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Guys, what's up happy holidays back with another video, this one is one of the hair companies that I actually really do like a lot because they have quality wigs. You know saying they are already shipped out to style. You know boxed, really, nice package really nice. They come with some really great amenities. Some people may think it's not in their budget, but sometimes you know you get what you pay for and if you do spend a little bit extra money or coin on away girl best believe it should last you for a couple years, definitely take care of it. You have to take care of it like it's, not gon na take care of itself. This company is known as hair VV online, also on YouTube around the globe. They have come into the online week website world, like with a Banga. The website is definitely catered to. Like amazing styles, I love the way they set their wig side up. You know I'm saying it's very clean and it's easy to navigate and I love the way they package it for a lot of care and concern for the customers. They don't just send you the wig and make you have to do stuff, though you know I could just do my own thing, but I like the fact that I really don't have to do much. If I choose to not so much, you know saying they come bleached, they come pre plug. I have even gotten ups where the baby hairs just already settled and girl. The first of all the wig is called Sierra. Her name is Sierra. She is 22 inches. Huntys 22 inches of perfection. It'S it's really way of a lot to like the longest length that I've ever gotten in any way. Well, I'm lying, but the longest length that I've always you know request is always like 22 inches. I'M not really sure. I have went 24, but you know I'm kind of short, so 22 inches is kind of like long on me anyway, so I just really don't prefer it to be too long. You know saying: 20 inches is perfect for me, like 20, you know it's very full of whatever you know, I'm saying but 22 inches is like the longest that I always request. Sometimes I go 24 26, but not that Austin. She has a fake scalp. Okay, so she's fake to go and actually do like hair babies fake scout wigs because they do give you you know bleach, not all right why you have to have bleach, not stuff, to make a big Scout. The whole front of it is bleached. Okay, the price of this wig is 385. So, honestly, you know I'm saying it's not that expensive, but it might be pricey to some. I do have a one hundred and sixty percent medium density, so I've never heard of one sixty. You know like it's wanted. The! Never 160, but hey everybody is entitled to changing they mind can also get it in two hundred percent heavy density and that price would probably go up. Definitely to 415, like I said, if you like these amazing amenities with the wig like so you know, you can't go wrong the boxes or keep it like seriously. Not only like keep the boxes. Let me just show y'all. Okay, you receive your package from here baby. You will receive it in a black box. Sometimes the box are printed you'll have the signature, hair VB tissue paper, along with that you'll get a card in this package. I did receive a Merry Christmas card, along with some reindeer antlers, which were really cute. You can wear them for Christmas party or after Christmas. I also received these beautiful step up your eye. Glam luxurious, I lasting lashes, which I will be wearing soon and along with that, you also will receive this pink velvet pouch, which is really cute. You can store things in it and inside of the pouch, are these hair chops? So these all you need to do is just brush them onto your hair and you can add, a touch of color to your unit or your natural hair. So this is Sierra. She is 22 inches and she is a natural loose our natural wave. She is a fake scalp lace front and the density of the unit is 160 percent density. You do see she has a strap around her neck because she does include an adjustable or a black elastic, adjustable strap, which you can easily remove and, as I stated here, the hairs are already you know style for you. The baby hairs are styled. The unit has been pre bleached. She has also been styled, so all you basically will really need to do with Sierra is put her on. This is a close-up of what the roots look like. So the knots are bleached. You might find a few speckles here and there, but that's initially how it would go for a company, so they don't over process the unit, and this is very workable, new bags. I'Ve never seen these where they just differ from the top. You ain't got to pull your wig out. You can just like kindly gently take her out like if she was a newborn baby, but anyway I didn't do anything like literally I didn't do anything I didn't even pre. Pluck it I'm hoping that the production is perfect. You know, but we're gon na see. I just want to show you guys how it looks straight out. You can wear like that, because a lot of people don't like to people up, so this is their big gap. This is what the big scalp looks like on the inside, so it gives you some cushion and when I say cushion, I don't mean like a lot of questions. It'S a it's a slight, you know padded, but it's for the protection or maybe not it's like brown. So they have light brown and dark brown. There'S no medium brown honey. You might want to request that and see if they can do that, the lace is kind of, like you know, really close to color. Also, this is a natural wave texture, nothing's gon na play a little bit of bump to it, but the cool thing about it is inside. You get one of the elastic bands that you can remove and it comes standard with the combs. Their combs are a little bit wider in the back, which is great because I do like it to cover the entire thing like. I don't want to set a little piece of the middle to stick down. They have the combs right here dead smack on the side. So you guys, okay y'all. So let's put this wig on okay, so I'm just gon na use my Dollar Tree clips. I told you guys go to the Dollar Tree. Get you some hair tools, honey! You can, you know, spend less and and him bleep and be blessed. Okay. So first thing you want to do. I mean it's up to you guys, but I always cut the lace up on my frontals, because I you know, I don't really want nobody to know that it's a weak girl, but I'm trying to cut it in the angle or more or less in the shape Of the hairline you know I have yet to try the eyebrow trims. I mean I did try, but them in brauche image that I had girl was so dull that it wouldn't even work. So I'm just gon na go back to my scissors and scissors until I'm able to get me some brown Murs, but you know, if you don't have brown chambers, you can just use your scissors