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It'S about time, what's up guys, it's Ariana and I'm back with another video back and today I am here with a hair collaboration with Eunice, hair and y'all. Today we are going to be reviewing the Jerry curly hair with the Jerry curly edges, um. They don't look like Jerry, curly edges right now, because I did end up uh flat ironing them out and you know doing it. I did end up straightening them out, because when I washed it they did go back straight. So if you do not want them to go back straight, make sure that you do not wash your wig first do not bleach your wig or wash your wig or you're gon na have to go back in and use these to kind of fix it up and Stuff, like that, so I kind of did messy edges still to kind of still fit the theme of the look, because I wasn't going for Perfection with this. I was going for more of a messy hair baby hair lay, you know just something real cute and just quick, so so yeah, if you like what you see already make sure you go ahead and give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and without further Ado, let's get right into the video to bleach the wig, but this is the wig before it's bleached super curly and the edges are curly and stuff like that yeah, so yeah, that's before I bleach it. This is how the knots look still very transparent, but I got ta go bleach it so that I don't have black or not. So let's go do that foreign video, like step by step, I'm gon na talk to you guys and let y'all know everything. So here's our wig from Uni's hair um, it's already washed, I washed it. I had to bleach the knots. It is transparent lace. The edges are the Jerry curly edges. However, like I said I bleached it and I washed it so yeah. That'S why I showed you guys how it looks as soon as it comes to you like: it's really really curly and no, you don't have to bleach your knots if you don't want to. However, I like to bleach my knots and y'all, this ball cap is given. I don't know what, but so first what you want to do, of course, is put your box on so normally, if I'm gluing my if I was to glue my wig down, I would have put this cap over my edges and I would have like you know, Made it real, seamless and stuff, but honestly, I'm I'm not gluing it down so yeah, I'm gon na take my Ruby kisses and this is the number zero nine and then I'm going to take the lighter, no darker shade. I'M gon na take the darker shade and I'm gon na just put it right here. So just so it's like, I know we got our ball cap on, but I want this line too crazy. So this is my method when I want to do a quick, wig and saw - and I don't feel like going down my cab - I don't feel like going down my wig. I just want to use some melting spray, so I'll just use the Ruby kisses and then I'll go in with my face powder, so this is a little trick. I forgot who taught me this, but you take your face powder of your makeup and you literally just put it like in your hairline like that, so this just kind of camouflages it in a way like I don't know because you know your hair is so dark. Well, if you have your hair dark like this yeah, you just want to camouflage it just a little bit like it. Don'T have to be too drastic because you it's not a ball cap like the front of your hair, is not a ball cap, so you're gon na see it, but just a little illusion: illusion: okay! So now we're about to go ahead and put our wig on and we're not going to leave it in this wet State, because this is one of their um top products right now, and they want me to show you guys in their dry state. So I'm gon na show you guys. This is how it looks wet. It'S really really pretty. I am more of like a wet look girl, but hey we got ta, do what we got ta do so we can do both with these um. We can do the wet look and we can do the dry look and it still look good. So what I'm gon na do is go ahead and put this on, so it comes with the elastic band in the middle. So it's comfortable, you know, you're not able to just like you know it's like a little bit more snug on your head, like it's just it's just more comfortable like it feels like it's more secure. Then it has the comb for the back piece and then Combs inside, but we don't really use those too much. So that's not really needy. So, let's just go ahead and throw on our wig foreign just want to make sure your wig is comfortable, so go ahead and fit it on, and you know all that, so it's fitting pretty good. I like that. I'M happy about that because yeah I know I got a big head or whatever so so it fits pretty pretty good, so this hair is transparent. So if you can see your cap push it back, some just push it back. Yeah just push it back. So you don't see it or whatever. So that's all I have to do um so now we're gon na go ahead and start cutting off our ear tabs, because we don't need that. That'S not comfortable that um, the lace flapping over your ear and all that stuff, like that's just not comfortable, so we're gon na um, cut that off real quick. Give me one! Second, I need to get my mirror okay, baby. So now let me scoot up a little bit so y'all can see so we're gon na just take that little clippy clip get you some a couple Clips out and stuff because you're gon na need it so we're just gon na cut this flap because that's just Not needed right there, that's just not see that's more likey. You know, you know, that's more like it all right now. We'Re gon na