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Hi oh come on in. I may help you, okay, your name is Madison. Have you on file here see you are today's three o'clock? Oh three appointment! Excuse me. I don't have my reading glasses, okay, absolutely um. So what may I do for you today? Mm-Hmm clothes makeup. Okay, so I think you would go for a face analysis. Then, in that case, with, along with a uh sorry long day, hey color analysis with a facial exam face examination yeah. I have to do that anyway, when it comes down to color matching coordinating combining different palettes yeah so right. So this typically is about an hour-long session. So we're gon na go everything. Color schemes color wheel, what works for you, what doesn't trying to determine and figure out? Basically what works for you a lot of sound okay. So by looking at you, I can already tell pretty much what range you are well. Well, you're, no deep winter, but pretty much pretty much a winter. Wasn'T that difficult, um, you're kind of um closely resembled to some atoms and some Springs. It just depends but um, I would say definitely not a summer, but you do have um. Can I see? Okay? This is why it's very difficult for me to know right off the bat or in this way, so I see you have black brown hair it. I'Ve seen, I would say, it's um, more Brown than black right black there's, not really such thing as true black yeah, but um. What are these little things bleach blonde money pieces. I'Ve never heard of that. I didn't know that was a thing really part of your natural hair, color schemes so um. Whenever someone does that, it can kind of mess with the color coordination, because the blonde pieces kind of give off that golden hue, that's kind of summery, Sometimes some springy - it just depends what more summery out of me, I would say and um so that can kind Of counter off elements of the color that is trying to be coordinated like matched, but you seem to have a pretty good bleach blonde, so um. This is why I kind of want to pair you, I would say: let me flip through this catalog and see I'm gon na go with the cool winter. I think you are a cool and Brilliant color, specifically cool winter, okay, um and so yeah. I'M just gon na stick with that, because I'm trying to work with your natural cause rather than what you just added on. So you have piercings here that are that herself or you have um two nose: piercings right there: silver, Bangles and jewelry. And what have you not we're not going to work with the jewelry today um? So that's not what you request and since you're already wearing some um, I can do maybe nail polish too. If you'd like makeup and nails to kind of recommend you the right colors. I typically show the nail polish colors anyway, so that people get an overall idea of what I came, and this is what can work it's time to go to the nail salon. Maybe this color can match an eyeshadow blush. You know so sometimes people go as far as color contacts and you know they want to know what works best, which typically color contacts, look better when you're wearing a wig. I'M just saying it won't matter, because when you wear a wig, it's on as long the wig matches your skin tone, it doesn't matter or I guess, the foundation you're wearing yeah. It always looks a bit kooky when someone's a winter trying to look like a summer. Yeah, that's how people get disappointed and they're like, like costumes, they're like why? Don'T I look like they're character? Well, because you don't have the complexion of the characters like you know, um, they don't have the dark, hair, sharp eyes, bold, lip color and yeah yeah exactly well anyway. Let me continue. You do have obviously fair skin. I would say it's close to. Let me see, I wouldn't say very pale beige, but it's like um. I almost want to say Ivory, but it's not really um. Definitely not Rosie beige, not parallel. If I would say yeah between pale, beige and very pale because you are like you - do have like a light, fair skin, what I'd almost called translucent right going, some more Olivier, aren't really you're, not really this you burn easily in the sun. That'S a giveaway that you have your skin, so yeah a lot of springy colored people have um the fairness to their complexion, so um. That'S why I was kind of complicated like if you totally dyed your hair entirely blonde, and you didn't tell me, did obviously I would know you did because platinum blonde hairs, troll of course um. Then I would more probably deem you a springy kind of color. So you know it just depends what you want to do so, did it take several tries to get that platinum, color in those little pieces? Okay, so let me see that means that you could Rock a look like that in the future. If you so choose yeah, some people with the dark hair do not bleach that easily. You are one of the luckier people. So, let's see, okay, your eyes are kinda. It'S like a mix like grainy Brown. It'S like a more, maybe dark, green. Let me see, would