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Intro Credit : Mya's Melody

Hey YouTube: it's your girl ordering it today, I'm going to be doing a show intel on this wig. So if you want to see it, stick around and check it out, I'm gon na be doing a Show and Tell on this wig that I'm wearing. I am so in love with this wig. I keep looking at myself in my monitor, because I'm definitely feeling myself right now. This is a 12 inch straight lace, front wig from love me hair. You guys know! Love me. Hair is like at the top of my list right now. This is new on their site. This is one of their fake scalp, wigs and oh, my god, like yeah, I'm still looking at myself. In my monitor, because I am loving this wig and this week has the fake scalp. I know you guys been seeing it all online. I'Ve saw it a lot on Instagram, you don't have to use a stocking cap because it already has a stocking cap zone under it. It looks like it's a fake scalp. Therefore you don't have to wear a stocking cap. You don't have to like put concealer and all that crazy stuff. It is pre plugs. Let me let me get into the details. It is very soft. It is very reminiscent of a stocking cap. You don't have to worry about the stocking cap. You can just throw on your wig and go and yes, this unit can be used as a glueless wig. You don't have to glue it down. However, that's how I do mines, because I like it like that there's four combs on here. There is one two three at the top as well as a coma at the bottom, the standard adjustable, strap that comes on the weight and they have two attachments on the side where you can attach adjustable, strap that it came with. So it's very secure. This is what the fake scalp looks like. The lace is undetectable. Lace is very sturdy, and yes, so I'm gon na put that on and show you guys what it looks like this has original tops with lace. It'S ultra thin transparent, but it's definitely sturdy and it looks natural. It has a pre plucked hairline, no bleaching needed it. The stocking caps on underneath so there's no need to wear a wig cap also can be worn glueless. I have mines glued on, but you, ladies, who don't want to get into all the gluing in all that it looks just as good, not glue. So it's a glueless unit, so all I did was cut the lace put it on and gel down the baby hairs. I did not have to pluck this unit. I did not have to use a stocking cap with this unit and it can be parted anywhere at the top. It is a thirteen by six frontal check out love me hair, oh and I have a discount code. It'S Audrina 20, so yeah, Audrina 20 is a discount code. If you're not following me on Instagram Teddy three six, one nine hope you guys enjoy my Show and Tell, and until next time

Leah Lanier: Girl, you are gorgeous!.. I love this review! Straight to the point but at the same time, so much detail... *New subbie* :) Xoxo

Luvme Hair: Simply beautiful girl, nice video. Love it.❤

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