Budget Wig !! Kouwi Short Blonde Wig From Amazon Beautiful Beachy Waves :))

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Kouwi Heat Resistant Short Blonde Wig:


Trimming Bangs Video:


Silvy Headband Wig by WigShop:


Her measurements: Front- 7-9 in, Crown- 9-10 in, Nape- 11-12 in.

Canvas Wig Head I use:


Wig Head Stand I use:


Thinning Shears:


T pins to secure Your wig to the wig head:


Slouchy Beanie/ Headband:


My measurements are : circumference- 21.75in, front to back- 13 in, hairline to chin- 7.5in.

Colorful Fabric Headbands :


Wig comb I use:


Square Head Band:


Wire headbands I wear:


L'oreal Root Spray:


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If you are experiencing hair loss, please know that you are not alone! Many people have hair loss whether it is from medications, chemo, genetics or certain medical conditions. I personally have 2 autoimmune conditions and a family history of hair thinning in my mom and grandmother. I have

spent a lot of time and money trying to get my hair back. I have come to realize my hair is not coming back anytime soon:( I wish I had discovered wigs MUCH sooner, I am having so much fun! I can wear whatever hair I feel like wearing that day. Please join me on my journey!

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Foreign hi everyone - this is fake, hair Mama thanks for joining me today. I have another Amazon week for you, another budget, wig review. This is a blonde wig from kui k-o-u-w-i and not sure. If I'm Gon na Keep Her, the rooting is pretty dark on her. It'S a number four, so it's really almost a black. She does have some nice waves to her and very soft. So I left the tags on because I'm really not sure this one has another one of those uh natural skin parts, but it actually seems pretty well done. It really does look like hair coming out of your scalp and you could always add a little concealer there to make it look more natural. I guess more of your natural color. Let'S take a look at her cap so well, there is actually a small velvet strip here and then you have some Rose lace fabric where the uh natural skin part is, and you have some wefting on the sides. It does have some Combs one comb here and one comb here: two, if you do have natural hair to help secure it and actually do have some soft fabric here for the ear tabs. There'S no um no metal in here and there's no hole for your glasses and there is a small velvet strip right here in the nape area and it does have those hook Adjusters, and these are not as secure. I guess, as the blonde ombre wig, that I had gotten from Amazon, because they're the hook kind of curled back under and so that helps keep it in there. So we're gon na get her situated here with the putting those hooks in once. You figure out what your size is going to be. Then I would recommend sewing those hooks in place, so the wig I'm wearing now is it's actually a hair band Wig by wig shop sold on the Paula Young website, and this is Sylvie and 1426a loving her length and her curls been having a lot of fun With her, so let's try this one on. She did come in a plastic bag and with some netting around her and some tissue paper on the inside - and I thought we were going to have some box hair with uh the bangs. But they seem to be okay, but I haven't tried her on yet so, let's see okay, I put her on too loose, I think not too bad. The bangs would definitely need a trim. I'M going to tighten the cap a little bit more, so I'm 21 and three quarter inch head circumference, and so this is a little bit larger than I'm used to, but I still you know I still have room to move them in further. If I have, if I need to there, that's better well, she's, not bad at all. The bangs seem lighter than the blonde ombre wig, which is a good thing. I'M feeling a weft right there. I don't know. If that's gon na show there we go. She is kind of cute. I think you just need to make sure you have dark eyebrows to match the rooting or close to the rooting. I love the length on her. I love these um beachy waves. It has good movement, she is lighter than the blonde ombre wig here's another close-up of her hairline. Well, I think I might be keeping her very cute. I think if you were going to pull her back, you'd have to be careful. The edge of the cap is right here. The one thing we didn't do with her is shaker, so I think I will be keeping this one and it does not really. She might have a tiny bit of permatease. It doesn't feel like there's a whole heck of a lot here, but we'll see if we can kind of wake up those fibers a little bit of shredding, not bad at all foreign. Okay, let's give this another. Try, oh see. One of my hooks came unhooked does not take much so that definitely gave her some more fullness. Wow