Highlighted Water Wave Wig Install | Beginner Friendly | Ft Unice Hair

Hey loves let’s get into this 26” highlighted water wave frontal wig from Unice hair

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Can you take control of me? I just wanna love. You baby, hey, loves, welcome back to my channel and i know it's been a while and i'm so sorry for that guys, but we're back um today we're going to be doing another wig tutorial. Today we have a hair from you, nice hair. They sent me their highlighted water wave wig. This is a 26 inch. This wig is so cute and just giving very much natural, very much real hair. So if you guys want to know how i got my hair, looking all good like this, just make sure to keep on watching the video okay. So right now i'm applying my chai helmet head hairspray and i'm just going to be blow drying that until it gets tacky so for about a minute or so now, i'm just applying my wig and making sure my hair is right on top of that spray, and I know i've been gone for a while y'all and i'm so sorry. My face has just been breaking out so freaking bad and i think i might take you guys on my skincare journey, because i've really been trying to clear my face up. If you guys know any really good products like, please recommend them to me like asap, because i can't do it anymore and going back in with that spray. I'M just going to spray around one more time and comb that through now, i'm just wrapping my hair with some elastic and we're just going to blow drying that again for about a minute or so now we're going to be cutting our lace. I like to cut my lace in a small zigzag type of motion. Just so the lace can look more natural. I guess because of you and i'm just applying my edge fixer wax stick. I'M gon na have that link down in the description box and now just hot comb, my hair, just so my hair can be nice and flat on the top, and let me know what other hairstyles you guys want to see me do because i know i've been Like kind of boring with the styles, but they still be cute, though - and this is a lot of hair - guys like oh, my gosh, only 150 density and is giving this okay, you nice, but i'm just detangling my hair and we're just spraying our hair with some Water and this hair is so nice and soft and so easy to detangle, like i really like this hair and i'm just scrunching my hair, so i can form some curls up in there. I thought that we'd be, and this hairstyle is so quick and easy. Very beginner friendly. Let me know what you guys think in the comments make sure to like comment and subscribe too and i'll see you guys in the next video, so bye, guys.

Elizabeth Bernardo: This hair looks sooo good on you! Natural Tea Tree Oil was a game changer for my skin, literally the only product that stopped my breakouts

DOREEEN GAMBIZA: Is the hair good quality ? Does it shed much ? This looks stunning on you

Neenah S: Glad ur back ...Ive been there gurl try Neutrogena acne wash and as far as hairstyles try the half up half down with some bangs like summer walker or add layers to a wig and curl or a sleek bun would be cute also

Jadaan Horton: What do you do for your hair under the bald cap? & how long does a wig preferably last you?

latia fitzgerald: Do you bleach the knots I’m a new subscriber and didn’t see any videos saying u bleach or it’s straight out the box

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