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Foreign, hey girl, hey welcome back to my channel, as you all can see by the title in the thumbnail, I'm back again with another wig review. Today I am working with you, nice hair. They sent me this bomb 13x6 body wave unit. Y'All already know we have to go ahead and get into the unboxing, so your knees always come with the goodies. They have the best goodies y'all. They have the undetectable wig cap. So this is the mesh one that really melt in your scalp. They have the nice thick band lashes. They also give you a lace band that says you, nice, hair and the last item they sent me was this makeup brush. You can use this as a brush or you can use this as a blender just to blend out your makeup. I'M gon na go ahead and jump right into the review right here. You see me plucking the hairline of this unit. This unit did come pre-plugged, but I wanted to give more of a natural look y'all, so I'm gon na go in and pluck it just a little bit and then I'm gon na go in with my hot comb and brush all the hairs back. This just makes your unit look more natural. I don't know why y'all, but I'm forever brushing my units back anytime. I get a body wave unit or a straight unit. I always hot comb it back because it just gives Styles look at that and I also went in and plucked my part anytime. I do a bust down middle part. I want to spread my part just a little bit to make it look more realistic right here. I'M just placing the wig on my head and y'all. Where is the lace? The lace on this unit was invisible. This was really really nice. The lace the knots were really small. This unit was really easy to plug right here, I'm just combing. It back, like. I said: look how natural that looks like look at the hairline baby, the hairline just looks so natural and y'all. It just looks bomb and then the 13x6. It was true y'all. It was a five by five, but the it was a 5x5 um, not a 13. By six I keep saying 13 by six: it's a five by five unit. I'M gon na go ahead and put the glue on the perm members of the hair and then comb it back. Although this is a closure, wig y'all, the unit was giving frontal. You would think this actually was a 13x6. It was a five by five. It has a very deep part. I'M just gon na go ahead and put the Gatsby glue on it, just to lay my unit back and make it look flat as possible. Then I'm gon na go in with my lace band and place it on my hairline and then I'm just gon na curl this unit it did. It did come curled already, but I wanted my curls to be more defined y'all. So I'm gon na go in and properly part my hair in, like five sections and curl it all the way throughout. I'M gon na do the right side of my hair on camera and then I'll come back when the left side is done to me, foreign respect me: don't change directions, foreign! You got some powers in your mouth. Thank you so I'm finally finished with the curls. This is exactly how they came out. They came out so nice and just very, very voluminous y'all. I really really love the way. This came out right here. You'Ll just see me cutting not layers, but probably like. I didn't even use a lot of hair y'all. I just cut, maybe like probably like four or five inches of the hair off, not a lot of hair. I just did this to frame my face better. I hate having all of my hair one length. So that's why you'll see me just cutting it, so I'm cutting it right here and then I'm gon na go ahead and comb. My Curls out and baby. This unit was done. Like I said this was the easiest unit to install the only thing that took a while to do was curl in my unit, but the lace was bomb, the knots were invisible. The part was already flat. The unit came with the five by five part in it. It wasn't a free part, so shout out to them for that and right here, you're, just gon na see me combing it out and y'all voila look at it. All I did was comb it out and look how bouncy and how much volume the hair has. No one can see, don't change we're gon na throw it away. I feel like them. You got ta work for me just cause. I heart, you don't mean I want you, I don't know once I got done, cutting the lace. Look how clean the hairline looks this unit look very, very clean. I definitely could have just kept the unit like this, but y'all I'm a baby, hair type of girl. So I wanted to add my baby hair, so I'm just combing it back again to get that natural look. I'Ma come closer, so y'all could really see the naturalness of the hairline. So I do want to do some soft baby hairs not too much. I just wanted to add a little fluff to my baby hairs, so I'm gon na go ahead and cut it, and this is the trick. If you want your closure wigs to look like frontals, make sure you add your baby hairs to the farthest of the lace. So you want to do it on the ends. You want it, you don't want to do it in the middle of the unit. You want to do it all the way on the end, so I'm just cutting and I'm cutting and I'm just gon na swoop. It and then that's how the baby hairs. Look. I don't know, know it's personal preference. If you don't like baby hairs, you definitely could be done after you get done, cutting the lace, but I'm a baby hairs type of girl. So I just cut it a little bit dead, walking direction. Don'T come around if you're close to me, I feel like them. It got ta work for me just cause. I heart, you don't mean I want you, I don't know, don't change. Miracles, don't come around if you're close to me, I feel like them. It got ta work for me just cause. I heart, you don't mean I want you, I don't know, don't change lyrically already, don't come around feeling close to me again y'all. This is the finished. Look, I really love the way. This unit came out. All the information about this body wave unit will be listed down below and, if I didn't mention it at the beginning of the video, this hair is 24 inches and it's a 180 density hyper like them. You got ta work for me, just cause. I heart, you don't mean I want you, I don't know.

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