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Tony of Beverly is a brand I have not reviewed in the past. I thought I'd start out with this new style, DAVEY. Mine is in the new color Rooted Pink Pearl. I cannot disclose where I purchased Davey, but if you do a Google search, I'm sure you'll find it. Thanks for your understanding. xoxo

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Marlene's Wig Measurements:

Circumference 21.5"

Hairline to Chin 7.75"

Chin to Collarbone: 5"

Forehead to nape 12.5"

Ear to Ear 11.5"

Height 5'4"

Medium boned

Hi everyone. Thank you so much for joining me today. Today, I've got a new style for me, a new brand that I've had never tried before and a new color. This is Davey by Tonya Beverly in the color rooted, pink pearl. I am so excited with this style. With this color, I cannot tell you um, I'm just Smitten by it. First of all, let's take a look at this gorgeous color rooted, pink pearl. We have it looks to me as an iridescent color. I looked all over for a color code, a color description. I cannot find it anywhere uh. I'M gon na have to tell you what I see. So what I see is a darker root, but it doesn't appear Stark and it just Transitions and is it offers the um some low lights? We have what appears to be a pearl color, some pink and some platinum blonde, and it all it ends up with the very light fibers. At the end, when we go outside you'll be able to get a better appreciation for this color. I think it is absolutely beautiful. With David we have a full mono top, so we can part it anywhere we like and still have that illusion of scalp. We we have no permatease whatsoever at the top. We do have some permatease kind of around the base right around here, which I think offers this style to be maintained off the nape. I think it is gorgeous the fibers are beautiful. They are soft, they're silky. I don't even know what to compare them to that. For a these are traditional fibers. If you're not familiar with Tony and Beverly, I believe that most of their styles are traditional fibers, but they may have some heat friendly. I just don't know about them. Uh the lace front is done very nicely there. It the lace front, is not wide at all. There'S a little surprised at that, but it is uh very narrow, lace front. You can certainly wear it off your face as far as the fit. I feel that this wig runs a true average, maybe with a little a little bit of extra stretch. It feels very comfortable, probably fits a 22 and a half up to a 22 and a half granted. I have really no way of gauging it. I just can go by how much I had to cinch it in. We have really nice coverage here. Here is the ear Tab and my very low hairline peeking through I love this length. I love the way it just kind of swoops over and the way this swoops to the side. The bang we have a bang between. We have lots of layers here, six to ten inches on the bang, between six inches and ten inches. We have a nape of six and a half inches. The sides are between eight and ten inches, so we do have those layers here which does give it that little bit of extra - I don't know extra volume. Probably and the side did. I tell you: the sides are between 8 and 10 inches. Overall, I think it is a beautiful style. It feels very light. It weighs 3.99 ounces, so we do have a nice light piece. We don't have a high density at all. I think it is very, very easy to wear. I wore it for a few days, because I wanted to see how it felt and how it and and the movement on it, and I have been really happy with it. As you can see, I can tuck it where, with the headband kind of put it on a half up and half down, I don't think I showed it to you on all sides. Let me bring it down again and show it to you on all sides. I'M just so excited to have this. I actually have a few other Tony and Beverly on their way, and this color is gorgeous. If you love, I I see it as a cool color and I love that kind of pink going through foreign movement. Let'S take a walk outside and I'll show you the cap and then I'll come back. The lace front goes all the way from the ear tab to the ear tab, and we have a nice generous, full mono top felt covered, ear, tabs an extended nape and, as you can see how much I cinched it in. In order to accommodate my 21 and a half inch circumference, so we have a good amount of stretch on this cap. Thank you everyone. I appreciate you spending this time with me. Please let me know what what do you think about Davey? What do you think about if you have Tony and Beverly's? Let me know I would love to hear from you and what do you think about this color, this uh rooted pink pearl? I think it is absolutely gorgeous. I hope everyone is having a fantastic day and I will see you next time. Bye,

Kim Myers: This is beautiful on you Marlene! I had a TOB Starly in this color and it's stunning.

Crazywiglady: I love this style and the color is beautiful, thanks for reviewing this for us, Happy New Year! xoxo

C C: You look beautiful in that color. I have TOB Davey in the rooted Pink Pearl also and love it! She came to me a little wonky at the bottom— I have worked her over quite a bit with my Hot Tools air brush and that helped although I could not get it exactly as I wanted. I think for that I would need to use steam, which I have never done before, so I am hesitant. I have put in a request to WS1 to carry TOB, but so far, no response. Still hoping.

Sensationally Yours: Happy New Year, Marlene! Very pretty style, color, everything! I am excited to see Tony of Beverly, as it doesn't come around very often. Due to ever rising prices, I want to venture out of my regular brands when it"s worth it! I also like regular synthetics for everyday wear! I have to rehab all my holiday wigs. So, it's nice to have some that can just be revived with water and the net, etc.I am trying to discern whether this is a cool, platinum blonde or a grey? Please advise. I am truly happy to see more Tony of Beverly styles!

Irit Liebman: This wig is beautiful on you. I have Arya by Tony of Beverly, and it is my favorite wig, because it moves nicely and looks very realistic. Happy New Year, and thank you for your great videos.

Jean Jacobs: Greetings Marlene! She's really pretty on you! The color is stunning! I think the color is perfect for the new year. Love and blessings ♥️

Kathy Weissgerber: This is a new style and color for TOB and I just love it on you. It ticks off alot of boxes for me. Color, Style, length and feel. I really like the relaxed barely there waves. I dont have this one, but have had a few TOB's and love the feel of their fibers. They just seem softer than other synthetic brands. Thank you for reviewing this one as I havent seen much about it. Happy New Year!

The Beauty of Autumn: Thanks for sharing! I've been hearing more about Tony of Beverly and this color is amazing!!!

Michelle Richards: Hello Marlene. I have TOB Starly in this color. It is so much prettier in person. The camera doesn’t do it justice. I have Fiona in two colors (from TOB). I love them. I’m waiting for them to add Rooted Pink Pearl and Rooted Tahiti Blonde to Fiona and other wigs. They are so nice!

Clara: I really like that colour Marlene so pretty

Virginia Echevarria: Bring Alana in that color

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