she's really cute. I'M gon na trim her bangs. I can leave a link down below to other trim, bang trims that I've done, but I don't want to bore you with that today, so I will show you the results. Okay, definitely an improvement. They may need to be a little bit shorter, but first I want to thin the bangs and I'll show you how I do that the blonde ombre wig. I think I need to thin those bangs as well. What I'm binding is as I'm wearing her. As you know, I don't have any eyebrows, so I have maybe three hairs in each eyebrow, and so what I find is just the friction of the bangs. You know moving back and forth they're rubbing off my eyebrows, basically or just smudging them, and it just looks like a big mess by the end of my shift at work or at the end of the day, whatever. So not the look I'm going for, but I'm hoping that by thinning them it'll, you know, reduce the density right there at the brow line and reduce that problem. Okay, so we have her on the wig head and I am going to just take like the top layer of the bangs and pin those back so just like, with thinning other wigs, your keeping a layer to add back over the area that you've thinned so we're Just going to clip that back up slippery hair, okay, so first I'm just gon na thin from about an inch from the hairline and it down that way. So, if you've seen me do it with the curly wigs, you can see that with the straight hair. So much easier, we have some stragglers here that didn't come out actually see some hairs that I didn't trim when I was cutting them. Okay - and I think I may just trim the ends here - just to get those thinned out so just gon na go maybe about an inch from the bottom of the bangs just to taper them a little bit and again. This is going to be like wearing it around the house, making sure everything is the way I want it before I wear it out. I'M not worried about it, not fussing in with it the whole time. Okay, let's try your eye. Okay, so that hook came undone again, so definitely gon na have to solve that issue before you don't want that hanging down, oh yeah, so much better. I definitely gon na do this with the um little hairs, the blonde ombre wig and I may still need to shorten these bangs a little bit. So I do like I mean I, like the cover my forehead, my wrinkles, but um. I do want some of my eyebrows showing a little bit more nice, so I think I paid like just under 19 for this one, because there was a digital coupon at the time, so really great price and um for really a nice looking wig, it's lightweight that Made a big difference, so, let's see if we can maybe pull her back, I did notice that you know the edge of the wig is right there. So you don't want to want to leave this hair here. If you are pulling her back, wasn't sure about the dark roots, but they're growing on me, foreign could easily pull her back a bit, make sure there's no web showing I'm not sure. If there is there, I don't think so, and you could always do a headband. This is a square headband. I have like three of them. I think some colors they have different colors different styles, some with bling, some just plain like this one very nice so for I think 18.99 is what I paid for this one, but the coupon can't beat it. You really can't it has good movement. So, just a little bit of tweaking remember so those little hook things in the back, because it's no matter what I was doing today they were coming undone, but that's an easy fix. You just got ta tack them back there. I want to thank you for joining me today. I hope that this has been helpful for you. I know a lot of you are looking for Budget wigs and lower price wigs, especially nowadays um. It'S very helpful if you can buy a wig at this price versus you know. 100. 200. However much taller you spend on wigs, but - and you know the the lens - the life of a wig is not that long. Really so the less you can pay for a wig than the better off you'll. Be thanks for joining me today. Please, let me know if you've tried this wig. If you have any other suggestions on tweaking your Amazon wigs, they are getting better. You got to be careful, but they are getting better. Please like and share this video And subscribe. If you haven't already done so - and we will see you the next time, bye foreign

Generic Jane: I'm not crazy about long dark roots in general, but this one looks surprisingly good on you.

Jean Jacobs: Greetings Brenda! She looks really good on you! Love and blessings ♥️

Cookie D49: It’s heat friendly!! I have that one!! Like it and for $10–15 can’t beat it!!☺️

kansascitian2009: Very cute!

Michelle Diekman: Very pretty on you ❤

Dixie Seymour: Surprisingly cute, Brenda, I think u should keep her.

Clara: She's actually very cute

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