It'S Giving Natural! How To Get The Perfect Kinky Curly Wig! Sterly Hair | Alwaysameera

SO NATURAL! How To Get The Perfect Kinky Curly Wig! STERLY HAIR | ALWAYSAMEERA

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00:00 intro


02:56 how I prep my base (no baldcap method)

04:15 how to tint the lace

06:13 How to flatten the hairline

08:58 how to cut the lace your lace frontal

09:54 how to apply a lace frontal wig

12:39 CUTTING AND LAYING BABY HAIRS and plucking hairline

18:15 cutting and layer a KINKY curly closure wig

19:12 defining the curls on the KINKY curly wig

24:26 the finished KINKY curly wig

27:05 20% coupon code








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It'S giving like, whose hair is that castor oil sulfur eight like? Would you use things hi, ladies and gentlemen, and everybody in between? I am back with somebody else's hair and guess what it is. Wine and wigs day, clink clink clink clink clink y'all being fake down from my head to my toes, like there ain't nothing in here. It'S an empty cup girl just dry, but there was some tequila in here: okay, Mott's apple juice: it's not mods, but I just like to call it mods, it's organic with a little um Casa. Okay, that's what I'm drinking y'all tell me what you're drinking down below before we get into this wig. I want to check on y'all how y'all doing are you doing great? Obviously, I'm doing fantastic because look, listen, friend, look, listen, Linda, Linda, listen! It'S giving like, whose hair is that castor oil sulfur eight like would you use? Oh my God, y'all know how I feel about kinky, curly, wigs and, if you're here, you feel the same way before we get into this wig or this new hair of mine. Okay, my natural hair I'ma ask y'all to hit subscribe and the post notification Bell just so you can see every single time I post, because I'm coming to you every single week with brand new, wigs brand new entertainment, okay, okay, let's go ahead and get into this Hair, I am but look at it, y'all see that you see it, and I want to say thank you to Sterly hair for providing this week to me and sponsoring this video, because this week on my head is absolutely stunning. This wig on my head is a 13 by 6 HD lace, frontal kinky, curly wig. It is 22 inches, long and 210 density. When you pop the hood on this wig, you can see that this wig comes with four Combs and adjustable straps in the back, and once I pulled the wig out of the box, you could see that it comes in this Kinky Curly sort of texture, but it's More of a machine curl not exactly this curl that you see in front of you did not come with pre-bleached knots and the hairline is pre-pluffed, but like moderately there's a lot of hair on this thing so girl you got ta get in where you fit in. Okay, the hairline was giving very much 210 density, so I had to do a little bit to customize this wig to my liking, not too much the we didn't have to do too much, so let's go ahead and get into this wig customization and review. So if you want to see everything I did to make this wig look like this. Please keep on watching and I'll be back at the very end, with my final thoughts and a coupon code: okay, y'all: let's go ahead and get started with the base, but first, let's start with the sympathy, because I took a little bit of CBD and I have Caffeine in my system - so I don't know where this is gon na - go we're gon na start with our base. This is what my base looks like. I always do two braids. I have very fine hair, so it works for me and we're just gon na pop on a wig grip and a wig cap. That'S going to be the base, we don't do the ball cap method over here I say this: every single video I sound like a broken record or a skipping CD. Let'S make that a little bit more current, just gon na pop on a wig cap as well. Right on top of this okay, now, let's go ahead and try on the wig. So with this wig I've already bleached the knots and we've already washed the wig. So this is what it looks like after it's been washed. Look at what it looks like I'm trying to see if this lace will blend and no ma'am, it's not gon na blend. We'Re gon na have to tint this lace, but this is what the knots look like after they've been bleached. I bleached them for about. I want to say, like 35 minutes, maybe not too long, but it's cute right. It'S giving side part. I think they already gave me a side part, but do they give you a middle part like what type of part do we have? Let'S not worry about the part because, as y'all can see, I don't know what girl this lace is not gon na blend into my skin tone. It'S just not and I'm not willing to risk it. You know what I'm saying: we're going to use some lace scent to tint this lace, because the lace is way too light. As you can see like it's, not it's, not it's not gon na fit my skin tone not gon na. Do it I'm gon na go ahead and use my Flawless Illusion by Kellen Derek lace, tint spray in the color, medium brown y'all know I love this lace tint. It doesn't have the best uh customer service, shipping reviews and all that type of stuff, but the actual product is amazing. So it's giving very much wedding veil girl, you buy this wig and go get married. Let me take this off. Okay. I would like to tip my lace is very simple: