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Know is up guys, it's your girl, tab and today, i'm doing a different kind of video, as you guys can see from the title i'll be installing a wig using the ball cap method. Before i get into the video, please hit that subscribe button that like button and leave a comment, also follow me on instagram, tavian and yeah okay. So today's video is sponsored by eunice. Are you nice um? It'S a wig company, obviously, and today other from the wig. What we got in our package was a wig cap, what looks like some lashes and a headband, and also a silk bag, which is to store the wig in with their logo or branded name on it exciting. So today, we're working with a honey blonde 24 inch straight wig um, it's 13 by 4 lace. It'S a lace, wig and the density on it is 150 percent um. I already bleached my knots and on this wig and straightened it and washed. I know it had to be straightened over after washing it after bleaching, the nuts but the wig pretty much came. Are they ready to go on your head like it was born straight? It actually had a parrot already in it a center part um and what else yeah it's pre plucked. So it was pretty much ready to go on your head, but i like to bleach my nuts i like to make sure that a lot of them are bleached and whatever and um yeah. Also the style that i was going for was maybe a half up. Half down hairstyle or a side part because center parts doesn't really fit me, but it's what you would say i i'd say it's easier to do, but it doesn't really fit me. So, let's get right into the video, i'm just also styling this hair, so yeah all right guys so um! I slipped back my edges, so they don't get in the way of me putting my wig on and i just pulled the ball cap a bit down. So we're gon na be using the got to be glue to hold just watch, watch guys watch. I forgot to cut my ears out to get this to lay flat, see now it's laying flat on my face, so i'm gon na do this three times. So how do you spray the gut to be blow dry? It make it dry. Do it three times to get it to hold properly, and this is the quick ball cap method? You guys don't have to do it three times. I prefer to give it that hold by the way i'm using cool air i'm going to put the blue and cool, because you know you can't use the hot the heat so close to your face, burn off your face, so yeah, let's go all right guys, so I also forgot to put this super split here, to get it to lie flat as well, so i just did it and give it two more sprays and we are going in again. Also, you guys don't have to do this so much and you don't have to put a gun to be on it so much. I can do it once or twice i just like to do it three times so yeah, all right, guys, um, it's all dry and i'm gon na remove this - that i don't want the excess part of the wig cap, all caps, whatever you guys want to call It all right guys, so what i'm doing now is just fitting the wig onto my head to see if i need to consult any more of the the ball cap looks like i do right here, all right guys, so i don't cut off everything. So i'm gon na just spray a little bit of the got to be on the edges to get the thing to lay flat. Now we're going to clean up the glue and messy areas with some alcohol so we're trying to leave the wig at least seamlessly. I kind of did too much cutting on the ball cap, but that's fine. We work with what we got and guys i think, for this install. I will be using um glue here, um the glue to hold the wig down instead of the atp spray. I usually use the spray, but i think i prefer the way the glue pulls and that lasts longer. Let'S taste this again, let's hope that this fits me must, at the same time, people it's not giving. What it's supposed to anyway, guys we're gon na add some powder to my ball cap and some powder to kind of tint. The lace on the wig do all right guys. So i took the little thing off because i want to do something so it dried and everything so i'm gon na try and get this excess lace off now, all right guys, so it's very much laid there is a lot of shedding. I think that is because it's bruises bleached whatever, but i won't let it work all right guys. I'M gon na put a little mousse here to get it sleeked back all right, so guys. This is what we got cooking. I don't know for the next. May i be ready um, my brain is not working. I think i would normally pluck here yeah. What am i supposed to do? Where is my tweezer guys? I don't know where my tweezer is we're gon na do this so guys we do. I pluck to make it look a little more natural, like my hair. Well, that is what is, for there is a lot of shedding going on, which is kind of annoying, but i love the color of the wig, so we're gon na make it work. I'Ve always wanted to try this. I don't think it would have fit me, never thought it would fit me, but i always wanted to try it if that makes sense guys, i don't know. I feel like this little pushback look is given a variable like not giving it apart apart. Necessarily, you guys think i should do it. I think that's what we're gon na do. Actually, i'm gon na use this eyebrow razor and just trim off this way into my face. I'M gon na go back over here too. I'M not cutting it to the exactly that i wanted, but just trying to get it on my face. These are for my edges. Bt dubs all right guys, so i've decided i'm going to do it in a half a half dollar um. I can't find any of my elastics, so i don't know how this is going to work, because i'm going to use this hair tie for the smallest one. I could i did my edges off camera and i also parted it off camera. I will try to get to get a nice look apart, skill upon the ear just seasoning, you know what is that? I'M not too bad either. Just got ta work with what we have. You know what i'm saying. Okay, so this looks flat. This is giving me flat flats. I, like it people i like it. Okay, all right guys, i'm loving this hair. As i said, 24 inch, honey, blonde 13x4 lace, front 150 density, wig from eunice. Are you nice? Can you take me straight? Let me take this off. Okay. I did some extra ass edges. Why? I don't know, but i kind of like them. Oh my god, this install is perfect and guys. The list is melted tomorrow. I'M gon na get um put my makeup on and do the big reveal for you guys putting on it to make up for change? How everything looks so we're gon na do that it's late night, so i'm gon na do that in the morning and just hop back in camera and show you guys that look. I love this wig. The only thing about this one that i would change is there's a lot of shedding, even though i know that this wig was um processed, because you can see that it's bleached and whatever it sheds a lot, but it has a lot of body as well. So it's not looking like you know, then either it's just kind of annoying, but other from that i love this wig. I love the color. So if you guys want this, look alright guys so tomorrow, i'll show you guys a big reveal all right guys. This is the final look. I really like how this hair looks on me like. I was really happy to get to try out this different color and it actually sits. It looks really good. It looks really good guys, like i'm, loving it um yeah, so you guys need to go to check out eunice hair. Their link will be down in the description box below and i'll put the link to this hair directly. So you can just click on the link and get it if this is what you want so yeah guys. Thank you so much for tuning in thanks for watching. I hope you guys learned something from this. I hope you guys can save some money because you learn how to install your wig so yeah. Thank you guys so much for tuning in it's your girl, titty in the bell dad bye,

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