you say you're kind of like you're, not charcoal, because the other other Hazel colors don't really match the overall overall, like you have a unique look. This is why I say like your particular look. Is there's no one set category like you're, not really fitting in one category? This is where I'm kind of conflicted here um. No, I did already pick out the SE. Clothes probably match you based on the picture you submitted, but that can be hard to tell um unless you go in person and actually he's up close because sometimes like the camera made your eyes look black, it was very hard for me to guess so yeah I Had to go off base to what you said, an initial phone call, so this is where I'm kind of like so your hair, I would say: maybe it's not like a blue undertone silver, does work on you like when you get older and you have gray hair. If you do go down that route or you just tie it silver would look great okay, um, definitely no Golds or Reds. So I don't see that I would say you're, probably deep Ash, but not like blue black. I don't see the blue. I just see like between deep Ash and brown, salt and pepper silver. No, no, okay! So people with your skin complexion would rock those hair, colors and also the eyes would kind of um, be blue, blue violet, charcoal icy, Hazel or brown. So your eyes would have possible Spokes and Border defining the iris which you you have Hazel, which natural perfume, strong eyes that are like it looks like you actually are wearing color contacts like I almost had to assume you were all right, so the most popular colors With this theme that would work, for you are red, blue, green and, I would say, well-known people that would have a similar complexion to you would be um. Well, I don't know any of these people to be honest, but um Liv, Tyler, Marion, Cotillard, Jennifer, Connelly Lauren. Graham Chang Zee and Kristen Riddler, a couple of them have like kind of familiar faces, but this, but where they are from where they do so, you can also go on If you would like to get your own like Unique, Look, consultation and stuff like that yeah, I would say this is flowing into summer category, which is why it's very hard to determine what you are is the um. Apparently this is like one of the coolest colors of the season, so it's like blurs cold colors, you think winter. You know every time people come in here. I tell them. It'S like this, like like okay, this wouldn't work for you, this specific brightness, but um. More bold, more dark, okay, but you're the cool version of it. So it's like it's not deep winter. Okay, it's it's more cool! So it's like a little bit of um laughs, lighter color than the boldest of bolds, although there are still some pretty bold colors but they're more. I would say, like imagine, matte finish right like not as intense not as pigmented up right, but um the best colors, for you definitely are a cool Hue, a light value and a more leaning inclining to the clear chroma Arena. Vibrant primary colors are a match with totally saturated pigments. Okay, so you definitely want to avoid and stay far away from warm soft and gold. Slash yellowy color like avoid it like the plank, because that would not do questions for me. So, yes, you can interrupt me at any time. You desire um skins, also made Freckle. Okay, okay, you tend to have like too much sun, yeah, exactly um, but again very pale. Beige pale, beige, Rosy, beige, black and pale Olive would be that people have when they are this winter. Equally color. I call it the cool people, because they're just so unique and different. So the word cool matches and fits in with that um. It is the coolest. Our coldest of any season, obviously so, of course it has to have blue undertones, which is why a lot of times the hair would have that. Maybe if you dyed your hair, a different color, you might get that blue coming through, but I'm sure you don't seem like it um so yeah. I ask you now to put your hands up like this write this just like this okay, righty and and see while they're yeah, it's very different. It'S like hmm! You know I have makeup on, do you nice, but that you do not during the session. Okay, good yeah, nothing, no mascara, no eyeliner, nothing! Maybe that's why I'm confused all right. Let me have a closer look then. So I can see the color of clothes yeah. I do see the little pigment and stuff it's like everyone with hazel always has a little like dot in the eye: yeah um, okay, yeah. I think I am proud with my selection, so um yeah as I go about inspecting um each part of your face. Now the color scheme, I'm gon na - put a sticker on your face with the part that I have evaluated okay, so we went over the silver jewelry, the eyes, the skin hair We're Not Gon na color swatch in fabric, like we traditionally do. I just I can't really do that with people who are either like not multiple categories, but I do that more for multiple category people like people who are like spring and summer. Well, some are not a