do the same thing to the other side, all right y'all. So now, like I told y'all, make sure you get your Clips. You know because yeah they're gon na come in handy. So now I got my hair up like this and, like I said, I do not want to glue my hair down. So what we gon na do is break this in the middle will not break it, but you know cut it in the center, make sure you don't cut it too close to the actual hair, because you don't want to cut the lace like through the lace. Just a little snip snip, so you're able to like tug it this way and tug it that way. You know it just makes it easier to maneuver. So today, honestly y'all the way I'm looking at my hairline. No we're not doing it all right, so we're gon na pull this back like this, like that, like that lady, so we're gon na put that back and because my hair is so my um cap. So far, back pull that look, pull it up just a little bit yeah like that, that's cool all right y'all! So now we're gon na. Do we make sure our wig is fitted on each side like it's, you know what is it parallel? We could say parallel. I guess all right so now what we're gon na do is take out our handy dandy, elastic band, because that's important, you're gon na need that to like really melt your legs down all right y'all. So I got this. I'Ve got these little small elastic bands from Amazon, but they also got some from Walmart. I got some bigger ones from Walmart, but anywho. That'S besides the point. Um, let's go ahead and get into it so and just make sure they push back with some gel or something I had already used some, so I'm not gon na put no more on so now. What I'm going to be using is my rej Cosmetics, um melted spray. So what you want to do is spray along the hairline and then blow dry it on cool and I'm gon na. Do it three times so just to get it real tacky and then I'm gon na lay my lace on top and then y'all gon na see what I do from there. So take your milk to spray make sure you shop below. I will have the link in description box to get your melting spray, so you don't always have to glue your wigs down like no. Nobody got time for that, all the time, all right baby. So let's go ahead and get into it. So y'all forgot to tell y'all start on one section because with the melting spray, it's easier to like move around and stuff, so you want to just take a sex in my section, so it's just easier to work with y'all gon na see what I'm saying Like Glue is a little bit more tackier, so you're able to just kind of like lay it all at one time without having to blow dryer real, quick and all that jazz, but with the melting spray, it's just real loose like it's a it's basically like a holding Spray in a way, so you kind of want to just take it section by section all right, we're gon na do the um next time, all right baby. So now it's time to go ahead and lay our lace down, make sure you pull this part up too. So you can make it easier to put your elastic band on so we're just gon na start from here make sure you press it in and like I say you want to take one section at a time and if you need more spray, you can always spray It if you don't that's good too, don't worry about my ear folding, it's still comfortable, sometimes if you're doing it. So don't worry about that part, but just press the lace inside of the melting spray like that. Okay, so you want to make sure you lay that side first hold the ear tab, so it doesn't move too much and then you're going to take the other side and literally just fit it onto your head, the same exact, eight okay, so your lace should be Real snug now what you want to do is um, I'm gon na just cut off the excess lace and then we're going to spray a little bit more melting spray at the top just to make sure it's real secure. So, like we're gon na spray a little bit more right here, where I didn't get, none we're gon na spray right there see. All of this is pretty much like, except for, like the little bitty, the little bitty stragglies in the front. So what we're gon na do is we, when I cut this off, like I'm gon na re-spray it so that way, you know we can lay it even more okay, so um our medicine spray, pretty much did what it had to do. Just a little stragg leaves in the front, so what we'll do for that is give it a little spray make sure your band is pretty snug Okay, so our Holy Grail, melting spray, y'all, my ear is crazy. Right now, my beauty is pain, so it's gon na have to probably be on my ears for a little bit, but that's fine so make sure you blow dry on cool foreign, okay, babies, we're gon na do kind of like a flip over method like it's, not Gon na be a part, I want it to just look kind of on the Natural State. You know so, let's just fluff it out a little bit, get it not so much of like a wet look like all right y'all. So I think the look it'll kind of get frizzy on its own. You know do its thing, I don't want it. I want My Curls to still look a little different. So honestly, this is actually pretty cute, but that's not. The look was more important, so we're gon na just play with it, and if you wanted to do a middle part, you could do a middle part. If you want to do a side. Part do side part me. I'Ve been really feeling the side Parts lately. So we're gon na go push out for show, with the flip to the side like that, so this is cute, so really I'm just waiting, because I need to make sure that my lace is dried because we're gon na do. Oh, I just put myself in