we just spray inside the cap, so I just spray it inside the cap, but I prefer to use lace tint over um makeup, because makeup adds texture, whereas lace tint adds color without any texture. Does that make sense? Oh, I don't feel like. I sound condescending, that's not what I'm trying okay, so I spray a whole lot on there. I probably shouldn't have sprayed that much, but the reason why I spray a lot is because I can evenly distribute it and I really wanted to get to soak all the way through this lace. So next I'm going to go ahead and take my brush. I always use the same brush and I just blend it in, but y'all see what it looks like now. Oh, that's a lot of color and I also get on the front side, and I just I kind of blended into the hairline as well, because I really want that color to set in so I like to use my Dyson blow dryer with diffuser to set in The color, so I would blow dry it on warm and high to bake that color in and then we can just go ahead and apply the wig. It'S really quick and simple. Okay, so I think this is mostly dry. I mean it's hard to get it completely dry, but it's mostly dry and it's baked in. So let's go ahead and plot back on the wig. Let me show you all the difference like look at the before and after I flattened my hairlines to make my hairline more natural in the front, I'm not trying to straighten the roots, I'm just trying to flatten it. It comes with a middle part, so I think we're gon na do a middle part today. What do y'all think yeah, yeah? Okay, so let's go ahead and flatten the hairline I'm gon na. Take my shoes bomb hair wax stick now. This is a little push pop wax stick. I told y'all like she's pretty good, but I want to get that Cara Care wax. Stick. I wonder if that one's better? Oh, I need to order some bleach. I forgot okay, so we're just gon na put wax all over this hairline and we're just gon na flatten it. So I pull my wig back over the wig grip of the wig cap because I'm not trying to burn my burn, my forehead and I'm going to take my red by KISS hot comb and we're just gon na flatten it. I have. It turned all the way up high, so we got ta be careful. What side do I want to start on this side? Okay, girl, thank God. They just changed out the fire alarms today, because turn this to the side, flatten it and yes, okay, whoops, wait! Let me take a beat, I thought I was crawling in my ear and it was just a lace tickling, my hair, relax, okay friend. I need to get it together. Okay, so keep flattening it. The back of this hat comb and flatten it like this, the hairlines still look pretty thick. It really could take a nice plucking but girl and I feel like they look good like do. We need a Plucky. Yes. Am I gon na? Do it now? Can y'all tell the difference, I'm sure you can but like not really, but once I get into brass Texas - and I know okay y'all, so the hairline is flat now she's still looking a little bit thickens, but we all worry about that later because once we do The baby hairs, I think it ends up working itself out, so why am I making? It seem like it's such a big thing. I'M just gon na apply the weed. No first, we need to cut the lace - oh my God, so I'm just gon na go ahead and cook this hair bag right. Okay, so I'm just gon na cut the legs, I'm just gon na chop. It off! Keep it simple! When I'm cutting your lace, I like to do the zigzag motion, I used to start in the middle. Maybe it's because I could see better because I really can't see right now, but that's okay, that's okay! Using as much of a zigzag motion as possible and leave them about like was it a centimeter, I don't even know the measurements, but leaving a little bit of lace. Next, all we have to do is apply the lace now. This is where it gets a little rough for me now what grinded up with the part that I never really intend to have, but okay, I mean, I guess I got it all center part good. I was God the product that I like to use to apply. My wig is the even wonder, lace Bond spray I like to use it. Sometimes I do sometimes. I don't think I should try and use the wig dealer lace bonding gel. I think I'm gon na use this today so because the spray sometimes can be a little bit too messy. So maybe this will do it for me. I don't know it has a silicone tip. So what you do is open it up and that can you see Kelsey. I haven't used this in a minute, so I can't remember how much I liked it but hope I like it today. I love this silicone tip, though so I'm just gon na wait till it gets tacky how many layers okay. So we did one layer I feel like we can apply it now. Okay, so I don't y'all know I don't like, for my forehead would be too small. So I think right here is good. Okay, oh that's good! I feel like I like my forehead size. This is the girl we're reading today, okay boom boom, that's good! Oh quick and easy. Okay, so y'all see how it looks now it looks good, so we're gon na use the even lace Bond gel and I may go over - go over top of the lace to melt it as well. I guess we'll see how it works out. Tug test is one babies on continue to do both sides as well just apply it to the forehead. Let it get tacky place the lace down easy, simple, less mess, less stress cause, I know okay, so I've laid down the hairline that took all of like 20 minutes to