autumn and winter right um. So I don't need to do it if it's straightforward, like I know exactly that person would be. You know, let's say a cool Autumn, or something like that. You know what I'm saying. There'S no reason for me to do a color sampling, because I know what colors would work with that person um. So, in your specific case, since your unique case I would say, I'm just gon na go with the clothes that I've pre-selected determine which colors would work best. So my variety that would work. That'S fine, that's my car, and how does that sound that we went over the initial for the conference conversation and consultation, I'm gon na actually um before I even officially officially get into that iPad? I do want to go over the colors and that would work with you, okay, so um yeah anything like um Brown tan. You want to write this down. Okay, absolutely I pull a whip out. A pen. Go ahead, write this down! So, yes, you, you wrote that down good green in between gold and green, a blush color like a light, pink, the hot, pink Rosie, more anything pinky, that's Goldie, pink or corally, yellowy, gentle colors, okay, all right the ones that would work with you are right and I'Ll email you these printouts as well, Plum color, a carnation which is like hot, pink cherry. It'S yeah uh Mulberry, which is like a plummy red indigo um, a deep Rose, the really bold rose color like a red rose, pink violet, Navy White, Dove gray, which is kind of like again like a silver with a blue undertone Hue charcoal. So this is not brown. This is like an ashy gray that has a brown Hue to it: black royal blue um jungle, green and bottle green, which is more closer to Jungle, green but anyway, uh jungle, green, is kind of like a not a lime green, but a bit darker yeah um. No, not my wall color, I'm darker than my wall color. My wall color would not work, no okay, yeah. So that is everything so I'm gon na flip through these images of this model, nothing you need to see, or no I'm just gon na kind of put it up to your face um if she does kind of have similar characteristics of features. Although she looks like her skin looks like they put a lot of makeup on her face like a olivey foundation, but I'm looking at her neck. Her neck is the color that you have so I'm trying to ignore her face just look at her neck and match with the color analysis, because there's basically images of her with the actual color analysis, cloths um yeah, so I'm gon na just see you and see Her see you see her and I'll. Tell you what looks great okay, so a cool and Brilliant, obviously so a for you a bottle green. So like a darker green yeah. That would look amazing, write that down. Okay. All right, let me continue um. No! No! It'S a warm and warm colors and warm and fresh. Definitely not so. No former fresh is like lime. Green warm is like gold does not look good, uh cool um too much silver, no good on you, too much silver, no good. Okay! So don't overdo the silver part um, but definitely don't wear gold jewelry like yeah. I have to be honest with you, so nothing personal to you like about appearance or anything like this is just like. I know my limits with color like this is why you have a consultation today, so someone can be real with you, rich, no, okay, no cool and delicate. If you want to look like a nurse in Scrubs, be my guest. That'S like someone wearing this um! No! Okay, so you're definitely not delicate, remember, you're, more cool and Brilliant, so brillian is popping in your in your um. Well I guess this can pop, but not just not this. I don't know why this never works for. Okay, all right. It works on me, but not on like a lot of other people, yeah yeah, cool and Brilliant Works. Absolutely so it's like royal blue, maybe blue, right, warm and fresh. That'S like a little darker than this! No! No! No! You need like really dark blue. You need really dark blue, okay, trust me warm and Ridge. I'M just. I need to put my thumb over her face because they over did her makeup, like literally, they need to just stick with her natural skin complexion: um, not warm and Rich cool and delicate. No, so I would not go with like a color lighter than this, like no that's, actually a different color um, it's kind of like baby blue, that's that's too soft and you it just doesn't work. I don't know why it just doesn't work again. Your ear saying this with love a unique case, so this iPad. This is why you were frustrated for so long like. Why does nothing match me in my wardrobe right, like so you're, probably having to buy a whole new wardrobe? Oh, do you mind if I call you Maddie or do you prefer medicine I like to be professional, but I like to make everyone comfortable here. I can call you Maddie. What do you want yeah? Absolutely thank you for staying very still by the way and not being jittery. If you do want a coffee, I can give it to you after this session, we're all ready almost halfway through, so I'm just trying to speed through this part. Okay, all