have to give that one like a five. Oh, my god, i have a clump on the side of my lid like it's okay, i'm gon na provide again keep it up. Okay, i don't know what this is gon na as y'all know, i'm gon na put it next to me. Oh, we got a long body wig going no exaggeration. What'S this exactly it's really the lace for me already being cut like this way, probably got growing on all right. Let me oh, the wig said, and i wanted to go literally i'm giving you i'm giving you i'm giving you what am i giving you right now like nah cause like when it's cut off, i'm not gon na lie. I kind of look like a little bit of a blob, but when y'all see the lace, this little lace, that's getting me and you know it was really crazy. I know people who i know people will be having wigs like this and there's a girl. There'S a girl cause like oh. I think this one was thirteen dollars. Okay for thirteen dollars, y'all cannot be mad like for thirteen dollars. Y'All cannot hate this wig like it's stiff, it's stiff, but for thirteen dollars. If you can't afford a hundred, not even a hundred this length and human hair will probably be like well account four hundred dollars, if you add the taxes and stuff, for example, if i was to put this hat on and like just go out like this, like It'S low-key of eyes: i low-key look decent right. Now i ain't gon na go. Tell you, i ain't gon na go, tell you, you can run your fingers through it, but not no exaggeration! I literally cannot earn my fingers to it, but for 12 for 12.99. Okay! Next week, oh my god, i'm feeling a synthetic sensation that i just get the heck shhh. Oh, we got some color going on. Oh my god, another bat wait actually nope, not the bad part. Now i know exactly the way this one is and honestly i don't want you to disappoint me when i put you on my head, okay, because i actually first of all just got ta, be fake. Let'S see each other, it's going to be fake. It'S a joke! American right, it's a joke, you're making with me right, i'm coughing like it's in my in my mouth, okay, it didn't have a lump back here and it wasn't like red hot, like i'm in lazy town. It kind of would be a vibe like no like, like this is looking cute. Let me see how much i pay for this. My sis cause. I let me see how much i paid for this uh twenty dollars, twenty dollars for this week, 20 dollars 20 dollars. This is my most expensive one, yet we have um strawberry, shortcake and she's not doing bad like i could run my fingers through her. I can run my fingers through this girl, like we not doing bad on these sides never gave back. Always gay batty never gave that always gay fatty. I look like i'm supposed to be in a disney disney disney channel. I didn't oh, oh nickelodeon and i supposed to be like dancing or something i'm having fun. This is fun cause. What because, okay, this one is not that terrible, because the fact that i could actually run my fingers through it that one was down okay. So when i bought this wig, i bought this in the intentions to look like you know, one of i'm curlier, i'm curly. Let'S see what i'm taking this off of me and it's coming back, why is it so staticky? Look i'm trying to let go okay. The vigor goes now. I think i'm gon na tighten these things because my head is really small. Please please. I look like the cowardly lion from the wizard of oz like who am i. This was not my intention at all, but like i'm every woman, it's all in me everything you want done baby i'll. Do it. Naturally, i'm really giving you every woman, i'm giving you cowardly lion, i'm giving you chaka khan wow. Let'S see how much i think for this sister is: let's see how much i feel for you get a kick out of this one. Twenty dollars. I got twenty dollars. Two ways, guys literally i know i don't i live in new york. I could never go outside with this wig on my hands, i'm from brooklyn. I could never let's try to meet this kid. Maybe back! Oh okay, that kind of looks like one of them: diva bangs boy, boy, playboy, like i'm, really trying to give you faith, i'm trying to give you. Let me do. Let me do a slow-mo with this is lips that is dry like i was saying, i'm giving you curly hair from down the block, i'm giving you realness for twenty dollars. Twenty dollars get your twenty dollar wigs it always! Oh, my shirt is not zipped. This whole video i have one more week to show my shirt is not as it like this week is itching. I'M not gon na lie but baby baby baby. Oh baby, i feel like what there's a guy i got ta say baby a million times. Okay, it's itching, i don't like the itch: it's really making my skin cause. I close my eyes because it's the last week anyway, first of all, i'm already confused by this wig, because why did they give me a fishnet, i'm gon na put it on because it seems like it's like mandatory for this week. So leave it to me to not understand what i'm doing at all, but i don't think anybody would understand what's happening right now, nice color, it's happening again, like literally i'm gon na release it here and look at how it sticks, to my hand, release right. Okay actually disappear this time, but like i'm, releasing it, and it's still sticking to my body like look but yep yep yep, i looked down yep yeah yeah. If i were to say this is what i expected i i'll be lying to you guys, literally literally, never again, never in my life gave this like. Well, i look like the black statue of liberty. Give me a torch - and just have me like this, because i don't know how to feel about you. How are these companies making money, because only time i ever see myself wearing this wig is, if i have, the statue of liberty, does such a little bit of hair like this, my buggy, it's just the color right, it's probably just the color. How this look on camera, because, on my on my end it looks like it's teal, like only like stage: liberty, color, i'm looking in the mirror, but how does it come on camera? Like i just waste money, i waste money for the fun of it. If you really want something that you really want, you just come to me and i will cater to you and if you really wan na be catered to, then just come to me and i will love you cause. I really got that um. I will tell you about yourself and i won't tell you about your way: haze baby. I just saw you go away from me and i can't believe i look like this. This is me, i'm only 18, but i look like i'm 33 and guess what baby you're gon na love me you're gon na love me you're. Gon na love me hi. My name is zaria. I i got this installed by today, actually like yeah. Actually, it's my real hair yeah. I got ta um finger wave, it's cute or what i was really like into it when i first got it so it's like. I just love to love it. If you love it too, yeah it's 1. 30.. Let'S be 2 o'clock in the morning, and i'm doing this, my grandma will say i'm doing idle things right now. This is for your entertainment. So if you like this video, it will be like more than lovely. If you will like comment and subscribe to my channel for more bs, like this um, as you guys know, get me to 5 000 subscribers 500 subscribers, so we're going to start at 500 subscribers, then a thousand, then five thousand keep building from there guys. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, adding my social medias. As you guys know, i'm your audience you're on the facebook side. I don't got twitter but i'll make one add me. My tick, tock cuz, y'all gon na see me talking about these wigs. I'M gon na tac also, thank you guys for watching my. I don't want to end this video. I was having so much fun with you guys. Give me a hug. Give me a hug. Thank you. I love you guys so much. Thank you guys for watching. Thank you guys so much for watching my freaking video, as i always say, and bye. Okay,

Christinea Davis: Your videos are very entertaining . I really enjoy your crazy. The wigs weren't as bad as you think.

India Hyland: I am screamingggg, you’re so pretty you made them all look good

Syllia J.: You are mad funny “did I order a rat?” LMFAOOOOOOOOOO

Trinity Adkins: Gurl the teal one look cute you just need to style it and cut it lol

ilovecarti: Pls post more wig videos!!

Khala P: Heavy on the “I know people that have wigs like this”

ari: You know maybe they all just need to be finessed a lil bit...

The Illest Niyaaa: Omggg , u look just like megan good

Cedr Ban: It gave keyshia kaoir for the last wig

Khala P: Lmakakoalao you’re hilarious

DeeOne: lol... exactly the Bob was cute until you showed the advertisement

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