lay it down, but it's completely down girl tug test. I don't like to do the tug test all the time, but baby this thing, ain't going nowhere. It is stuck. Oh, I don't know okay, so next we're gon na go ahead and do baby ears um. I think I'm gon na put my baby hairs right here. Make sure you have your tweezers handy because baby this hairline is so thick. We could be playing with baby hairs like these okay, so with this baby hair, although I could just lay it down but y'all know, I do not like thick baby hair. So I need to pluck this out because this is like really thick baby hairs for me are not supposed to be that thick, so I'm just gon na pluck out some of these hairs. I wanted to give very much bald spot. You know what I'm saying it looks so much better like this. Okay, I could be going too far now. This is how much hair I plucked out of that little tiny, the little hair okay! So next we're gon na go ahead and lay down the baby hair. So let me separate this hair from here. Okay, I wonder if I should just do it. I'M just gon na plug a little right here. Just a little bit did I make much of a difference. I don't think so girl. I don't know what I'm doing. Okay, I'm just gon na comb, some of this hair up because we're gon na have to comb some of that out once we add the product, so I'm just gon na comb, some of those hairs that I plucked out up and once up there we go. That'S good, I'm gon na go ahead and lay down this baby. Let me cut this baby hair down. I, like them short and sweet, and I'm going to take this wig dealer gel and I'm just going to apply it to this brush and we're just gon na lay down the baby here blow it dry a little bit because I don't want it too wet because It moves around the lace, tint, so y'all see that oh okay, so the baby hair is laid down. I just had to brush it a little bit boom and I usually like to take the leftover product and get this hairline. But what I'm gon na do is go over top of the lace so take the gel. Let me see, let me thin it out a little bit and then I'm just gon na go over top of the lace and the hairline. This is putting a lot on the hairline, but I'm telling you girl this hairline is going to be flat flat. I feel like that. Look good. It has to look good, though, because if you're, not what I'm gon na do and go over top of the rest of the lace - oh not too much, because I'm just trying to melt it a little bit. Hopefully that helps it melt and it looks like it's growing out of my scalp, because I saw a little bit of that white cast on the lace. I don't know if that makes sense, but y'all know what I'm talking about so we're gon na. Do the same thing down here, look at that girl that lace is down. It'S gon na, take a little bit of a baby hair and take a little ear tab, baby, hair and lay it down here. Lay down the baby hairs right here, so yeah, I'm not gon na! Pluck this one because the ear tabs girl, that's so gentle girl. This thing could pop off at any second, and I Got Confidence. Okay, so I'm gon na go ahead and cut this down. Pretty short because I don't like - or maybe it's a little bit too short - I don't know and lay it down. Oh that's a little bit short girl. What was I thinking? I don't think. That'S fine, maybe cut that down. Oh that's good! I think it's really really small y'all know how like tiny baby hair is because the big ones just make me look exhausted. That makes no sense at all, but that's how I feel so we're gon na do the same thing on the other side, just really really natural, simple baby hairs and we're gon na do clean up with some Q-tips and melt the hairline down before we do style. This actual hair - oh, I am ready okay, so next, we've already laid the hairline down. It looks good. I was able to remove some of the stickiness with my um isolary cleanser. I love using this micellar water to remove any like stickiness on the forehead. Next, all we have to do is do a little bit of trim. Y'All don't get mad at me. I got ta trim this hair a little bit do a little bit of a trim and then move singing down. I'M just going to go ahead and just do a quick trim, so I'm going to take the hair down here and just trim off a little bit just like an inch. I just pull it together. I was about to say something, but I want to be inappropriate. Trim this part trim it down like just a little bit because the ends are popping popping to it. If you know what I mean, so I'm just gon na trim it like that there we go so I'm just gon na trim it downwards. I feel like that's good. It feels so much better y'all see that I know y'all see that y'all see that so in order to well next, we need to go ahead and Clump these curls together and get them looking gorgeous beautiful luscious. I'M gon na separate the hair. How am I separate my hair? What am I doing right now? Let'S section this hair away and I wonder how these curls are gon na look because right now, they're, like they don't look like natural curls, but the way to the way to make it look like natural curls is to add a little bit of mousse and baby. We in there like swimwear, you know: okay, I'm gon na clip this hair away and I'm going to use my favorite products. This has never changed uh. These are always going to be my favorite products, my shea moisture, coconut