right yeah kind of did this now, rather than those like expensive, color wardrobes, like they're like a hundred bucks, a piece they're super expensive because they're all like Silk and it takes forever like this process - is so much faster like when I could just put The clothes on you and figure out from here so we're working faster than other companies who do color analysis, see here, Okay, so cool and Brilliant. Definitely so I did pick the right one for you. This is like a Royal Purple that she's wearing um warm and fresh, no warm and fresh anything warm and fresh stay stay far away. This is a purple. That'S like um um, the throw up purple like it's like lime, green, but purple right like a bright obnoxious. Yeah, you don't wanna, do that warm it right. A bowl red looks good on every woman, so you know what I'm not surprised like. This is like bold, red, warm and Rich can work for you, but the red, specifically cool and delicate, no delicate, really does not like you for some reason: cool and brilliant yeah. It works again, cool, I'm brilliant. It'S you red, any red, warm and fresh. No, the coral does not work. Could you imagine coral dress and silver, so no, okay, warm and rich. Now I mean this girl looks like she's like an Amish farm like anything, cool and delicate, warm and rich. Just like she looks like straight up like an Amish nurse or something like I don't know something, but I'm like it just does not work, um cool and telling your hand no. No, no, no! No! No! It'S gon na really wash you out too and make you really pale Columbus and yes, like bold, dark blood red that works excellent for you, we're in the fresh. No, that's an icky orange warm and Rich. No, not this red! For some reason, a warm and Rich red does not work for you, cool and delicate red. Yes, always cool and delicate Oracle and Brilliant red, but not cool and delicate other colors red really is like your preferred color. So I would say um think about this one. I don't know if red and silver nails would work. Well, that's a uni color. We can try redis silver, something makeup. Maybe okay, neutrals, the best neutrals for you would be white and a dark, bold, green. Like so dark. It almost looks black yeah, like literally like imagine, Royal Navy or Royal Purple, but green, like royal green, like the darkest Green Forest, dark, green um and wait. But white would look better on you than the green Reds greens. Whites Blues pretty straightforward, but not cool, delicate light; gentle, not warm Edge. Okay, so you can look up more much on your own time. Warm right away. Okay, I remember stay away: golds yellowy Tony softy, colors specific part over alrighty, so the currency. Would you like we're? Still, four months away from Christmas and eight months away from Christmas, that's why time doesn't make sense four months away from Christmas, but we're eight months away. Nothing makes sense anymore, so you want the little like penguin put it next to your eye. You want the yak right, I'm gon na put that over your shirt to say I did the color scheme see. I don't know why I have a forgetful memory, so I need to do this. Would you like this, like bird of this red cardinal, I'm gon na, put that over your neck we match the colors, okay, all right and one more little fox or Kitty with a little alligator and that's to say that we basically did your face exam put that On your forehead, okay, I'll promise I'll take it off unless you want to keep those later okay, so we did. All of that. Let me show you my totally totally fashion color wheel, so I used paint for this one, and then we have a color rail using Color Pencil, so the penciled in is going to be more for your makeup. The painted in is gon na be more or your outfit, because this is more the contras and brightness, so I do want to teach you a little bit, so you learned on your own and tricks of the trade and um. I can make a photocopy of this. After our session is over I'll email it to you prefer I even can do faxing. I know that's so old fashion, but we do everything here and so just so, you get in general idea of um um kind of how the colors work and operate and how they pop page. So so you see here, there's always those three uh colors here I like the neutral colors, there's the black, the charcoal gray, silver and the white, so those obviously are their own separate, and I added those because those work with those are the three that do not Work with the wheel, but work with you right so remember that black white and either charcoal or silver but most times, they're, not the contrast, the popping ones, because you're winter so think white black anything in between is always going to be more risky for you. So, for example, I said that that um um this color in this color kind of like this um icky purple, wouldn't that work for you, what's the opposite of that lime, green! Well, that won't work for you either. So this is where you kind of cancel it out, so I'm gon na put a sticker