Human Hair Wig Review // Unice - 13"X4" // 24" - Honey Blonde Ombre // 150% Density -

Human Hair WIG REVIEW // UNice - 13"x4" // 24" - Honey Blonde Ombre // 150% Density - $300!! WOW

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Um, hey guys, it's miss carly and i'm super excited for this video, as it is a another fabulous human haired wig and, what's like perfect timing with this wig video, is that the one i did before of the human haired wig this one right here, which is Still fabulous - and i love it so this one was um human haired, wig, 22 inches under 200. Perfect. I love it, so this one is, if you're ready for the next step up of the human haired wig without breaking the bank. So this one with a coupon code, you probably get around 300. So that's like an extra 100 versus that one that i did all right. So let's just get into why this one is a step up and a little bit more fabulous if you will um. So, just off the bat both that wig and this wig right here is a 150 density like no joke a good amount of hair, like this looks really great, i'm super pumped to try it. I also really, like you know these kind of like honey, honey blonde highlights all throughout um should look really nice and it's kind of like my my natural color, which should be fun so the main difference why this wig is the step up version. Is this gorgeous 13 by four lace front right here? She has two combs right here and then she has one comb in the back for her stretch. She actually is really nice stretch. She would definitely be um. You know a large head friendly wig. If that's, what you needed, which is really great - and you can kind of already tell with how great plucking this is just from this inside look - looks really great. It also says on the website that the knots are bleached and that is easily seen. It looks really great and of course the lace is a soft lace, all right. So then, when you get your wig, it actually comes in a nice box, which is super great. If you like to store your wigs, like that, i'm actually storing mine on heads i'll show a picture, but it actually comes with a little bag, which is a little surprise, which i love um. So it came with two wig caps great. It came with one of these fun headbands, and this is something that is growing on me: i'm not normally a headband person, but i'm gon na start getting into it, and then it also came with a pair of eyelashes. I mean who doesn't love a pair of eyelashes and this is actually something i've never seen before. It actually came with some nails. I love my nails. Obviously i miss having my nails since my surgery, but i can't wait to get them back on and then it does come with an extra comb which is nice all right. So i'm not gon na put a wig cap on also what i have fired up is my flat iron and my curling wand, because we're gon na have to you know correct her a little bit as she's been sitting in a box for a long time. All right, so, let's whip this girl on and off the bat she feels so good. She is so light in uh texture. It'S not heavy. I'M excited to straighten this girl out. Um 24 inches uh, probably not i'd, say this is probably around 22, then um, which is actually what the size that i thought i got but um, maybe maybe when i straighten it it'll be slightly longer um. But let's take a look at this hairline really quickly. So again, this is kind of notched out for the ear, which is what i love. This looks pretty good. Of course you can definitely pluck it out and add your baby hairs as needed, but this fits something just fell in my house. I have no idea but we'll find out when i walk out there. Let'S actually just cut off this lace, so we can get started with her. Okay, looking amazing. So now, i'm just gon na take my regular brush and brush her out. Now i'm going to take my flat iron and iron her out, so here she is lightly straightened out, love it. I'M definitely going to take my curling wand to it so off the bat of course, very common for any kind of human haired, wig or really just wigs in general, sometimes they're a little bumpy up here or just a little voluminous. If you want to, of course, uh flatten it out, you just use a handkerchief apply a little bit of heat like a hair, dryer, 10 minutes or so, and then it'll be a lot more flat, also really common. I forgot what it's called when there are some like little uh like couple inch pieces of hair sticking up, trim those sometimes i just pull them out, but you can trim them or, of course, use a little bit of hairspray to flatten it out, because it's it's! You know it's human hair, you can do whatever you want to it now, because she is a 13x4. Let'S see the kind of looks that she will give. I'M just going to take a comb right here and put her on one side. That was a little bit of a struggle because how she was made - and this happens - you just have to train it - to go the other way with heat and for this video i'm not gon na train it uh, because it was made like this. So it's kind of hard to flip it almost. It doesn't want to flip like this as you can see, but it would just take some heat manipulation for that, but for for flipping it around. Let'S just flip the cap around, which is what i usually do anyway. Um, so this is right here on the right side and of course it doesn't look that different that one it's a little bit more on one side. So that's a doable look. I love this. Of course you can always put it behind your ear. I love that um, let's put it on this side yeah, so my usual parting definitely love this, and here she is a couple of beach waves that i quickly added using my favorite bed head curling, one right here, like amazon, fifteen dollars, you cannot lose with that. One, but really loving this wig again. Like i mentioned it, is like the step up version um because of the 13x4 uh free parting, of course, just needs a little manipulation with heat to get it to kind of move around freely being a 13x4 24 inches. 150 density for around 300., like you, cannot beat that at all um, so definitely check out. You know this wig and they have a bunch of other wigs. What i like about their website is they actually have a lot of like custom reviews, and i did save this photo. I forgot to mention earlier of this wig actually like this girl, rocked it out. Like i love this look too, like i'm gon na practice. Doing this look for myself, i truly love sharing these really affordable, human-haired wigs, because sometimes, when you've seen human-haired wigs, they are so expensive that you just seems like you could never afford a true human-haired wig, which is not the case. So this one is one of those wigs, just like the other one from amazon, so definitely check them out. I want to know if you have this wig or if you have another wig from this company. I would love to hear your thoughts and see you in your fabulous wigs, so reach out to me on instagram. It'S such a great way for you to send me photos of you and your fabulous, wigs and living your best life ever i love it. So i want to thank you all for watching and never forget. Life is short, wear wig, have fun and just live your best life ever every single day. So i want to thank you and we will see you soon. Bye,

Amy Caruthers: You are the Wig Wizard!I start out not liking the wig THEN you put your magic into it and its stunning.

Love Yourself: This hair is really pretty Love the color and curls you put in her Very Nice ❤ Have a Blessed Weekend

Just C.J.: This looks beautiful on you!

Suzy: You definitely make this wig happen❣️❣️ …by the way what fell?

Diamond Pearls: All you have to do is use a wax stick and Hot comb and your good.Training the hair it's its super easy with the right tools.

Amber Armstrong: So cute!

chi_jove_saran: beautyfullwig

CORI ROSE: This wig Is Terrible!!!! Trust I won’t post.

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