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Hey guys, it's zoe and welcome back to my channel, so today i'm coming to you with a wig tutorial. What else is new? This hair is from eunice or yeah. I was about to say is that you, nice or eunis, whichever anyway, that's where i got the hair from and opening the box. It came with this really cute like little gift bag, goody bag, and it came with a wig cap, a pair of earrings, which are actually super cute and it came with like an edge comb brush thing which i'm always using and a pair of lashes. So this is the hair. I think this is 24 inch, 150 density and it's a 13x4 lace now guys. When i tell you, i was so scared when this arrived like this color like i love it, and i've done like colors like this and wilder colors before, but i was just so scared because it's curly as well, so i thought it was just gon na look Really like just busy and just not nice but anyway, you'll see at the end, but it turned out really cute. So i really couldn't decide if i should bleach the knots or not, because the hair was already quite light itself and it went all the way up to the root. But there were a few like little black dots that i could spot. So i decided to just you know i might as well bleach it. Why not so i just went ahead and wrapped my wig head with a little like plastic bag, and i just do this to stop my wig head from staining. So, as you can see, she's already, not in the best best looking state but yeah, this just stops the bleach from seeping onto that. I just go ahead and flip the wig inside out and it should look like this and then i'll just use some t-pins to just secure everything in place and for the bleach today, as usual, i'm using my jerome russell be blonde bleached jerome russell sponsor me thanks. Um, i'm just using this. I just use one of the satchets and then like a third of the bottle of the developer. I don't use the whole thing because i want it to be like a toothpastey consistency, as you can see like you, can easily spread it on, and i find this part so satisfying, but i'm just grabbing my knife and just applying the bleach, like i'm literally spreading Butter on a sandwich like that's literally what we're doing here so yeah, i just applied that. I was really really concerned that you know i was gon na leave the bleach room for too long or it was gon na over process and, like start shedding - and i don't know i just - i was very cautious about this - so i kept checking the wig every Like five to ten minutes - and i washed everything out after about 20. now, if you're wondering what i use to wash my wigs, i use my ogx coconut milk, shampoo and conditioner, and it's literally the best. I use this for my natural hair as well 10. Out of 10 would recommend, but this is what the hair looks like when it's wet, and this is what the knots look like. It'S slightly better. She looked a bit orange which not the best um. I definitely could have used a toner there, but once everything was like on my head, it looked normal, so don't worry about the orange tinge and i went ahead and plucked it off camera. As you can see, this is the after. This is what it was looking like. I really loved how the hair looked like wet. I was considering doing a wet look. Um you'll see you know later on, but yeah, that's the hair prep. Now the lace quality was really nice, it wasn't gray or anything. It was a nice beige, transparent color, so i just grabbed my nw58 mac powder and i just applied that on the inside of the lace just to help everything blend in with my skin again, i didn't really have to do too much in terms of tinting. So that's always a major plus for me, so pop popping the wig straight on this is what it looked like and i was feeling it guys like. I was digging the side part the fluffy look and you know the minute. I put it on my head. My confidence was restored because, like i said i was so scared about this wig guys, so i just made sure everything was fitted on my head properly before i go ahead and cut the lace, and i just use my eyebrow razor for this as usual. Now the wig fit me perfectly. I got a medium cap size and it fit around my ears perfectly like i didn't, have to cut off any excess hair or like excess lace. Apart from you know, the excess that was already there to glue down the wig, i'm using my got to be black gel and i'm using my blasting free spray, i'm just applying the black gel first, with the back of my eyebrow razor, i really like it because It'S a flat surface, so i can really, you know, focus on applying it where i need to, then i lift the lace up a bit and then apply the free spray before putting it back down and just making sure everything is super super dry before moving on To the next section, i always recommend you know gluing your wigs down in small sections and going bit by bit this just stops. You accidentally applying it, you know somewhere, it doesn't need to be, or you know everything might get a bit messy because of the spray. So i definitely