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Guys to the channel so today I'm going to be letting guys know my current favorites. Actually I might just title in my winter favorites, but this video is sponsored by Beauty, forever hair and that's kind of an own household name when it comes to different hair companies. So they did sent over this way that I'm wearing who's 13 by 4 body wave wig and it was 150 density. So this week took about I'd, say 2 or 3 days to get to me via DHL. It did not take long at all and I did do a video actually styling well sort of styling and installing the wig. So I will put that in the description for the people interested. But yes, they did send this wick over and I really like it. The way that I styled it, it's cute, I got you know little curls in them, but I don't like like how it looks because it's not sitting right on my head cause, like I told y'all in previous videos. My hair is not braided but that's a whole nother story, but this is about that company so definitely check out them in the description. This link will be in there and this wig is 20 inches, but it's falling about 22 on me and that's even curled. So if it was straightened, it would fall a little longer and here a short girl. My current favorites is not much just a couple things. I just wanted to do this video because I wanted to do a couple of months ago, but I didn't so. You ought to start to know what I like, I guess, and what I kinda use literally everyday. Well, almost every day, some of the stuff. The first thing that is my current favorite right now is these melatonin gum. They are by nature's bounty. They are on like a medicine line or vitamin line, I'm not sure, but it's called gorgeous sleep gummies. I got this at Target and this was kind of on a whim. I don't know about you guys, but I'd be like fighting my sleep or just my mind, be racing every night. My anxiety is bad at night, so I kind of overthink literally every single thing, and I don't like it so I decided to buy these, and these were probably like $ 7.99. I can't remember they weren't a lot at all, but they have melatonin and collagen in it and it promotes relaxation and sleep, that's what it says. So I take two of these you're not supposed to take these every day and it's a certain amount. You can't have like in a 24-hour period, but I did use these on the flight when I got on my flight and they just honestly. It'S like these are like a better job, but the original makes me really drowsy home, so it just helps you kind of get into that sleepy mode if you're not, and you just kind of need some help and they taste like berries guys what the flavour is. I'M just gon na show you guys don't mind my broken nail. It just broke yesterday. They come with a 60, so that's a pretty good deal and, like I said this is from Target. So I will put these in the description because I'm sure they are online. I would check them out. This is my number one favorite, because it helps me so much especially with my anxiety I try not to take like other stuff or like resorts or like weed or alcohol. Most people do and they have been helping me. Oh, my second favorite thing is this is for my own kind of mixed combination. Skin girls who have dry and oily dry skin is like my dry. Skin is probably as equally bad as my oily skin, but this has been helping me because, with the weather change, I know I'm not the only one my skin has started to get like super dry like when I wash my face or do like a mask. It'S extra crispy like they should be like crusty, so I bought this kind of on a whim as well, and this is my black radiance, it's their luminous and it's a moisturizer on and what I like the most about. This is that it has a lot of natural oils in it literally, you could make it yourself um some stuff, not, but literally most of it is all oil, like 98 % of the ingredients as oil and it's vegan and it's cruelty free. So I love that the most and I really love black radiant, so I bought this probably so it over a month, and this is the amount that I have left so not bad at all, probably will get me to a winter, but winter in Wisconsin does last A little longer so I'll probably have to buy on the bottle, we'd be having snow and like a pro. So if you don't live here, be happy but um as y'all can see, it isn't really used much, but literally I'll just use the dropper. Can I drop like two or three drops on my face and that gets my face. Moisturize after I like washed all my makeup off at night or just like washing my face or something just getting ready for the day, and I like it because it's kind of like my own primer, which is weird cuz primary, that's supposed to make your skin oily. But it helps me so to each of them. I just hate having a dry cracky skin to feel like, so this will also be in the description and do not go to Walgreens like me. Go to like Ulta, they kind of hide too um. How do you just look on Amazon or Walmart, but I don't know like it's certain Walmart's that sells like radiance, I'm not even sure if they do, but I hope they do. I will find the cheapest limb possible for you guys and yes. So this is not a skincare or anything. Y'All like this is just you know I might go to hoops like hoops are just they're just it like they just work all season for me, and you know not. Everybody likes these this size in particular, but I have probably like. I could really put it. I mean like