How To: Make A Realistic Part For Wigs With Scar Away

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Needed Items:

1. Scar Away bandage (or offbrand equivalent)

2. Parting comb

3. Small make up brush

4. Powder/Facemakeup that matches your skintone

My Measurements:

Circumference: 21.75 inches

Front Hairline to Nape: 12.5 inches

Ear to Ear Across Forehead: 11 inches

Ear to Ear Over Top: 11.25 inches

Temple to Temple Round Back: 14 inches

Nape of Neck: 5 inches

Neck Length: 4 inches

Forehead Size (Hairline to EyeBrows): 2 inches

Hairline to Chin: 7 inches

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Hi beautiful today I have a really cool video for you, something that I've been doing to my wigs for quite some times, and I really wanted to share this tip with you. You might have heard about it before, but you may not have ever really seen. Someone do it so I wanted to go ahead and demonstrate that for you here today on the video, so the trick that I'm showing you today is to be able to get you a more realistic parting space on your wigs. If you've ever had a wig that has a very dense part as long as it has a monofilament, you know, or a lace at least parting space. This will work. What it does is it uses something called scar away, scar away for not familiar with. It is a flesh, toned, thicker, very, very sticky, bandage that I believe is meant to help your scars heal. I'Ve never actually used it for its intended purpose. I'Ve only used it for wigs, but it works fantastic. So let me show you the wig then be working on today, which is the one I'm wearing. This is on point by Raquel Welch and the color copper mahogany. I do have a review of this wig up, so if you want to see that make sure to check out my channel, so you can see everything about this particular wig. But one of my things that I'm not so thrilled with with this wig is the part it does have the center part here. But specifically, it's a very dense part, so you don't really see much scalp there and I have on a wig cap under here. So beautiful lace front, very dense part how I'm gon na get around. That is I'm going to put the scar way tape on for you I'll make sure I also put it before and after up here. For you, sorry, I have hair in my lipstick I'll make sure to put it before in fix before and after picture up here for you, so you guys can see just what it looks like and let's get started so before we start. I do want to mention a couple of tools that you're going to need. First thing is obvious: you need scar away, you don't have to get the actual brand scar away. They do have. You know CVS, Walgreens ecords, if those are still around brand of scar away. Doesn'T have to be a brand name. Other thing you're going to need is a pair of scissors, a comb, preferably one that has something to help you with your party, a very angled, I'm holding a bazillion things, sorry guys a very angled and thin makeup brush and then you're going to need some of Your powder for your face, whatever matches your particular skin, okay first thing, you're going to want to do, is you're going to want to turn your wig completely inside out, so you can see where your parting space is. So this is mine. It'S not like. I said it's not a very wide parting space, it is a center part and then you're going to want to open up your scar away stuffing things in my pockets. I don't have a table anymore and now you're gon na want to figure out where you want. Your scar, we tape to line up now, scar away. You don't want to put all the way at the front, because this is a lace front. You'Re all ready, that's a little bit sparser to create more of a better like natural hair line. So you don't necessarily need scar away right up here at the lace front, I like to start where the lace ends. It doesn't quite end, but you know what I mean where the parting space starts and the lace front ends. So I'm gon na be probably probably trying to put it right about in this area. Here it does leave a little bit right here at the top. That does not have any scar away, not a big deal to me. If it really bothered you, you could trim it down and add your pieces to it. Let'S get started so, like I mentioned scar away, is incredibly sticky. It does come with this shiny side, that's your sticky side and then this not shiny side. That is your flesh side. They are both the same color on both sides. One, it's just sticky. One side is not alright, so you're gon na pull off and it's it's very thick, so be very careful to get to the end. So does it curl up on you just keep pulling until that comes off, and then I prefer to leave that just so that I have somewhere to grip, and I'm gon na do my best to show this to you. This way, all right, I'm going to lay where I want it, ooh goodness hold on. We don't want this sticking to me all right. We'Re gon na try this other way. It'S much easier, we're not trying to film it for somebody. I'M gon na go ahead and line it up where I want it to go, which is about right there and I'm going to start pressing it down. This is very sticky stuff. It'S not going to go anywhere. I'Ve done this on every single one of my monofilament parting space. Wigs. I just think it shows a mutt creates a much more natural looking part even after washing it. So far they haven't gone anywhere. So all right now I've pulled the rest of it off. I'M just gon na lay the rest of it on there instigate just like a band-aid, it's really not difficult at all, just make sure it's really good and on there, and once it's on this is nice and soft. It'S not going to cause any issues whatsoever and you're good. So now that I have done that, let me show you what the face looks like okay, so now that I have it on. I really hope that comes through for you guys, but that is the scalp area. Now you can see that it does have a little bit more of a flesh color, underneath you can take it a step further, though you can take it a step further, though, and you can add just a little bit of your own makeup to the parting space. So pull your hair back and then just get a little bit of your makeup on the into your brush and you're, going to just start filling in the part with it. I want to mention that I'm not I'm not brushing with this. I am taking it and I'm putting it and I'm just kind of wiggling it just a little bit just to get it down under there. I'M not actually brushing my part. That'S gon na take all the powder away so just a little bit dip and put it in there. Okay, so that's it so now you can definitely see that there is a part you can keep going back. If you want, I probably won't, or at least I'll take it off. If I do you just put it all the way back as far as you want your part to go, you will have to reapply your powder every so often, but that scar away is there and again it just really helps to put that skin tone up against It and that's going to help you to have a little bit more of a natural part. So if you would like to see more tip videos like this, some wig reviews, if you our first time here, please make sure to click that subscribe button as well. There is that Bell icon, if you'd like to be notified every time that I post new video alright until next time, thanks so much for hanging out with me today, bye, bye, beautiful

