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Same wig in video unice burgundy lace front wig 24 inch:

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Let'S get straight into it, this is you nice, hair company. This is everything that came inside the box, so it did come with the headband, where you can hold down your baby hairs and it did come with a wig cap. Also, it came with the lashes and a makeup brush babe his hair was such a cute color on me. It is a 99j burgundy, curly lace, front wig. I will link all the information down below. This is how the hair looks straight from the pack. The curls were very nice and silky and soft, so I'm going to get this lace part off the wig first and then I'm going to add a little bit of tint to the lace which was not really needed, because this lace was very soft and nice. But this is how it came out. This just makes life a little bit easier when you're, applying your wig and then you can just slide the wig on and adjust it. How you want to your head shape foreign. The ends are now cut off. I'M going to straighten these baby hairs just so. There are straighter and easier to slick back and now, I'm putting on the lace front spray, because I do not want a super tight hold on Hallelujah. My baby don't mess around because she loves me so when they start now, but that she really wanna see me walk upside down time to cut off the lace, be careful because you can cut your skin if it's too tacky. Thank you feelings. Moose is best to use, so it's not a stiff. Look, I'm just doing the baby hairs in the front. The way, if you could see yourself, I am just fluffing. This look out. I'M spraying a little bit of water in my hand and just finger combing. The cross through so they can be a little bit bigger without loosening the curls advice, everybody and that's it dolls. I really hope you enjoyed it. This is the full look. Thank you for watching

Kashmere Majesty: Beautiful color and beautiful curls with a nice density. For me ,I always like a good 180 density when it comes to curly wigs like this because it gives Chaka Khan vibes and the color asses the finishing touches. I also like this because it gives back in the day Janet Jackson vibes

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