that's so wild and I still like them, but I started off where really small ones, and then they just got bigger the older guy just cuz. I thought they were so cute and that's that like, if you like little ones here basic and it's okay to basic, you have to do the most like me, I'm just kidding. I don't know. I took that series but um. Basically these are at your local Buddhist. Quite literally, all across the nation, they are probably a dollar or more if they are like bigger about like rhinestones, but I had like eight pairs of these in like silver and gold, just because they do rust. They do rest when you on get like water on them, not intentionally or just like from wear and tear they get like rusty, and you like brown, and you don't wan na know you I mean you already know they think so yeah. But these are like my faves, and this goes for any favorite video. Whatever I season or you know month, it is it's probably something that I put in my like every other day. Get ready routine like these are a must, depending on the look that I'm going for it or the hairstyle that I have so. This is not sponsoring just gon na. Let you guys know I did get this from a company called my rode, a bike lives, and this is when I was pregnant. I wasn't too crazy about it, but lately I have been using this and y'all can see it's not much used, but lately I've been using it and I love this smell like randomly. I didn't like the smell so much when I was pregnant, but this is in Botanica last, and this basically is just body oil mist and I like to spray this kind of like in this region and by this area, my legs and stuff, just to smell good Gon na sleep or after a fresh shower - and I love this and I'm going to find the link from my erotic parts for you guys, but it smells really good like its own and it's not shimmery or anything. It'S just like a kind of oil mist, and this honestly is clutch if you like, can fit in your purse. My purse is a little that I use at the moment, but if you like actually - and you don't got nothing - you can just spray around like - I know about y'all, but sometimes I'll like leave the house and be as she just because I just be forgettin and Not be all over the place and I will not have certain areas moisturize and they will be out and I will be looking at Ashley and crusty, and this is like a lifesaver. I know. Victoria'S Secret has like something similar like a oil mist spring. So but I'm sure this is cheaper, so I got to show you guys what it's like and it's like, a thick oil. This is the name of the brand. I also have a shaving cream from this brand, so I will put this in the description for you guys, so, just like any other girl, I had a ton of victoria secret sins and for its in a winter like follow in turn, this is probably my favorite And are usually my signature, one is pure seduction and as for smells like fruit, i like fruity stuff. So this is called sunset crush and it's like a tropical. You know not really any kind of fruit smell, but it smell good to me - and I use this, and I think I got this when it was like a sale, but I hope I can find your own website if not check out. You know Victoria Secret when you're like I'm going in and they have those big sales and everything's like three bucks for like sprays and stuff like that, because I'm sure this signature smell will be there um. I'M trying to think if this is even a signature loan or if this was just quite when our body - and I can't really remember so - I'm sorry y'all. But if I find a link I will. If I don't I'm sorry, but this is just my favorite. So, as I can see I'm to the middle of the bottle, but it just smells so good, I smell so good. I got this. It just smells so good, Oh more skin stuff. So you guys, as you guys know, for the ones who have actually watched any of my makeup videos. This is probably my favorite powder for women of color and just kinda any season even in the summer, even though I did start off using like a white powder from like NYX, I believe - or I don't know company that was, but it was right, but I found Out using this kind of like warmer warmer powder, helps, and I'm not sure if such a buttercup has this in a deeper shade for Decker girls, but I feel like they should on their website. So don't look like third-party, like Amazon or anything like that. Go to their direct website to you are darker, but this is like a yellow powder isn't, and I can see it isn't. White and white is not good for us, like a lot of that's a lot of like requests and questions that I get on my Instagram like how do I get my under eye light this, and I also do sometimes apply powder from my powder - highlight pop palette And it's just like when I need that extra you know, crispy look and that's what I do, but this is the main key and I do use fawn on my la pro conceal. So that is at your local beauty, supply and the shade is fun. If you guys are interested in your similar to my color and my color changes a lot like when I went to the Bahamas, I got like two shades darker, so in a lot of videos, people were trying to say, like I don't know how to match my Foundation or I need to go down or whatever, but I know my foundation. This is what I had at home, I'm so cheap to go on by some others. So I'm just away from my skin to just bounce back, because I know that's what don't do it? Cuz, we barely got any Sun around here, but this has helped me and I'm a person