to make sure you clean up your hairline. You know I had did my makeup and then I have to remove some of it, but that's okay, a little bit hot near, but you know: hey, I'm not really going to here this wig like with hairspray, because you know it's supposed to be one that you Can just basically take out the box and put it on so I'm just going to go ahead and make some baby hairs. It does look a little bit thick right now, but I'm not going to use them all and, as you seen, it looks a little bit. Thinner because I did repart it and put a little bit of those baby hairs back so I mean like look. The eyebrow trimmer is a little dull, as you can see, I'm fighting with it now got to be smooth operator. Cashmere luxury styling, mousse. I'Ve had this. For some years, I've been rocking with got to be way before it became famous again or you know, trending, but I have like a lot of their products and I really do like them a lot now here, I'm just gon na pre pluck a little bit of That, because it was a little bit too dense and I'm gon na take my god to be glam force, hairspray and spray it on my toothbrush and just brush some of those wispy hairs down a little bit, because even though it is a big scalp and you Can just basically wear it right out of the box if you chose to you, will need to do a little bit of customizing a girl if you're gon na use a hot comb. Please be super careful because I was so afraid right here, as you guys can tell normally I do this on my block canvas mannequin head. It makes life a whole lot easier versus putting it on your own head and doing it. So if you have a canvas mannequin head, I would highly suggest styling your wigs on there. Your arms don't get tired, you don't burn yourself and if you don't have one then I would say girl go get you one. You know Amazon girl. You can get anything from Amazon, I mean anything woosah to that, because a girl is frightened with this hot comb. Okay, when you get used to doing something on a mannequin, it just makes your life a lot easier, but then, when it comes time to do it on yourself, it's like okay, hold up hold up, shut the front door and let's be a little bit more careful. I'M just gon na take some of that styling mousse and I'm gon na sculpt the baby hairs in the front. I'M not really gon na make them baby here, it's I'm going to kind of like brush them in an angle. So that way, they kind of like cover the lace in the front because it isn't like you know it doesn't look as natural if it has a blunt cut across. So I'm just going to kind of like form it take. My hairspray use my rat tail comb. Take a little bit of my pressed powder and place that where the knots were just a little bit speckled, the hair is gorgeous like look. This is what it looks like straight out: the pack. It'S long, its luxurious, it's a natural wave, I'm pretty sure once you wash this, it's probably gon na get a little bit more wavy, especially if you kind of like hang it upside down to dry, then you will be definitely good to go and just to style. All of my hairs any unit that I do or curl always put some mousse in it, because it helps hold the curl and also helps tame any of the flyaways. And what I told you guys you can get anything at Amazon. So I did get some of these black strip ties these disposable black strip ties from Amazon. I think they were like four dollars for a box of forty or sixty. I don't really know how I feel about them, because you have to really wet it. Saturate, the hair, so I'm not really sure how I'm filling them. You can definitely get you a scarf and it works all the same. I think I really prefer like a silk scarf and I'm gon na curl the remainder of it off-camera, because you guys see most of it and it's just basically the same thing. I'M just gon na put some chunky waves in this unit because I didn't want to take too much of you guys this time and plus I didn't want it to wavy. I wanted to give you guys, like a grown and sexy look yeah the lashes curl the lashes, but she came out really cute. I do like this unit, it is rather long. It looks much longer than 22 inches honey. They probably just want to stamp it on, because no like you guys, you can see that. So this is the pink color and here's the blueish purple. I mean the blue. One comes up really bright. I think like this is a great option. If you really don't want a lot of color or you don't want it to be permanent, but this is kind of like tedious for me like. I don't think I would want to sit here and do this. It'S kind of like I'm bright and like the system up with me, I'm not about to do no more because I'm just not about to do anymore. All right. You know. I think this is cool for kids, like especially I'm not really sure it all depends on how you feel you know. I'M saying I feel like a lot of different lace. Wigs that are, you know, I mean more or less inspired by Ciara like on many different websites, and you know like she changes her hairstyles up a lot, which is amazing, like I really think the Ciara is talented. I don't really think she gets like the recognition that she deserves, because I think she's beautiful, she's really talented. It'S always refreshing to get something. That'S inspired by someone you like, I'm pretty sure once you wash it, it will definitely turn out really like more natural ways, but I wasn't about to wash. I just want to show you guys how it looked straight out the box. You know when I situate the actual adjustable elastic bands inside, like I don't know what you want to call them, but we're just gon na call them the bra hook elastic bands. Okay, sometimes they show that actual piece. That'S gon na connect on to the band a little bit too close to the temple. So it's making it look a little bit bulky right here, so I probably would have to move it back behind my ear, but that's the only downfall that I have and it's not even a downfall. It'S just not even a deal breaker, it's just my personal preference. You know everybody's head shape is different, so it's not like they're gon na get a dead smack on right every time, because everybody's head circumference is totally different. This is the actual length of the way I think like this is very glam friendly. You can also wear it like this there's so many different options with this wig. So I really appreciate that, and as for the hairline like it's not too thick, it's okay, like me, I probably would have wanted a little bit thinner, but listen. I don't have to do nothing check out here, bébé down below hope. You guys enjoyed this video and stay tuned and make sure you come subscribe. I love you guys. They'D even see delicious, happy essays.

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