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What'S the plan? Okay, you guys, so this video is sponsored by units hey units. Thank you for working with me yet again, so I have another wig for you guys. This is a 24 inch, Jerry curl wig and it has the natural edges. Okay. Now I like these edges a little bit better than the other wigs that I've tried, because I feel like the texture goes with the wig. Okay, now you're gon na um see uh how the edges turned out at the end. Well, you saw in the beginning, but you you for me this is how it came. These are what the edges look like. They just look like it matches the curl pattern. Okay, so this is Jerry curl, so you have the little curls for the edges and um. This is one of those wigs that you do not have to pluck, but I am going to go ahead and bleach the knots um because I feel like if you pluck it you're, just basically getting rid of the little curly edges in the front. So, let's bleach the knots, I'm using quick blue with 30 volume developer, I'm gon na. Let this sit on the hair for about 25 minutes to let it process and then I am going to wash it now. I did not show um the washing portion of this um tutorial on this video, but you guys see me wash hair so many times, okay and if you want to uh exclusive or um a video of me showing every single step of me doing that, then let Me know Down Below in the description box on the feet. Thank you. So after all of that, this is what the wig looks like now. This wig is dry um. I did see her underneath my dryer um, but it does look like it's wet, but no, it's completely dry. So let's go ahead and install the Swig foreign, so I'm just gon na apply the wig and I'm gon na adjust it on my head and um. I am a 22.5 if you're 23 you you'll be able to fit this wig um. She was a little roomy and I love that the lace went from ear to ear that it didn't Short, Stop short um. I did cut the lace in the middle, so I can maneuver it better and I'm gon na use another one of the even sprays um. I think this is the Keratin one that I'm gon na end up using it's. It was pretty cool. I didn't have a harsh scent which I liked, because a lot of the even sprays have a harsh scent um. I'M gon na go ahead with my Ruby kisses and apply that all over my stocking cap and a little bit on the lace underneath and then I'm gon na, take my spray and and start adhering it adhering the lace to my forehead foreign foreign, so typically I'll Spray then blow dry, then lay the lace down and then blow dry. It fully completely dry and that's what I normally do with the whole entire hairline. I usually work in sections because these type of sprays are kind of watery or loose. So it doesn't. It'S not really sticky, so that's the reason why I blow dry it to get it sticky and then I'll lay the lace down, but it's not as sticky enough to where it's not going to move. If you try to do your whole hairline, so just work in sections, if you're going to use this type of adhesive and it's not adhesive, but I don't know what to call this a melting spray, I guess but yeah so just working sections and then after you Do that and everything is laid down, you want to go ahead and cut off your excessive lace, foreign. So now, I'm just gon na fix the hairline. So when I wash this wig, those little tight, curls loosened all the way up and it just basically came became the texture of the hair which um I just decided to mold down anyway, and then I literally took my comb and fluffed it out. Thank you, foreign to tame the curls. I took some water and some mousse and I saturated the hair combed it through and that's basically it for this video guys. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to leave them down below. In the comment section and I'll be down there to answer them, everything that I use, including this hair, will be in the description box for you guys, if you're interested in this and until next time, bye best friend on foreign

natashia scott: Love your hair honey, you be slaying your units. Keep these videos coming. Do you do tick tock also would like to support you on all social

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