the eye we're gon na do like Curly edges like they're, not going to be super super Sleek right now, I'm going to show you guys two ways to do your edges with this. Look because you can just do it like this. Like a flip over method and then have your curly natural edges, looking you know like have natural curly looking edges or you can do the other method where you curl them and then actually lay them and still have your hair like this, so I'm gon na show You both ways so that way you can pick and choose which one you want to do all right. Ladies, so I'm just making sure that my lace is pretty much dry yeah. I really think I'm good, so, let's just put myself in a Chokehold look whatever you want to call it and make sure that this lace is pressed in with our melting spray and y'all. The fun fact about this is that you can be cute all day, but at night you literally all you need - is either my glue remover to release the wig or some water or alcohol to release it, and you can go to bed real peacefully. Okay, so we're gon na take this off. Oh, it's looking real natural yay, that's what we going for yeah super Supernatural. However, some of the melting spray did get on my forehead and if it gets on your forehead, oh you need is some alcohol to get it off, so don't worry guys a little alcohol takes that away. Okay, Sonia is really really cute, though, like that's all we need to do and y'all. I did not tint. My lace like I did not tint my actual lace on my head. It'S transparent lace, so I just kind of let it do a fizzle. You test it out on yourself to see how it looks without it um, you know like being tinted, and then you just go from there like. I didn't really need to do that, so I just did it so now on to my favorite part, which is the baby hairs. If you want to do a no baby, hair look, of course, be my guess, like you can have so much fun with this hairstyle new side, part middle part, whatever you want to do today, we're going to do side as you can see. So, let's just go ahead and flick. These edges, um they're already like the natural looking edges, but we're gon na have a little bit more fun and we're gon na like curl them up, and you know just do some fun stuff, so just bear with me. While we figure this out, do you have any excess glue, just get it off with some alcohol? Okay. So we got some edges here here, all right booze. So let's go ahead and trim our edges down, so we're gon na just trim them a little bit and y'all be careful because when I say I'm always cutting myself like cutting myself burning, my forehead. All of that for the perfect sleigh. Like all the time I got marks all over my forehead from hot combing cutting my cutting my um forehead with the freaking razor on accident. Yeah just be careful, okay, so yeah we're just doing that, I'm getting them nice! Okay! So guys, my from what I'm thinking while doing this hairstyle, if you want those actual Jerry curly edges, then don't don't bleach the wig like don't bleach it and don't wash it okay, because if you wash it and bleach it they're gon na just turn back straight. Like this, so just don't just don't, however, because I ain't know that we just don't have to work with it, but the texture of this hair still gives it like a natural look so like, even when I'm swooping, it still gives it like such a natural look. So you guys are literally gon na see how our ladies with some moves, like I'm, not even gon na, do the most I'm gon na lay them so gently um with some loose, so just curl them back. If you do want to bleach it, which I can't not bleach my hair I have to - or the knots will just look too weird, so all right y'all! So now I'm gon na go ahead and take some mousse and I'm gon na just put it on a comb like that, and we just literally go just go real gentle like real, real gentle and just swoop them. I might have to make these a little bit. Smaller because I just like that front piece to be just you know, like short baby hair, not too long right here in the front, okay, y'all, so with the baby hairs, you got ta just play with it like you got ta really just play with it until You get the perfect look all right. Those so now we're gon na do is. I might wet the front just a little bit like just a little bit. I really do love the look like this, though, like it just gives natural like don't leave it here. I don't wan na do too much to it like I like it messy. I like it fluffy, so yeah we're gon na leave it like this. I was going to show you guys both baby hairs, but I already showed y'all how the um, Jerry curly baby hair, looked in the beginning of the video, and you can honestly leave it like that. Like I said, you don't have to bleach it and everything like that, because when you bleach it it will get a little bit straight like it honestly will so so it will get straight. So you just want to be careful there. If you, if you want the um, if you want the Jerry curly, look just tint the lace with like some Ruby kisses or like your facial Foundation, or something so yeah yeah. This is the final look. This here is from Uni's hair. I have collaborated with them, for so many collaborations y'all could check the receipts in my videos deliver every single time um but yeah. I hope you guys give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel. I love you guys and I can't wait to see you in the next video

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