hibiscus fruits with curl mousse and my evolved 572 brush to mousse this hair on down. I am going to take my mousse. This is where it gets messy friend, so I'm gon na take my mousse and apply it to the hair. Oh that's a squeaked! I feel like this hair does better with thicker mousse like um a what's that mousse. I use moose def texture phone. Yes, this is what I like to do. I take my involved 572 brush and I detangle and Clump together the curls, and I want to see what the curls will look like once they get a little bit of moisture in there. We'Ve already washed the hair, but I want to see what it looks like when you get like. You know what I'm saying like a little bit a moisture now. Oh, this hair smells so good. This is different. You see the curls like really change up. They switch up on you, girl, okay, so we're just gon na keep combing it through and make sure I really saturate these ends, because that's how you get the best results. I wish I had a cream base product because I feel like that will really do good on this hair but girl. This will do. I see these curls now they're still like getting Tighter and Tighter, but look completely different from the way the hair looked up here. So I love it what's happening with the lights, so let me keep going. I'M gon na go ahead and use I'm gon na keep going through the hair and getting the curls to like Clump together, and you see the ends are still like, really tiny as well. Oh, this is gon na be cute, I'm excited. I wasn't really sure how this hair would take the mousse, but it seems to be taking on to it very very well. So, let's work through the rest of the hair and then we're gon na dry. It with our diffuser, where is that our Dyson diffuser and then that'll, be it girl? This is actually much quicker than I thought it would be. At least I think I don't know girl. I don't know where my head's been I've been off of the class. Are you Are Young? Thank you, foreign. Thank you, okay y'all! This is the finished. Look! Oh my guat growl. Do you see this hair like look at it? It is absolutely stunning it is Fluffy. It is gorgeous. Look at the hairline like come on. Oh, my God, and this hairline like look, it's melted right into the skin. Now I did do a little bit of plucking after applying the wig, but I didn't have to do a lot, but I just did a little bit of plucking on the side um. Just to space it out a little bit because it was a little bit thick, but look at that hairline like come on. It'S so pretty. Let me show y'all the back. Let me show you how the bag and then we're gon na get into the pros and cons, and all of that. Oh now, let's go ahead and get into the pros and cons, because I've been holding y'all for a minute, and I didn't mean to do that. I know y'all got stuff to do so. We always start with the positive because of a positive girl Pros the hair texture, everything very soft, very fluffy, very thick, very realistic. I, like the lace texture, the lace is like really thin and fine. I also love that The Parting space goes all the way back here, because it's a 13 by 6 lace, frontal love how thick it is, how natural it looks. All of that now cons now for the cons, I would say that I wish the hairline was plucked. A little bit more because I did have to pluck it, it was a little bit thick. I also would prefer that the roots were like a little bit curlier, because it goes straight and then into kinky. So if it was just had a little bit more wave up here, I feel like. I would like that a little bit more. Also, the lace was light. I definitely needed lace tint, maybe I didn't, but I felt like I needed lace scent for it to blend and I wasn't gon na risk it because it was really light, even if the undertone was less like white and more golden. If you know what I mean, but that's it like other than that, I don't think I have any other cons, although I love a good privilege knot. If this these knots were pre-leashed, baby it'd be over and done, I think it's all the pros and cons. Y'All tell me what you think about this wig down below get out of here now, I'm staring at my highlight: I'm getting distracted 80d is on 20 000. CBD, and I'm worn off girl, like I said, tell me what you think about this unit down below. I would love to say thank you to Sterly hair for providing this week to me and sponsoring this video. Now I will leave a link for this unit down below, but I also will leave a coupon code because y'all always gon na get money off when you, when you messing with me, use a coupon code I'll leave it on the screen and I'll leave more details. In the description box below, thank you all so much for watching. I don't think you could even understand how much I truly appreciate you. I appreciate you so so so so so much so much so much, but there ain't nothing in this cup but backwash, I'm. So sorry, y'all look at it. Oh about to spill. My back wash on my lap holy y'all enjoyed this video. I love you all! Thank you so much for watching and I will be back for another wig review. Y'All know I'm here every single week on time. Okay, well sometimes I'm late, but I'm here every week you know I'm gon na be here. I love you all. Thank you. So much for watching and I'll see you in my next video bye. Thank you, foreign