that likes a really bright under eye. So I don't mind looking you know a little bright under there, but to each his own. I'M just sharing you guys, my all-year-round favorite. This is such a Buttercup and I did get it for $ 20 on it was on, and this is the same one that I had from. I believe last year around this time when I was pregnant, came in two days, so if you buy it, buy it off Amazon unless you're darker trying to find that deeper shade, because I feel like they would have it because they do have a wide range of Cosmetics - so I will put this in the description for you guys, yeah. Second, the last favorite is this ring just fake rings in general, these are becoming like sold everywhere. Now I got this originally expresso. I will try to pop a Lincoln for you guys, but y'all. Just see how glittery it is, and it just it just it just looked good y'all like it just looks so good, and you can just you know, make somebody think that you ballin good. You know I'm not a child, but I ain't got no real real rings or jewelry in that matter. But you know one of these days, I'm just boiling myself and gave me some real like earrings or something like that. But this is my fave and this it looks like that's why I like it the most, but it's just one, and it was a couple bucks on Aliexpress and I did at that in the accessory Hall. So I will at that link below, if you guys are into those you know single and like double bling, bling ring's this, what we call call them bling bling ring Lee. I lied. I got one more, but it's just my purse, oh, but this is my favorite. It'S becoming my favorite, so what's on my lips right now, I'm using a brown eyeliner from what a wild it just literally is dark brown, and then I have this, which is the soft matte lip cream by Nick's or NYX. I don't know honestly how to pronounce it and it is in the shade Abu Dhabi, so this goes for about. It depends where you get it. Someplace it'll be like eight, and I got it from Ulta. I believe, like three years ago, for like $ 4.99, I think it was like buy one get one or something like that, so check out Ulta and also target they do so NYX NYX. However, you want to say it, but it's like a typical focus. You guys can see what the consistency is like it's like a soft matte cream for your lips and it's giving me Kylie Jenner lip color of eyes when she first got her lips done and everybody was trying to get that. You know that specific color back then. I didn't know how I did my makeup as good as I do now. You know I still got people who try to you know lecture me on the way that I do my makeup, but I'm a work in progress, but far as like, when, when these kind of shades first came out, I didn't know what to do. But now I think it's best for brown girls to just go over or just if you want your lips really big and full go over your lips with a brown eyeliner and then pop this on anything you good to go, and it's just cute so check it Out I will find the cheapest link, of course, where you guys. Last but not least, this is one of my favorites. This is from Aliexpress. This is from my heart, and I love this because I have been using this since I bought it. You'Re, like I have not used it another purse if I use another person's because I feel like maybe pop some diapers in there are some bottles and I didn't feel like taking the diaper bag. But for the most part I have used this and I ain't seeing no rust and no chipping from the paint on the handles. None of that. I love this purse. It has a little lock and then you just press to open, and it's just it's just so cute like it's got that like quilted texture and it's just a very nice purse for the price - and I love the most at the inside Melissa, dirty because promo stuff, But the inside is right, like that's super cute to me so um for the people who watched my Aliexpress cause. You guys have already seen this and this isn't new to you. But this is one of my favorites very convenient. You know not too small, not too big, but big enough to fit the necessary stuff. Like your phone, your lip gloss, your pressure powder, I fit my foundation and everything else in there I make it work, but don't overcrowd it cuz. I feel like sometimes it's going bust because it is fake, but this was under $ 20. I believe so. I will find that link. Hopefully it's so up and you see my switch, you can have it long or you can just like this and keep it short. So that's what I like the most, but that concludes this video. I don't have many favorites, but let me know if you guys want me to do this for like every month or whatever, whenever I add new stuff to my kind of daily regiment and let you guys know cuz, you guys asked me for different videos. Besides hair stuff, I'm trying to incorporate some hair stuff with you know these type of videos. So I can, you know, give my sponsor coin, and I can also show you guys another side and inform you of something that I use and just before anybody asked these are from Aliexpress as well and they're in the accessory Hall. I would try to add that to the end of this video, but that is it definitely check out this unit. I know I got some hair that I keep getting in my face because I put a lot of oil on the top of this, but check out this hair from beauty forever hair and the description it will be in there and, like always, I love you guys And I will see you in the next

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