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!! All customers will have both fake scalp inside of the wig and one box of true-scalp tape in the package!


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Hair Length: 20 inch

Hair Density: 160%

HD Lace & True-scalp Color: cappuccino

Cap Size: Small


-True-scalp Tape & Fake scalp Method

-Multi-color & Invisible HD Lace

-Anti-slip Elastic Band

-Clean bleached knots

-Pre-plucked Hairline


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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, I'm back with another wig install video in today's video. I'M going to show you guys how I install my wig using a scalp tape and if you want to learn, please keep on watching now the wig that I'm wearing in today's video it's from hairvv and I've worn a lot of their wigs of film videos on Their wigs before and they're one of my favorite wig companies, because I do not have to do much of the wigs to make it look good. It is a beginner friendly way. It can be worn glueless as well. The hairline is already Flawless. It'S pre-plucked the knots on the way is pretty bleached already so like I said it is beginner friendly and you also get instructions on how to apply your wigs and how to care for your wigs, including in the box. So this is with the scalp tape. The scalp tape helps to hide the grid lines on the wigs. You know those little grid lines, so this is what it looks like with the tape and without the tape. Personally, I really love how their wigs look. I feel like the hairline on their wigs already looks Flawless and I don't really think you necessarily need the scalp tape, but it does make the wig look a lot better. Now they also have the fake scalp wig. So all of their wigs come with a fake scalp. However, you can remove this easily take this out. Sometimes I do remove these because I find that they're not as versatile, especially at the side of the hair. So I don't really need that, but I do prefer using the scalp tape. So this is what it looks like with the fake scalp. So this is the hairline and how it looks. So this is not the scalp tape. This is a fake scalp and I think it looks just as good and also included in the Box. You have instruction on how to apply these scalp tape, so I'm gon na put my wig cap on and do the ball cap method. This is completely optional. I don't think you need it with the hair VV weeks. However, I like doing the ball cap method because it does protect my edges. If I just want my wig cap without doing the ball cap, the glue can get on my hairline and I don't want it on my hairline. I want it on my ball cap, so that's really why I wear my ball caps, so I'm just gon na go ahead and apply some bold hold Liquid Gold to this, and let this chill alright. So this is the scalp tape, as you can see, I'm cutting it down the middle. When I've applied this in the past, I use the whole entire thing for just one center part or a side, part of my wig and I'm like um. I really don't need that much, because the part is pretty not that wide, so I prefer to cut it that way. I can use the rest of that tape for another wig or for when I wash this wig and the tape comes off, then I have to reapply the wig. So that's really why I like to cut it. So, as you can see, I cut it and I'm just gon na measure it up and everything looks great. I'M gon na peel the back off and then I'm gon na go ahead and stick this onto the lace of the wig. So just sticking it on the lace. Now I don't bring it all the way to the front, because it's going to look really weird. If you bring it all the way to the front, so try not to do that and I'm just going to press it down. If you've seen my other video that I did with the scalp tape, I think this application is way better and it's you know, I'm not really wasting all that scalp tape. We can use this at least multiple times. Okay, so now that the ball cap is dry, I left it on for about 15 minutes. The Bold whole Liquid Gold, I'm gon na cut away all that extra cap that I do not need and I'm using a HD wig cap. You guys and it's my own and it's coming out very soon. I told you guys, like I have products coming out soon. I'Ve been saying this for a while, but I promise you. It is coming very, very very soon at least a couple months so or maybe a month, but anyhow, I'm just gon na pop this wig on my head and as you guys can see, I don't have any lace on this wig because I actually filmed this video Last week, with the full lace attached to it and everything, but then I had to refilm the video. So I have no lace, but you know what it's good, that you guys get to see how I apply my wigs without the lace attached to it, because a lot of you guys have asked me: how do I? How do I apply the wig? So here it is, it's pretty much the same thing, I'm just not cutting the lace. So this is how the center part is looking. As you can see, it's given scalp. So I'm gon na wipe away the makeup and then I'm gon na go in with some lace glue and you can use any lace glue of your choice, the one that I'm using it's my own. So once again, like I said it's coming very soon, so I'm gon na go in with a rat tail comb and just blend in that lace, glue and I'm doing two layers of glue. If you want your wig to last a lot longer, you can do up to five to seven layers and you can leave your wig on for a week. If that's what you want to do but honey, I do not like wearing my wigs for that long. I personally prefer to wear it like maybe a day or two listen. I don't like sleeping wigs. Okay, I think a lot of you feel me on that. So I'm just gon na go in with the hot comb now and just melt it down. You can also use a blow dryer to melt the lay stock. The hot comb works just as well, because you know it's heat you're using heat to melt it, and I just apply some glue to the side. And of course you want to wait for it to dry, clear and then pull that lace down and melt it down. And, like I said this, hairline is looking flawless guys. I really really hate applying my wig when I have a full face of makeup on. I prefer to do it when I have no makeup on. I don't know why I already had a full bead on but yeah. I do not like doing that, but anyways I'm gon na go ahead and hot comb. This hair flatten this wig down - and I believe this is their Cassie wig. So it's like this nice um chestnut brown and it does have a little bit of ombre on the tips, but I really really love this color. So I'm just gon na go in with my little baby toothbrush and I added some mousse to it and I'm gon na tie it down and melt this wig down. So I'm going to leave this on for about 15 minutes and voila. This is how it's looking, but I'm gon na add some more uh hair wax on the top just to flatten it down a bit, because I added um rollers in the wig to give it volume. So it's given a little bit too much volume on the very top. I want it to be more on the flat side, but yeah. This is pretty much how my wig is looking. I really love how it turned out. Personally, I think the tapes look really good because you can't see the grid line, so it gives it a really nice clean part, and you can add a little bit of concealer right at the very um front of the wig. That way it Blends into the tape. But yeah this is pretty much the completed look. I really hope you guys enjoy this video. I hope you learned something from it and I will see you guys in another video very soon. I love you guys and thank you so much for watching bye.

Emoretta Robinson: I have never seen anyone else cut the wig tape in half. And I definitely have never thought to do it myself. I'm here for the ingenuity. I'm also really excited about the wig glue, wig cap and any other items that you'll be releasing with your company. And you, your makeup, hair and outfit all look gorgeous.

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Artliker1234: Their prices suddenly jumped up by nearly double and it was already so expensive.

Sha La La La: Lovely - very nice and you make it so simple.

Graciously Blessed: Thank you, Ms.. Rosh Posh. Great job. May you and your family continue to be blessed . . . and may you all experience a beautifully blessed Church service. ❤️ ✝️

Kay Mac: PERFECTION! Your makeup is beautiful as well!

Skindippedingold: That wig is gorgeous and so is your makeup! The wig looks a little longer than 20 inches which is a plus in my eyes!

Robbie Hilt: Beautiful love you tutorials thank you so much for sharing and please don’t be a stranger

BMediaHQ: Queen of wigs!

Angela Truly: Very pretty

So5histakated: Gorg! I hope the make tutorial is next

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Erika D: Gorgeousssss

isabel ward: could you make a video about how to cut in layers to a wig like nice 90 layers

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