Asmr Wig Tips & Tricks (Soft Spoken)

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A Mexican magician tells the audience he's going to disappear on the count of 3. "Uno, dos..." and then POOF! He disappeared without a tres.

Well, hello, hello, hello, my little croissants tonight, I'm coming at you from my closet, I'm doing a little impromptu video! I'M going to be talking about wigs, going to be telling you all my tips, my tricks. Basically, I've been sort of a guinea pig and I'm gon na tell you all the things that that don't have worked for me before I begin telling you secrets I want to let you know, I am no professional, so take my advice with one. So, let's get to it to begin I've learned everything I know about wigs hair extensions. What have you from YouTube? So if you ever have a question, you honestly can't find the answer. But let's start at the base start with. The first thing you need to do is to either like mold your hair down or braid it. You want to get your base as flat as possible so that, when you put your wig on Fly Away, lumps lumps bumps bumps nothing like kind of look like the missing number of Josie and the Pussycats today loving the top this hair. I don't love blonde on me. I try it probably not gon na get more in this color. I do like Reds and colorful things blonde. It either makes me feel sexy, but once you have your hair slick down smooth just you know, tucked under if you have really fine or thin hair, you really can just do like a low, bun and kind of you know. You know make it work, but after that you will need a awake half of sorts at all different kinds here to show you. We have a dark brown sort of nude color and then a mesh cap. The wake up you choose sort of kind of matters pending on the wig you'll be wearing and again the preparation. You do how you set it up. I tend to use this sort of skin Toney color the most. So that's what I would advise you to do as well, and most beauty supply stores sell a range of skin cancer. You should be able to find one that suits you next step is completely optional. You do not have to do it, unlike the Wicca, but I do highly recommend it little velvet band. Sorry. If any of these items look a bit Rusty, crusty Dusty, I do use them a little bit of product on them. This is just a velvet band and it loudly velcross around your cranium. You wear this like a headband, you see this little White Tag here. You want this to be on the outside fabric, here grabs onto your wig and that will not let go. You could probably get into a fight, and your wig would not come off, recommend that I never condone violence. It really is just a testament to good product. This is this is good for, like a banged wig, something that doesn't have a part per se, but let's say you have a little lace front, wig with a nice beautiful part. You can still use this way to work around it, where you can still see your part if you want it, but what I do is I just have this one and it has this section here of lace. You would position it to wherever you want your part and your wig to go still have all the awesome crippiness of the velvet band lose your part really convenient same thing as the attack and you wear it like a headband, and you want the tag to be On the outside, let's talk about the wigs themselves. This is the one that I wore in the Friend helps you pick out a date outfit without the video. I love this just fun. I love a pop of color. This is a lollies front. Wig. Has that deep part from the lace, an ultra realistic look, I am a fiend for a lace front, some lace fronts. I do leaf the edges of my hairline out. It helps it blend better helps it look more natural. I only do that with dark whip with that match. My natural hair color, though or ones that are rooted, and I can kind of flick, my natural hair to the wig hair for a more seamless effect, here's the inside of the wig. If you are curious, the Cap Construction Twigs do come with Combs sorts, not all, but most so you can secure your wig down. This one has one two three cones the most important comb for me. Personally, it's always at the nape of the night drives me Bonkers. When they don't put one at the nape of the neck, some people do not like these Combs. Let'S say you do want to secure your wig, but you don't want to glue it. Take these little bastards. You know I have another solution for you, I'm not sure. If you can tell what these are in this little plastic baggie, but these are just clips that you use on clip-in, hair extensions with a little sewing needle and thread and what you can do. If you don't like the placement of the Combs or there were no combs in your wig, cut them out, and you can sew these bad boys in fairly easy to do. If you have like basic sewing knowledge, you're good to go, you can just clip your wig down that way. Another method of securing your wig got to be Hairspray. This is not regular hairspray. I never encountered any other hairspray that's marketed as that is this strong. It'S the got to be glued blasting, Fray spray screaming cold for hair, and they are not lying this. This is glue. It'S glorified glue, that's just water soluble. The way I use this is. I do use it sometimes on my regular hair. If I left out a little bit of leave out, I will use this to blend my own hair into the fake hair, or, if I can't