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Hello welcome back to my channel in today's video. I will be doing this video for you, where I define and do my version of the wet look on my Malaysia and curly with it honestly, I'm not even so familiar with hair types, but this reminds me: I found nice nice, nice, 4. 8. 4. 4. 8. 3 C type curl, which is like you know, like very nice and spirally. I guess like I'm, not even sure. Let me stop trying to class this here, but um anyways got this way from beauty forever hair. They sent me a 24 inch Malaysian curly wig. I have got to near Malaysia and Carly bundles before, but it was definitely nothing like this, so I honestly love this texture. I like just like how the waves look at the top like, even though I honestly brushed and combed it out, like it's still nice unweighted at the top, and it just really completes this wet look tutorials. So thank you so much for sending me this hair. The links to purchase this will be in the description box. It is also a glue. Let'S wait for all you, ladies, that, like your wig glue less this week is a glue last week, so I'm definitely going purchase it again. The links will be in the description box below. Thank you so much for watching and stay tuned. While I show you how I achieved the wet look, we are going to get in soon this her ok, this her it's from beautiful over her okay there's a mere curly a weight from 24 inches on the fireman II. I'Ll speak more about it or I have already spoken more about it. So we just doing the wet look, the wet look! Cuz! It'S been getting really hyped up over the past couple of weeks, the wet look, and obviously I'm late, because I'm always late to everything. So um before I like brush it out, I'm gon na make sure I add some moves, so some water, I mean that's what we're doing in the bottle. In the spray bottles, just water, I'm using the Aqua demons. I tried to move my baby hairs, but I I don't have that on lock. I don't have me together. It'Ll be right at first, but obviously it dries down clear. So don't even worry, never to worry nothing. To be afraid. I feel like the reason why I'm getting some type of shedding is cuz. It'S the first time that I've ever like started to detangle this hair, which means obviously I've plucked the front. So it's gon na definitely be some shed hairs in the front, because that's where you plug hard right, yeah and I've had this wig laid out. So it hasn't been together, which means the curls basically got frizzy and all over the place which we're definitely fixing with the wet look and well Santos out of France yeah. So this is really pretty really defined. I'M gon na go in more with the mousse in the front, because what particular ever said every I'm any size, yeah beautiful, we're gon na go in with the moose right there just so it could be SuperDuper flat. So we could tuck it behind our ears, because the wet look does require a talk behind your ears or you could still leave it out front it don't matter what you do, but yeah tucking it behind my ears. It'S gon na make me feel more beautiful. Tip suits and go in with a brush. The brush is definitely defining these curls, like TRCA son, put it against my face cute beautiful all the weeks threats will be left down below and I'm gon na, basically just finish up in silence. This is not that expensive alphabetic. I can bet it's one of the most inexpensive ways you don't ever purchase in your life and oh yeah, the parking space is it don't have no 2-inch part in space at the side, trying to finish you out your money when they tell you a lace front. Wigs: okay, it's a 13 by 4 year 13 by 4. Look! I'M in line to you! Do you see it? I'M oh yeah see news late, ok, you're, not seeing no type of no type of material. Where was it called? The tracks are sewn on you're, seeing lace, ok, sis, so if you wanted to go up, half-up half-down wanted a part. It'S straight down in the middle. You'Ve wanted to do a 9 deep side. Part. This wake allows you to do that without having to stress about. Oh, we can just don't flip over said, I hate when people bring new, wigs and they're like oh yeah, I wan na do a side part and I'm like. Oh, yes, like they're gon na get a nice deep side, part like some deep and nice. You know, but no some these companies wants to spin next, but beauty fiber would never beautify of her would never assume. This is all of it. This is 24 inches. Obviously, when I drag it down, it is 24 inches on me, but when you are working with curly hair curly hair is not always true to length because it is Carly, so it will tell you is 24 inches, so when he strikes in it, you'll get 24 Inches but it honestly takes out about 4 inches so right now, this hair army is giving me 20 inch vibes. It usually stops here and yeah. So let me take all of this okay. This is the reveal okay, so, as y'all know from the jump, this is a glueless wig. I turned my wig glueless and I freaking love it. This is perfect for when you're on, in a tropical climate or India or freakin Africa, Jamaica, any Caribbean island anywhere, you're good. Yes, yes, good! It come out on all these things like do you guys see this dual ADC this I made my wig blue list. It is stuck onto the scalp okay, sis not going anywhere and at the end of the night, could literally spray your water, and I, you could literally spray your water bottles about the edges and just loosen it up by rubbing on the lace and your wick is Off just like that, don't forget to shop this week, if you'd like to purchase this wig in longer inches or shorter it'll, be on their website, so go and check it out. The links will be in the description box and again I'll see lovely. Ladies in the next one,

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