to help. You do that. I'M gon na put this word sweet over the nut, so sweet, color, foreign, the lime, green Arena, even mint green. These two just butchered color wheel. So just ignore the fact that the mint green is matching this red because I'm in the proper order, I just totally butcher things I'm rich, so we're also going to cover that which I guess it kind of does Point toward the warm and yay over that bread. Um because it's just I'll put it over the um. Well, there's the thing: it's supposed to be like a flat red color, so I'll make this the blueberry color, so this one's more like a neutral red. Rather so that's what I'm going to cover! Oh, I guess the sticker doesn't have color, I'm trying my best my best. I thought, okay. So what else did we say did not work for you? Do you remember, yellow you're good? Were you good at school? Did you get straight A's? Well, I didn't so because you're cool, I'm gon na put a word cool because you're a cool winter, so there you go: yellow yeah. The yay is falling apart, so I'm gon na put another sticker over that one. How about we try a bigger one, so it doesn't fall like this bunny rabbit, rabbit right, so orange, also, no, not cool so right. There farmless! So we have um this pink, which works this red works. This purple works this dark blue works. What'S opposite orange, this kind of tealy color does not work um, but this does work. This is one of the neutral colors. Remember the dark green cover the tail ow, so the only colors that function with you, red, pink purple, blue, green, dark, blue, dark, green, specifically. So very easy to remember so: what's upset red dark, green, it's a dark blue! It'S actually supposed to be in this case. Nothing and that's the rare, unique thing about shoes like the blue is like this is why I had a hard time with this blue trying to like figure out match with you and stuff, like that. The blue is a unique case for you because you're a unique case so opposite purple, well that as well, nothing really opposite pink there. You go dark, green, so yeah, I would say: purple blue, hmm, always considered purple blue to be your kind of risky colors. Your safe bet is the green, the red, the pink and ski is gray. I guess I get one blue to point to the gray, you're cool yeah, so um. This would be a better um pointer to those colors, so yeah purple, usually links with yellow blue, usually links with kind of Orange, but not in this case, like yellow and orange, do not work for you so yeah, so I don't need to keep doing the stickers Because I you've got the point, you remember right, I'm still gon na just put this up to your face, just to make sure that we cover no grounds here, double checking that these colors will work for you and your outfit. So I'm going to turn the color wheel, slowly just to make sure a match here: yeah yeah oranges definitely turned into our credits. Do purples! It'S not! Yes! Yes, light blue, dark, green! Yes, not light green, okay, excellent and white. Yes, perfect! It'S this painted version to see period. I was stay very still need to match. With your eyes turn the wheel. Blue eyes would work, wow and, of course, green, because you're Hazel, let's see her clothes, interesting yeah. In this case, it feels like red shirt would be risky for you, although it did look good on the model for some reason, so yeah um red makeup, Yes, red clothes, risky risky unless you what's opposite of red, like green. If you have green eyes, red shirt that might work but then you're gon na be too Christmassy, so it's gon na look clashy and cheesy, and so it's you it's all about experimentation and lighting and all that good stuff. So right so our final sticker, I'm gon na, put the Llama over you the shirt again in the center to confirm we're done with the color wheel and there we go. So, thank you for patience cooperation, so I'm gon na do also okay, one last kind of color this white fabric here, just as if it would be over your shirt, put it around you up to your neck fabric. I choose specific Ally because it makes the color pop more white does in fact look amazing on you, cool and Brilliant, as always. Take that away, do you have a lot of white shirts in your wardrobe Maddie, Maddie, okay, and I find that this would work with you. So this has all little peephole for your head. So I'm gon na put this through you and we're gon na see how this looks all the way down. Wow stunning, like that's a beautiful color, this pink. Definitely, yes, the um! It'S like a carnationy! Yes, absolutely yeah! That'S a yes for the makeup and the even accessories anything hair. If you dye it pink, hey, maybe not all pink, but it could work but um as far as Skin individuals usually like if they get rock pink hair like that or like a silver pink stripe. Something like that, like, oh, it looks phenomenal or just even like one little stripe of ink. Try it out considerate. Okay, let's take this off. You then finally you're gon na like this, but this