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Foreign, hey guys, it's me, Elise, and I hope that you guys are all doing well. I have a new wig from Eunice and if you guys check the info section below, I will have all the details, links and information provided there and if I can find a discount code I'll be sure to leave that below as well. So here's everything that I received with my wig, along with this new paddle brush, in which I did use throughout this video, but let's go ahead and get into this wig. I have their new Eunice air wig, and this is what it looks like it does come with the pre-cut lace and making this extremely beginner friendly. It also features the breathable air wig cap, so you have access to your scalp. If you need to scratch your scalp, if you want to oil your scalp, this wig is also perfect for the upcoming warmer months. This wig also has the removable adjustable, strap in the silicone backing, making this wig 100 glueless. So before I do anything to this wig, I wanted to put it on just to let you guys see how I receive it now. Firstly, I did notice that I am going to need to bleach the knots I'm going to need to take away some density around the hairline, so I will be plucking there and then I'm going to shampoo condition and get this wig styled up. I'M going to go ahead and start off with bleaching my knots sure, so this wig already comes with the lace pre-cut, so I do find it to be super convenient for time's sake and also, if you don't completely trust yourself when it comes down to cutting off Your lace - this is a huge plus, however, I'm the type of person who actually prefers to go in and customize the wig myself. So when I was tweezing the hairline it kind of pose a bit of a problem for me now is it doable absolutely, you can definitely go in and tweeze your hairline with no problems whatsoever. However, I just prefer to have that extra lace there, because it kind of acts like a guideline for me now, if you are a beginner, do keep that in mind, but for the most part definitely take precautionary measures when it comes down to tweezing your hairline. Being that that lace will not be there, but I'm going to go ahead and remove some density just along the front perimeter now you're only working with about four inches of lace, so you shouldn't really have too big of an issue. That'S all the hair that I've removed from the hairline. I I'm going to create my own little baby, hairs being that this wig didn't have any where I didn't see any um, so I'm just going to lay up the baby hairs and get those styled up foreign. So I just pretty much let the wig sit and air dry. It took about two days for it to dry and you do notice that with this body wave texture, it did dry completely straight, so you are going to need to restyle up the hair in order to bring back some of those curls. So I'm going in with my hot comb just to flatten out the top, be very careful, because I did find that this wig is a little bit on the thinner side and the tracks do seem to sort of poke out just a bit along the top of The wig, but for the most part, I'm going in with my one and a half inch barrel, curling iron, and I will leave everything that I'm using throughout this video in the info section below so be sure to check there. But I'm just going to go ahead and just do some large section curls make sure that you guys do use a holding spray as well as some pins to kind of pin up the curls while they cool foreign. So now I'm removing those pin curls and you guys see how gorgeous this hair is looking. So I went ahead and I got dressed around some makeup and now I'm just applying just a little bit of foundation to the lace. So now I'm going to go ahead and get the wig on and I did adjust the removable adjustable strap to where I can wear this wig 100 glueless. You don't have to use any adhesives or anything like that. I'M now going in with a little bit of powder and applying that to The Parting area, just to make that part Pop and kind of look like actual scalp, and so now let's go ahead and get into these curls, I'm just brushing them out to kind of Give additional body - and you guys get into that - like, oh, my God, it's giving body yachty I'm here for it um, but I still wasn't completely satisfied. So I went ahead and I broke out my scissors and now I'm attempting to cut some layers. Y'All don't copy me here. I cannot cut my hair for the life of me, but I tried so I just decided to cut a layer just to kind of frame my face and I'm just kind of re-curling that area and if I can't give you guys a bit of a suggestion, definitely Use a better holding spray do not use Garnier fruit trips because it did not work for me if you guys have the like the got to be glued spray, use that and you should be fine, but for the most part you guys get into this hair. It'S super soft, my hands, like literally Glide, right through, like a hot knife through butter. It'S super soft, look at all of that body and movement y'all. I am so here for it. You guys do check out Eunice. I will have all the information and details located in the info section below y'all check out this hairline, like. I really did that like. If you guys remember how it looked in the very beginning, we definitely got somewhere and for those of you guys who may want to wear this in a side part, you can definitely achieve a side part y'all. Look at that yep! You can get a side part. Even though it's like a 4x4 wig um but yeah you guys, this wig is super soft super flowy, and I am here for it once again, you guys check out Eunice. I will have all the information located in the info section below. Let me know if you guys will be purchasing this for the upcoming warmer months and, if you guys do like this wig on me, I'd like to know you guys thoughts. Let me know in the comment section below and I'll talk to you guys on the next video bye, guys, foreign

Susan H: It’s a really nice week and I like what you don’t have to cut off the lace! It’s about time. You ladies always look great. Always good to see U2

verrell hanley-moncree: Turned out so pretty!

Talia Orr: Looks beautiful on you as always:-)

Carla leggs: ❤Love this wig! Just Beautiful on you

CurlsQueenofficial: You are so professional in hair.

rac Gillett: Yes!! Cute and I will purchase I love it

linda lewis: Hey pretty lady how are y'all doing I am well watching replay frist time loving hair skin flawless you did a great job smile stay safe and strong blessings ❤️

Nora: what is the length of that wig

Nisey J: ❤❤❤❤

MELANATED ABORIGINAL: Nice unit, but it needs more density, its really flat. Does it come in more density

Cherry Williams: It's cute and all, however that hair is super thin in the crown area. I see all the tracks That's a no no.

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