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Hey everyone welcome back to my channel, so in today's video i have a brand new wig for you all. I have a wig from beauty forever hair. So so it's a 14 inch wig and it has a highlighter. This right here is the wig. This isn't just your ordinary closure, wig or frontal wig, so this is actually a teapart wig. So basically, what that is. This is basically exactly what you see so so the part right here so the part right here going across and then down. That'S basically what it is. It has this little cloth on the inside. I guess this is supposed to be like this um like the tracks. In this thing, the tracks are literally sewn down. So it's a closure, but the tracks are sewn down on the closure like right here. It'S literally sewn down onto the closure, so i did go ahead and condition it. I conditioned it with my shimmer lights conditioner. So some of my blind pieces kind of turned silver a little bit just because i don't want it too long. I never had this before. I never had a tv part wig before normally honestly, i'm not really mad at typical wig. It does come with cones, so it has two combs on the side on each side and has a comb at the back and adjustable straps back here. I'M like all over the place. Sorry so yeah, that's a good thing, but yeah. I can't i kind of like it like this, even though some pieces in the it's really the pieces in the front that are like a little silver. But i kind of like it like this because it's like more toned down and plus i'm about to go ahead and i'm gon na color this wig anyways, but i ain't gon na do anything but yeah. Let me go ahead and put this wig on my head. Y'All, i'm literally over here dying at the fact that i did not pull my wig cap down way over. My forehead, like my head, is so huge. Oh my god. If i can go back in time honey, i would literally, i have to redo this a whole entire video, because my forehead is like screaming is is so is me okay? So here is the hair bone straight, so it looks pretty good. I mean you can leave it exactly like this clean up the part, but i think i might just actually know i don't think i will be pulling any baby hair out like for real. It looks pretty good just like this. This part looks so crooked and it is my tracks being all in the way, i'm not even sure if i can like, because it's glue now, so i'm not even sure i can like glue it apart is is is know you see me right here. Y'All are going to see me pretty much, go back and forth between cutting and flat ironing the hair, because this was really like my first time attempting to do this. Like the whole layered look, i mean it's not hurting anything, but i just want to make sure it had looked right and i was trying to like achieve that bump. So, like you know, bump the ends. So that's what i was really doing, just making sure it had like looked right, foreign. I see you no foreign, you see me, yes, is foreign, yes is okay, you guys, so that was it for this video. I really hope you all enjoyed, and i hope you all really like the wig and you know if you're interested, i will leave everything in the link below, so you guys can go ahead and purchase this with yourself and, as always, i will see you guys in My next video

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