do my own natural hairline do, is I spray along the perimeter of my hairline? I wait. Let it get a little bit tacky. If you do like eyelashes stripe, Lash the same concept once it's tacky, then you can lay your lace down to your liking. Do whatever you want to do and then you let it set, let it dry! You can speed up the process with a hair dryer, but if you do, please use the cool setting, we don't want any Burns to happen. Let'S say you want a really bold, strong hold on your wig, though more than getting into a fight. Let'S say you want that to stay, even during a tornado, this you will need some lace, tape or glue. If you do decide to go down this route, a tape or glue option, you will need a remover. It'S not gon na come out with just water like the got to be spray, usually it's some kind of oil based remover and these tapes and the glue keep your wig on for several days. I'Ve even seen some that have kept wigs on for multiple weeks. I wanted to show you guys a wig while it's still fresh brand new, I'm not sure. If you can, you can see here. This is the lace comes fully intact when you get it and you cut it to suit your own hairline, it's a soft lace. So it lays flat again this one is still brand new, the tags on it. This is the freetress equal level, up, HD lace, front, wig, shake and go Style, and this is in Kamala in the color that golden brown, the middle part, some waves, some little loose. Curls of the wigs that I purchased, that I wear are synthetic or synthetic human hair blends, two of them they're all and the brands that I like off. The top of my head are freetress our tree poppy, paws charisma. I think there's some called brown sugar that are nice wigs by The Stylist, sometimes Amazon, believe it or not has a good wig or two. I really do take advantage of YouTube a lot because so many women they do wonderful. I'Ve learned everything I know from wig. Youtubers such as muffins is my lover and love kisses 99.. I have a whole list of people I watch. Unfortunately, I am terrible with names content creators who specialize in wits. So if you ever see, one on a site can always look up a review for it before you buy it as far as human hair, wigs, I don't have too much experience way more with the synthetic I use my human hair budget or my extensions, a synthetic Wig look super good, but it's but the ones I have had luck with have been RPG show and the one wig. I actually really really liked. One time I had made for me it was from heraldicius and oh, my God. It was really really expensive. I don't even want to think about it honestly, while the human hair, wigs are nice for longevity, they do look a bit more realistic as well love the synthetics, because, because I'm pre-styled and they're getting more and more realistic day, you just can't beat the price. Besides your usual hairbrush, I recommend getting a teasing comb and a rat tail comb picks on the end here. These are really useful. Gooping out hair, making parts teasing side great getting volume in your hair blending your hairline, if it need be and go or direct on your part, press it press it down. You take a little bit to be spray. It'Ll stay in place all night long. A big concern when it comes to synthetic hair shine and if you're unfamiliar with the wigs hair you may be thinking, isn't shiny, hair, good and yes to an extent, still wanted to look realistic and the way to fix a shiny synthetic Wick. Is your dry shampoo? This will take any like Party City looking wig and amp. It up make it look 10 times better. All you do, is you spray all over your Wick? This works best for blondes, lighter colors away with the Reds fashion colors. I would use this one if you have like a brown wig brunette black hair. They also make a brunette version, and I would use that on those use this one as well. You would just want to make sure to really brush it out. Doesn'T leave a white cast? This is my preferred way to get the shine out of wigs, but I've also heard of people using cornstarch, which I don't know. I don't know and also baby powder, which I have done in a pinch, and it works just about, though you've got your wig on, and you want to make your part really pop as well as blend with your hairline. What I like to do is I take a concealer palette, concealer of choice that is closest to my scalp and forehead, and I go along the line with the concealer to apply the concealer. I use either a flat eyeliner brush or an angled eyeliner brush this small petite thigh perfect for getting into that small hairline and really defining it, and then I would just set it with one of these powders. I use either the Revlon Bowl layering powder or the translucent I blended in the wig, meets my big ass forehead to really get a seamless look. If you're in a pinch - and you don't want to do the concealer, you can do just a regular full coverage powder. Like this one, this one, the Milani, you would do the same thing just blend it in it, nice, nice and defined, and for the final step I like to seal that with a Hairspray. Well guys looks like we've reached the end of this. A s m r, video for my closet. I hope that you all enjoyed it hopefully gave you some tingles, and maybe you learned something I love you all. So so much and I'll see you in the next video bye,

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