Malinda Smith: Just a tip for those of us on a tight budget, you can get a very long roll of this silicone medical tape on eBay for $10! I use it and it’s just as good!

C Brackett: You're a Genius!! Thank you for all the helpful information on making hair pieces look even more realistic. Please know that you are helping so many women feel pretty again after hair loss. GOD BLESS YOU!

Sherilane OZ.: Hi Trista, I think your tips and reviews are the best. I have already learned a lot from you. I have the same patterned hair loss as you. Thank you so much for all the info.

Jenna Wolf: Love your videos. You’re amazing ❤️. Thank you for helping us in our wig journey

Coast Daze: I've also used the skin colored first aid tape that I purchased from the 99 Cent Store. It comes in a roll, like regular scotch tape. I've had it on my Jon Renau mono topper and it has stayed in place for several washings! Not an edge has come loose. And it looks great by giving the part a much more realistic look.

Kathy Kilduff: Thanks so much for the demonstration! I was aware of the product and usage, but never the actual visual from that point of view. Also the best close up of how to use the powder on the part line. Thank you very much! Your tutorials and reviews are the best.

Christy A: Great video! Have you ever tried plucking the part? I really don't know how to do it, but I've seen videos where other girls have plucked the part to widen it, and it looks so much more natural. I'm thinking if you pluck it, and use the Scar Away it would really be incredible.

Mary M: Wow, great tip! I've been wondering how those strips work, glad I found your channel. Much easier than trying to line up the mono part with your own part, which never looks realistic to me. I also saw someone who sewed a piece of silk fabric to the underside of the mono part which looks realistic but I think this method is easier. :)

C J: You are so real! Thank you for all the information in your videos, you really help a lot of people :)

Ashley Batchelor: Love your videos. Thank you for all your tips.

Beautiebymark: You did an awesome job. Great video!

brendaj helps: Very nice ! Thank you for your wonderful tips

allykatt1849: Great video, Trista! Thank you!

Denise Sheets: This was great! Thank you! I have used off brands but may try the scar away because it looks like it will stick better.

Becky C.: I’ve never used Scar Away and haven’t been pleased with the tape I’ve been using. When I heard you mention that you saw tape stay on even after washing your wigs I knew I had to order it!

Bumble Bee: It looks great! What a good idea. Thanks! I wonder, does the scartape come off after you wash the wig? Or does it stay put?

E. Castlerock: Thank you for the great video! I had heard of using powder, but not the Scar Away. I'm trying this, for sure.

Sally Anon: Great advice!

Ky Hi: That really made a difference, good creation!

Joan Koss: Thank you for this tip!!!

midnightblackroses: Thank you for this vid :). I really appreciate tip videos

Deborah Scoza: Hi Trista, I bought the Jon Renau Smart Top and don’t like how you can see the dark knot’s in the lace front. I want to work my own hairline into it but I know you can’t do that with lace fronts. Will this technique cover the dark knot’s?

DeDe Millikan: Great! On point looks great on you too!

Frances Lock: That’s a great tip.

Patty T.: Great tip!!

Miriam M.Stone: Thank you. That dose make the part look more natural.

Pauline Maxwell: Love your channel.

Zoila Negro: Hi Trista you give me a wonderful information I was looking for this video thanks so much. do you know how to removes hair?? my human hair topper has to much hair i hardly see the lace even with the scar away on I think it needs to have less hair on top.

Heather Roth: Ok so I have a lace front, but it's black lace. My scar tape is light/nude. How do I do a black lace front part?

Lucas Robledo: so beautiful girl. Ty.

Bonnie Pariseau: Thank you!!

10TOES: Wow! Yeah looks much better, is the powder makeup finishing powder? I like the length on you if you wear an average/petite, isn’t RW wigs big on you?

Cindy Harper: Can the scar tape be removed without damaging the lace?

Judy Crisenbery: Looks real

Itsalwaysme: Can you take it off to change the part or does it pull some of the hair off

Dawn Chiaravalli: I'm sorry but it hardly makes a difference.

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