From $600 To $30 Dyson Airwrap Dupe For Bombshell Curls Blowout On Natural Hair

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Foreign back to my channel, my name is Destiny, and today I'm going to be doing a phone review. Well, it wasn't fun when I was doing it. I was up at night till 2, 30 in the morning doing my hair. The original Dyson is the one that is 600 and you know I don't have six hundred dollars, I'm not about to pay that anyway, even if I did have six hundred dollars is like a dollar. It better. Do my hair itself, the Walmart thirty dollar Dyson dupe. If you are interested in this video, please keep on watching, I am going to be just a blowout on my hair today, like a blowout and a curl, basically on my hair day, hair that I got from Walmart okay, so I did forget to show off the Actual product, but this is the five in one blow dryer, it is 30. I did give this product from Walmart and it does come with the actual blow dryer and five attachments a really good deal, and in the Box it comes with the actual blow dryer. It comes with a nice long cord and then it blows at the bottom. That'S what the thing is at the bottom and then it does have three settings which is cool medium and hot and it does get pretty hot. So just keep that in mind. It does get as hot as a regular blow dryer and it does have that push things remove the each attachment, so the attachments that it does come with is this one is the one that gets blows out air it blows out air not on that big side, But on the opposite side right there, that's where the air blows out at, and this is good for stretching your hair and it doesn't get too hot, but just be careful because the actual attachment does get hot so and the next one is the one I use In the video, this one is super gentle on your hair. This one is great to use after using the stretching method, and then you can just brush out the rest of your kinks and curls with this one. This brush is great for textured hair and then the next one is the round brush. I did not use this one in the video. I do think it would probably be too rough on textured hair. So if you do use it on test, your hair make sure your hair is already mostly stretched first before you use this, but this one I did not use because I feel like it would have pulled out my hair, okay, so the next ones I did use In the video - and these are the air wraps, so these actually work pretty well and basically, what they do is they wrap around your hair and they give you like this nice tight, pretty like blowout kind of curl and it um. I did use them in the video, so the arrows that are pointy are basically you're, putting those away from your face to give your hair like a fair, faucet kind of curl. So those are really nice and I definitely think they, the air wraps, are 100 worth it in my opinion. So these are all the tools and I just wanted to add those in before I started the video all right. So first we'll use this one right here in a sketch, my hair - I guess you put it right here to connect it and then return no locking. I don't want to go all the way up to three. So we'll do two. So it's gon na be like a stretching crosses. This is the the most gentle way to stretch your hair foreign gets pretty warm, I would say I would say it gets just as hot as a normal blow. Dryer like if you got any blow dryer from Walmart. There'S no cool shot on here by the way. So that's one thing, that's kind of a downfall, but it is a a cheap blow dryer. My hair is like, as you can see, I didn't get the ends very well, but I'm just going to go on with the next attachment. It did pretty good. I like this attachment. It'S I feel like I, it was very low manipulation and I felt like I wasn't damaging my hair at all, so I'm just gon na press it here and turn it and release it, and then I'm going to go in with this one wait kind of feel It and then snap and then I'm just going to brush through any kinks or Tangles, because my hair is like, like 80 dry, so go ahead back on number two and finish out. The blowout foreign doesn't really get that hot. So far so good, I like this one, but I think it pairs really well with this one. I don't think I don't know this one would go without Bow by itself, but these two low manipulation. It is kind of annoying to switch these back and forth, though, which I don't have to do. I could just do the whole head of hair. I guess, but it's just the way I want to do it. I guess, but it's annoying okay. So this is one section I like that makes my hair look thicker foreign I'll, be back when I'm doing my last section so see you soon. I think it's a great blow dryer to use like, especially if you use, if you blow dry on a daily basis. I think it's a great blow dryer to use just be careful because it may overheat, it does get kind of hot and you don't want it to you, don't want it to overheat or break or start smoking start smoking or anything crazy like that. This side is looking really thick. I do have a middle part, so there might be Waters. There is more here on this side because it's a little part, so this side's looking really good. Looking like a really good blowout. As far as I could fill my rooms, I still have texture, but I like that texture is good. My hair usually does not look too thick, so wow, it's even surprising me how big it was big hair. I I love being here. I read the big hair over length any day, um okay, so anyway, I'm gon na use the air rat, which would be the main part of this video. Sorry about the fan I didn't even I forgot. I had it it's hot in here. This might be one of my best low manipulation blow drys ever still using Okay amount of heat, but