Sterly Hair: I like the fact that the wig comes with a perfect slayer! Looks really natural! glamorous!!!

Treina Payton: You must have been reading my mind. I was just looking for a curly wig and it's the right price...truly loving.

Mary Martin: Always coming with the cuteness!!! Love that wig!

Sandra Sutton: That's pretty hair it's so thick there's probably at least 5 different ways you could style it, nice job miss kinky curly !! ✨ It's the weekend ✨

Ondrina Burgess: Fabulous hair!❤❤❤

Briana Brown: It’s a sign! I literally just watched a video of somebody reviewing this hair and I was like “I’ll wait till Ameera do one”

Nancy Williams: Another slay. Gorgeous girl. I love you in curly wigs❤❤❤

Moon Musings Audio: Hey ya'll! Is there a benefit to leaving a little bit of lace versus cutting the lace all the way to the hairline? Does it blend better when there's a little lace left on? Asking for when I prep my next wig.

Sterly Hair: Thanks for you sharing and hard work!!!!

lneal2800: Lol not the sulfur 8 Castrol oil! you look beautiful i love this look! Lol sis you are hilarious!❤

Moonlesslamb: So cute and full❤❤❤❤

MegaOpulence: Hi Ameera, As always I love your content! This wig is gorgeous on you, but for me the natural color does not work for my skin color, and if I color I have lighten it a that detroys the curl pattern The wig is a great price and beautiful curl texture but I need it in a light brown . Take care.

Desiree: Did you wash and condition the hair first? I just received my 2 wigs that i bought from curlyme and so excited to wear them.

Gail Staton: I can’t stop laughing

Moonlesslamb: So I’m wondering when will they make lace more our skin tone especially knowing mostly women of color wear these type of units

Devin: oh she’s FULL ❤❤

T Hall: Gurlfriend! What wig caps u use? Ur amazon link is for the scissors.

Teedee: cracking up at the lace in your ear

Trust Me I trust God: Who the hair is this company?! Never heard of them I hope that if order it is the same exact way lordt please

KK the only one ! Stephens: heeeeelllllp! The code ain’t workin frieeeend??

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