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That black magic magic that black your magic, black magic, magic, magic, hey, babes, welcome back to another video, it's your girl, glue, princess and I'm back out of the game with in love. For today's look we'll be wearing a wig that I received from beauty forever here. I'Ve been working with them a lot and they've been serving quality. Okay, you guys can see. This is their package in a wig that I'll be showing us today from them. Is it 13 about 6 brazilian deep wave wig, it's 20 inches in an 80 % density? The wig does come pre plugged with baby hair. So when you open up the box, all you will see is your base inside it packs a bag. You will also see over a cap and a extra wake and that's pretty much all that you will find in the box. So I usually don't wear a lot of deep waves. But I really really like these wave. It'S a really pretty texture and it's one of those textures that you could either curl it. You can either wedding. You could really or you could wear it out. The box to me is really cute, so I missed that whole look. So I wanted to do something like that again, so this is what the wig looks like and, as you guys could see, the curls are really they're kind of tight, but not too tight. That'S the thing that I love about deep wave. It kind of has like different types of vibes to it. If you wet this, it would be like a nice like laid. It would give like a water wave supper. Like look guys, I really really love this texture or you could just wear it straight out. The box, which I usually do where the curls just like this, see whatever cuz you guys know, I love messy hair but yeah. This is how it looks straight out. The box, like I said it's on Jonah 80 % density. This is what the lace looks like, and this looks like a transparent lace, but I'm not sure okay, so it doesn't say anything about it being transparent, but the lace is very, very realistic-looking, so I'm guessing it's kind of like transparent cuz. It looks really good and really natural-looking and, like I said it comes with baby hair, so like each plug. This is what the inside looks like. It comes with three combs one right here right here, one on the bottom, also just the Bush preps and it's also extra straps in a box, so you could sew on inside, put extra secure Ridge. I was about the secureness. I got ta stop pronouncing stuff wrong! Yeah I got ta. Let me know: okay, like I, don't speak English, but anyways yeah. This is what the wig looks like on the inside really cute. I'M not sure what cup size that I got, I'm hoping it's a small. It looks pretty small. So I think this is a small but yeah. This is what the wig looks like. I want what I want 80 density, because I felt like a 150 was gon na, be too light when it comes to curly hair, you want to go folder. You want to make sure, there's no gaps and spaces in between your hand where you wear curly hair, we're straight hair, it's cool to get a 150 but curly. I always go 180 or higher, usually never higher than 180, but yeah. That'S the perfect density. It doesn't feel heavy or anything so yeah, and I also think this hair color is like a 1b looks really dark. I love that, so let me go ahead and cut this lace. Also. We can see soccer tryout own and see what she looks like. So this is what the way looks like on and, as you guys see, this is what I was talking about. When I say usually, I like to wear the the curls shred out the box. Does I really love the way? Maybe looking this texture is just really really pretty. In general, like this looks really cute, Oh, like I'm obsessed with it, and you guys know, I love messy curls, okay Hobby, tired of hearing it, but I love it like the way it looks right now how messy it is, but it's not too too messy, like I love this look. It looks really cute to me, so this is what it looks like and, as you guys could see, um no gaps in you in your hair whatsoever. It doesn't look too full or crazy. It'S the perfect density and, like I said this is a 20 inch, so it's like a cute natural curly. Looking right like I'm feeling it but yeah this week is a free part, so you could party wherever you want to. I definitely recommend you guys plucking it. Some more take a look. Super natural bring the hairline back a little bit, so I can look, you know really natural or whatever, like Billy free stuff like do what you got ta do but yet yeah. This is what it looks like this texture is so soft. You guys it's like really really soft. I don't even want to like run my fingers doing because I'm really trying to preserve the curls, how it is right now, cuz, that's how I'm rocking it today period. I'M really excited. It looks really really cute. I love it. Yeah, that's pretty much all! I have to tell you guys right now. I do go ahead and finish up this. Look, I'm just going to like blend in the frontal part. I'M not gluing it down today, I'm just gon na blend it in and do the baby hairs and how you do a snap card and just rock it really messy and cubed a bit like. I really love this. You could also do like a half up. Half down situation and it will look super natural with this - I'm not gon na do this today, probably another day, definitely but today and go with the set part yeah. I don't care, look so nice. I don't know final look. I hope you guys enjoyed this quick, quick tutorial. It literally took me, like 10 to 15 minutes to apply this way cuz. I barely did much honestly. Just slightly did my edges and I was pretty much it was you guys, so it was literally really quick. It took nothing to create this very own ergo type of love, because the curls was already pretty well. I love it when it looks like this, it looks really natural, it's just a perfect on-the-go, effortless slay, so make sure you check out Beauty forever. I will have all the links down below and also the links to this plague. Thank you guys so much for watching. I will see you guys in my next video

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