one has um the black and and the um. It'S not brown. It'S more like a the ashy kind of charcoal. I was talking about so I'm gon na. What I'm gon na do is put this behind you, because we also have to consider backdrops, like our photo shoots and stuff wow. That works very well with you, and this color also is one of the colors that kind of cooperate with you um. Because of that uniqueness about to see the difference when I put it behind me like um, it might work, but it might not work with me right, because I have a lot of brown to me. So it kind of clashes, but for cifically it um. It works. Yeah yeah, I think, a light background like a pink or white, would wash you out. So if you want always kind of like a bold or darker color to match with the boldness of the winter in you all right, so do consider that for photographs and stuff like that, well now that we're done, I want to show you the makeup Nails get Out the way, and then we're gon na go on the clothes rack. Okay, so these are the two majority top two things you should stay far away from, avoid you're ready to get scared, and this one, let me see - and even when you put makeup, no matter the color and you're putting it on your like hand test it Swatch, It and if you notice, you have to put a lot of product and put effort into it to make it pop yeah, it's probably not for you. You see that look, how close it's to my skin tone and it's still a dark color, but it's like it's. So natural, like earthy, tone golden hue, you see that yeah, I'm gon na put it up to your face now: yeah, no, no, okay, no all right yeah. So this is where I emphasize know your limits, because everything works and when they scream at you to pick a color in the salon, avoid those colors Goldy earthy yellowy, I'm gon na Swatch it on the piece of paper. So you can see the color is called urbanized Circle. Color you're gon na see exactly why it's like literally mustard ick yeah, don't bother with those tones, so the ones that will work with you in a safe bet is black, of course. So here is the black eyeliner eyeliner. You want to try some okay stay very still, someone. You know - and this is the appropriate part where I can start applying the lineup, but I'm not gon na I'm gon na put one eye like this color and then the other eye, another color, because I still have yet to get to another color. I want to show you that can work I'll put them at you, so this is called heavy metal it's by Beauty evolved. This is by the Color Workshop, and this is just this eye pencil, but this is a um violet. You see how off this is too. Look how it doesn't matter these two match together, and these two would work great with silver. You see it's like it. Doesn'T it doesn't look right over the other eye. Very still thing. Thank you. Patience cooperate, nature and I can even tell by people's personalities like you're, very kind and gentle and loving and stuff like that. So that's kind of people are typically the Winters can be okay. Well, here's the thing Winters can be bold, assertive too, but not aggressive. I always find, like the summers are more aggressive. Even the autumns Springs are very soft, but don't underestimate them, but I think the best kind of people are the winters, okay, so um, then we have here it's nail polish. So so here is the show. You again Force the green, oh, it's all dry, hmm, so I might not be able to show you proper well. I use this as so many people's samples. So, no wonder, then we have this plum, unfortunately unusable it's kind of a mix of like a deep Rose carnation all right, and then this Royal slash navy, blue. Those are the four that would work best with you, so blue purple, the pink, the green okay. Not this one, okay see flip it over. Look at you, yeah yeah, a little makeup, purple, makeup, pink makeup! You might want to stay away from Green makeup, especially if it's too much like the aqua green, like blue, green cut it out. The other colors do work with the clothes, though so yeah, that's a good thing, you're in luck and then, of course we can, you know, match those colors with like. Let'S say the paper background and see looking for a little black brown black excuse me: um purple green Works, pink blue, not so much gloss blue and that work, purple, pink and maybe green would work a little white. Obviously, all the colors will work because it's white foreign palette works with everything right right that Okay, so the final portion of this exam, here's a white handbag, the only time I make an exception for people who, like gold or rose gold colors, I think, rose gold. Would work better for you and straight up gold, but sometimes you have no option because a lot of times this verses do include gold signatures in there. You might want to add like an extra keychain or something that's bold, primer color, you kind of find the eyes away from the gold, but it's always a risque color that you can accentuate your look with that. One again, Swatch your hand, look