just I feel like it was a lot more gentle than any other blowout I've had. So I do like that. So team, no breakage over here foreign, it's probably just gon na immediately, fall before I'm even done with my hair foreign. So another thing I did not explain in the video is basically with this air wrap it wraps around your hair, so the air just kind of flows through when it wraps around, and you can't do too big of sections, because if you do then um the hair Will just fly everywhere, but I just wanted to kind of explain: that's how you do it because I put it on two and then for a few seconds, and then I hold it on one for a few seconds to keep the hold in the hair. It'S literally two in the morning and I'm doing this okay, so I let it cool down. For a couple of minutes, I get separated my hair put the attachment that goes with this side so because you want to do it going away from your face. The arrow is always gon na have to go away from your face foreign just spray, everything kind of like on top, so that it's not too sticky, but let's use taken down so, okay, I don't know about the curls, though they're just okay. This is the final result I didn't know my hair could look this thick. I think what I might do is to just have some kind of curl in there is maybe use some flexi rods, because the flexi rods will give me some kind of hold. As you just see, it's kind of already falling. It'S falling either way. This is how it looks foreign to just show. You like this is definitely something where you have to put some rollers in overnight to maintain your hair, but I do like the thickness and that's exactly what I want is so I'm happy with that. So I'll be back in the morning and I'll see you soon, so I am back the next day, but I use the overnight roller right here. This is the one the rod one. I have like a short video for this I'll. Just take it down, see how it looks. Hopefully it doesn't look too crazy. Yeah. This thing is really comfortable to sleep in I really like it. I could probably just put this on every night and just kind of work with it like that. That'S a good amount of hole for no product too so ooh. This is cute, so I'm gon na grab some oil just to separate my hair. So I don't get much snagging okay, so I'm back and I'm gon na use this oil. The pattern jojoba oil right here put it throughout my ear. I did want to kind of stick to kind of like a blowout look. It'S definitely sealed deal with the curls. I'M gon na. Take this pick and get the back here probably had to put something at the top to make it sit a little better. I like it it's cute, because this, though this roller thing, this thing is so comfortable. I got this off Amazon and I think it was about 25 or 20. Something like that and, like you can just all you got ta do is just like twist, your hair around it and it's an easy overnight style. You could do it every night. It'S not a lot of manipulation. It takes like five minutes to do for your hair and it's really cute. I find a review of this blow dryer. I was really happy with the way it blow dried. It definitely did a good good job. I would say, because it's only thirty dollars, it did overheat, so that was something that was a downfall. It did turn off on me. One time I think I was using it for about about an hour and a half to do my entire hair, including you know it probably would have took a little bit quicker if I wasn't recording blow drying it. You know with two attachments back and forth and then with the Dyson air wrap right here, so I would give the blow dryer overall, like I would give it a for the price and what it does. I give it an 8 out of 10., so an 8 out of 10 is definitely well deserved, because it does work really well like um. The air wrap thing is probably the coolest thing about it, like the fact that it actually wraps around your hair is pretty cool the other I feel like with the other attachments. My hair got pretty stretched. This one gets very high very quickly, so just be careful with that, but I did do. I did think it did a great job of just scratching my hair. This brush - I really really like, is super gentle on my hair, so I felt like I definitely had a no damage. Blowout in my hair looks super thick, which I really like, because I because I do have fine hair and also because, when I straighten my hair, the downfall is about straightening, my hair is it gets so flat. So I'm kind of on the thing right now where I just want the thick big hair. So I love the fact that this um blow dryer can give me that look. I did not use this one, but definitely do think that if you go with smaller sections, it could give you a nice little Bend to your hair, the air wrap. This is amazing. I think this is more than even if it just came with a blow dryer and just these two it would have been worth the money. So the fact that, like it's just a blow dryer and it can give you like heat heat curls, it's pretty awesome now. I would say my hair probably would not have come out this good if it wasn't for my overnight roller thing, so I would say that um, you don't have to be like me, and you don't have to buy this to get these curls and my hair, you Could just use flexi rods and get the same results, so you don't have to go out and buy anything extra, just just use flexi raw holding those curls, but all right, but that is the end of this video. Thank you so much for watching. Please like comment and subscribe and share if you care - and I hope to see you all next time, my next video and I hope you all have a blessed day - bye

Patricia Jenkins: Hello Destiny, your hair came out pretty.

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