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How to Merge 2 Braids Into One | Day 2 Braiding My Florida Nieces Hair


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Day two of my vacation in Florida say hello to the lovely Eva. Now I wanted to jump straight into this video before I say anything else, because I did not want you guys to miss how I parted this video. So I always start these two braids off at the most receded part of the hairline. So I pick a side and I start to curve the part around and I kind of try to part it like almost like the yin yang symbol and I'm gon na place that up there for you guys. So you can see what I'm talking about. So when I'm done with this part, it's going to go from one side to the next and it curves around her head almost like that symbol. And that's because I'm gon na have two braids jump. Um merge into one at the end, and I did not want to miss out on showing you guys how this part is done, because it's really important because it's going from one end like I said I picked the most receded part of the hairline and I start My part there and then I curve it around to the other side of her head, almost like the yin yang symbol. So now we are in Florida, like I told you guys, uh before and in the previous video we're visiting my mother-in-law. She has a house filled with kids and they love to watch my videos so to honor them and their support of my channel, I decided to you know, do hairstyles simple hairstyles for them and so that I can have them on my channel. So they can look at themselves and watch themselves laugh and get together. Now her hair texture is really soft. She has a lot of hair and we're just gon na be doing two simple braids, I'm not using the usual techniques of how I do my two braids, because normally I put way more jam on the hair than this. But her hair really doesn't need it and we really don't need it to be so slick slick down. So I'm just gon na put the jam around the perimeter on both ends and then I'm going to braid her hair down onto the other side. So this is me just kind of combing through you want to make sure you comb through the root of the head, to make sure you get every strand going in the same direction and I'm using my other hand, as I'm combing, to kind of press in and Sleek it down so that they all merge together and go into the direction that I want my braid to be so I Sleek it down and then I stick it up and I kind of make a pathway for my braid trade before I even start braiding. So now that I'm braiding, I am just doing a regular blade braids, I'm not focused on stitching sheet. I was worn by my mother-in-law that Eva is really tender headed. However, I did could not tell at all while doing her hair until I watched back the video - and I was like her face, looks so upset, but she's trying so hard not to like live up to the fact that she is probably the most tender-headed child in The house, so she did a really great job of like not even letting me know that she was in any type of pain at all, but some parts of the video I can kind of see on her face that there was a little discomfort there, but she Did really really well, she didn't like Flinch at all. She listened to my direction she lifted her head when I needed her to. She did absolutely amazing um and just watching back it kind of was a little funny when I saw how upset her face. Looked at certain parts in the video, but she definitely did not live up to being that tender-headed. She did not flin, she did not make a sound and she did really really good. So I am proud of you Eva. When you are you watch this video. You did an amazing job, sweetie and yeah this I'm I'm now on the second break, so I did the first braid and I didn't want to plot it all the way out because, like I said, I merging these braids together - and this is such a cute style At the end, you guys, but I just kind of braided down a little bit, so it wouldn't unravel and now I'm on to the second braid. So this one I did part it in the middle and put some Jam just down the middle of it. Just because it's a bigger or it has more real estate on this side than it did on the other side, so I kind of parted it down the middle and put some Jam there, and then I put some jam on top and then in the front. So now I'm pace it down combing through the root paste them down, so that I can get every hair follicle going in the same direction before I start to braid, and then this um I'm starting to braid now along her hairline - and this is the face. I was talking about um, she does look a little upset, but you know she's, not even flinching or doing anything. I don't break tight hour. I don't pull the hair tightly. So that's not it um. You know if your tender heady it doesn't matter. What they're doing is just going to affect you regardless, but I just thought this, even though it just looks super cute on her face. It'S just funny to me. So I'm just gon na braid along her hairline again, I'm not focused on stitching I'm just trying to make this a clean braid, and you know with this texture. Sometimes it's hard if I didn't put as much Jam to like paste the hair down. So you know sometimes the hair will lift up as you're braiding. But to me I mean it's a child, hair or kids style, so it doesn't need to be perfect, but you know it just needs to last a little bit um. So I you know just gon na braid it down and I'm again I'm pulling out her natural hairline, her natural baby hairs. That would be, you would fall out anyways within a day or so so I'm just gon na pull it out and leave it. And then I'm gon na braid it down so now. The part that I really want to show you guys is coming up, because this is where a lot of people get caught up is when to merge the braids. So now that I've completed the second braid, I'm gon na take the ponytail out of that braid and what I'm gon na do is put one braid on top of the next and I'm gon na line up each leg of each braid. So if the braid was on the side, I put it on the side. If the leg of the braid was in the middle, I put it on the one: that's in the middle, I lined them up on top of each other, and then I just start to braid them all in one. I hope you guys are able to get that because I see a lot of people don't know how to do that, but I just put one braid. On top of the other, I line the legs up of each braid on top of each other, and then I just braided all together in one in the same direction, it was being braided anyways. So that is how you merge two braids into one and then I'm just gon na put a rubber band on the end, and we are practically finished with this. I'M just gon na put some more Jam On Top. I'M gon na comb don't be afraid to comb. The hair into the braid and just kind of slip it under there with the edge of the comb um. This just makes it looks neater and you know if it stays. It looks really good. So I'm just kind of pulling out her natural baby, hair um here and just laying there I'm not gon na paste them down. I'M not gon na do anything I kind of want them to just look natural and wispy, and that is the finished. Look you guys this is Eva her hair, she loves, it turned out great. I really really love this style. I loved how it looked on her. I ended up putting a little clip at the end and yeah. Thank you guys for watching, like I said I'll have another video for you guys tomorrow I have four girls that I did and then I'm gon na uh drop my baby in there as well, because I did her hair while on vacation as well. So look out for that and thank you guys so much for all the support. Thank you for showing me pictures of your kids and doing their hair. I really love it and I'll see you guys next time, bye,

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