at the back packable and, of course, gold would work on the back. But how does it work on yourself? So look in the mirror that match shoes coordinate this color skirt right, like you want to work with everything. So I'm going to just put this next to you and see you go it works it works. So if you'd like you, can try something like this definitely um all right, um green would probably work less with the white honestly green and white. Just sometimes just rarely doesn't work out unless it's like really dark yeah, so here's another bag. So this has the black and the charcoaly. Look, it's kind of looks it's like a gray brown silver. That'S the charcoal! I'M talking about great and Winters love. It'S like animal prints like this fake animal prints; okay, it just works best with Winters for some reason like yeah. Let me put it up to you. So if you wear something this dark, try not to wear all dark clothing. You need to because you're a cool winter you're, not a deep winter, deep Winters, they can always wear all dark all day every day they have to avoid the you know, the brain, brilliant colors you, on the other hand, um if you have like really dark. Let'S say green eyeshadow make other parts of you brainer. Okay, coordination, contrast right, Okay, so purse, like the rest of you, lighter light purse, make the rest of you darker. Okay, all right! So here is just a few shirts. I'M not saying you have to wear this or buy this from us, but these are just some sample sets of close resemblances black silver purple: okay, dark purple, so a simple tea, howdy sweatshirt. Anything like this with designs, bold designs, anything like this works wonders. I'M gon na put it up to you. No I'm not gon na. Ask you to wear it. I'M just gon na literally put it up to you right. I know it smells like nail polish for polluting the air, obviously in Black so like this is even a throw on. So here's a little tip blur does not match or coordinate that day and you're in a hurry, just throw something over black like this works. Every time so, thank you. It'S like you just ate up the look like this is meant for you honestly, and look how nice the little tag even is like white and pink same coincidentally. Colors can work with this white pink, underneath black would look phenomenal, like even the shirt I just showed you put it black. You won't even see it right exactly so. What works? I'M glad you're enjoying your time Maddie we're almost over, though here we have an icy, pink and a um Dove Gray, but it also looks kind of like a light plum. This is one of those like you can take risks. It works. Okay, it works totally totally works. You can already see which works which doesn't blue doesn't red. Doesn'T you get me yeah you see. A dark blue would work not a light blue yeah, not a green um. No again, look at the color wheel. Green is not opposite. Purple so it wouldn't work. No so you're gon na have to experiment with that for some time you know until you get used to think of it. So here is a horse scarf for you, yeah yeah, it's on your purple, eyeliner the nominal purple and silver. Remember I said in the color works: wonderful, marvelous, wow! Well glad we made this work, then I have one more to show you similar to that brown black background. This is a skirt so see for yourself, I'm just gon na put it over your neck. For now. Right here, kind of like the scarf just to show you yes, honestly, I scarfed this color would work wonders for you as well look great with some black eyeliner Okay. So there you go even white eyeliner Island darker other parts, so either darker lipstick, yeah wow an hour has went by. We are out of time, so I could color coordinate this game all day with you. You feel free to look in the mirror and try out different Fabrics, nail colors bags, shirts, look at the wheel. Look in the mirror. Look at yourself! Take pictures. Try flash lighting, try different lights? Okay, I'll give you a few minutes to do that before you officially leave from here, but um. If you would like also something to purchase from us. Do let me know - and I can assist you with that today - my name is Tony. It was nice to help you and meet you today, Maddie and I hope exactly what you're looking for. So you are officially diagnosed with cool um cool Brilliance, specifically cool winter, so there you go all right. I am happy to help you today and I'll email you that final receipt of doing once we are totally done here and you give me a couple days to give you a complete analysis and a reminder of everything that I've mentioned here today and study charts. All that stuff, so you see what what will work for you in the future for reference alrighty wish you the best on your future purchases. Color matches take care now, all right.

Tony Bomboni ASMR: This is a custom vid by Maddie! To book ur own, links below! Book a Healing, Tarot Reading, or Custom ASMR: Patreon, Cameo: My ASMR Albums:

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