definitely would recommend going section by section when you're gluing down your wigs. Now i just did the rest of camera and just quickly dried, the entire body of the hairline. Now my neighbors have just decided to start construction next door. So i'm sorry, if you hear any pounding and hammering um just ignore that, but moving on i'm now gon na go ahead and create some baby hairs. I love doing baby hairs with my curly hair and really exaggerate them and sweep them. So it's like my favorite part to do. I just grab a section going from the arch of my brow to the end of my brow on both sides and then just parting off the sideburns as well. I'M grabbing my sleigh bay wax, stick which i always talk about in my videos recently and i'm just applying that behind the hairline, where i've parted off the baby, hairs and grabbing my hot comb and just hot combing it back. This just helps me see clearly what i'm swooping and just help separate everything and make things look sleeker, as you can see, i'm struggling to cut this baby hair, but i'm grabbing my eyebrow razor and i'm just cutting off the baby hair and for the mixture i'm Using my got to be gel and i'm using my rs mousse and after mixing both of them on the back of my hand, i'm just using the little like eyebrow comb that we saw at the start. This is a different one um, but i'm literally just sweeping the baby hairs. That'S literally it. I use my finger to sort of guide and hold down the area that i'm swooping, and this just helps everything just to lay a bit flour now the reason i mix the got to be gel and the mousse is because the mousse makes the baby hairs like It'S just not strong enough, and it always makes my lace lift as well and then the gel. If i use that by itself it's just, it makes the hair very stiff and just yeah just not cute. So i found that mixing both of them sort of like lowers the strength on both of them, and it's like the perfect combination to you, know soup, your baby hairs with so this is literally like my favorite favorite favorite thing to use on them. So i'm just doing the same on the other side, i made this one like a little bit too big. I don't know what happened but like i was struggling to like match the two sides um. I made it work in the end, but yeah now i couldn't decide what part and i wanted guys like. I sort of wanted to go for the middle part. You know. Do a little wet look make it look very. You know sleek and just clean, but then i was also really digging like the side part we had at the start. Um i feel like. I might do a side part when the hair is dry. I don't know, because can you see it's like really fluffy and voluminous, and i really like that look, especially with the side part um, but yeah. I ended up going with the middle part and here's just me sectioning it off and making sure it's nice and clean. I'M grabbing my hook, comb and just combing down just a little bit of the hair, not all the way down, because you don't want the hair to start. You know going straight at the front of your head, so literally i hot comb to about where the roots stop. Now, i'm just gon na go in with my wax stick again and i'm just making sure that we really really get this part. You know to be as slick as humanly possible. We want this to be flat. We want this to be shiny, not shiny, but you know glossy. Let'S go for that. I'M now parting, my hair off, because we're gon na wet the entire body of hair. This i hate doing this with curly hair. I normally just dip my head in the shower and call it a day, but obviously i'm on camera, and i can't do that. So i'm grabbing my pathetic little spray bottle and i'm just spraying my entire head and making sure all the hair is wet. Before grabbing my abuela nutri curls car elixir balm, you can use any curling cream, you have, you know, get creative, whatever works, and i'm mixing it with a bit of my got to be gel rubbing it between the palms of my hands and just working it through The hair, i'm literally just raking it free, like i'm using my fingers as a comb, and you know, scrunching the hair, really saturating my hair with the product. Now i just went ahead and did the rest off camera because it was just taking too long and it was getting boring. So you know um, as you can see, this is what the end result was like and i just wet the hair a little bit more. Just to get any pieces that were drying up - and you know just fixing the part a bit because it got a bit messed up through the whole like scrunching process, so i'm just making sure that's still laying nice and straight and flat, i'm just quickly going in With my hair dryer and just blasting my hair, just to make sure it's got a tiny bit more volume but yeah this is the end result guys. I really hope you enjoy the video. I love this hair like it's giving me beyonce vibes and i'm obsessed so yeah. I hope you guys like it too, make sure you guys like comment and subscribe, and i will see you in the next video bye

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