Might Just Be The Best Wig I'Ve Seen All Year, Introducing ....Beauty Forever Hair

Quick styling video, i'm switching up my new wig from curly to straight and showing you guys why this hair might be the best i've rocked all 2020. Don't forget to like, comment, share and SUBSCRIBE to my channel JUSTDOING MI



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Hey beautiful people today, i'm going to be switching it up and starting my new wig from the beauty forever. I'M gon na just be playing around with it and seeing what we can create. So this is the wig. It'S 24 inches, it's brazilian hair and it is body weight, so it's called banging curls in it, fake, scalp, four, so the stop doesn't go all the way around all of the lace and it's that that's the fake scalp there. So you can see it's got clips as well on each of the sides and it's actually a um glue, this wig, so you can just pop it on with the clips in the sides. You don't actually have to lay it down when you've got to be or any glue the hair, it's kind of ready to go already, if you like it, but i'm going to be also laying it today and just showing you guys how i do that the hair Is very full. I'Ve had it for over three weeks now and what i'm going to be doing today, i'm actually going to be straightening it and just getting rid of the curls just seeing how well it holds heat so yeah it looks banging. Doesn'T it no glue? No, nothing just stuck down, and that's usually how i wear it when i go to work every day, can't be bothered to be doing too much. Of course, this hair is linked in my description box. Thank you to easy forever for sponsoring this video. The brake itself is fully customizable. You can pick the length you want if you want this all the way around. You can choose that if you just want um, no fake scalp, just the lace wig, you can use that as well. So i also have a discount code for you guys to use all in my description box, definitely check it out, just slow drying the hair. Now before i go right ahead and straighten it, you love to have a bit of a dancing giggle, so yeah blow dried. The hair it's pretty straight, but we can definitely get it straighter, so i'll be grabbing the hair straighteners in a second. But yes, first of all laying it down with my got to be glue just spraying it to the front of the wig. There is a little bit of lace there before the fake scalp starts patting that in i leave that on for about a minute before. I then push the lace in to the hairspray and it dries down. I'M just gon na find my parting i like to pop my natural hair, first of all, so that the wig sits nicely within that parting. I'M just showing you guys here how i laid the wig make sure everything's properly aligned. You want to do this quite quickly before the hairspray hairspray dries fully. You definitely want to be doing this um one to two minutes after you spray, because it's still quite tacky so align the hair where i want it to be and then go in with a tooth comb and just push the lace into the hair spraying into the Skin, just for a few minutes until that dries properly, once i'm happy with that, i'm going to then unwrap the hair. I'Ve got a scarf there somewhere, i'm sure. First of all, just taming fly-aways, with a bit more of the hairspray good little trick to spray the spray on the comb and then wide that through the hair, so wrapping it down now with my head scarf and that will stay on. While i straighten the hair with my straighteners that just lays it properly means that the blue is going to last longer, let's get started, so we can see that the hair straightened super. Well, i'm so happy with that and now just take off the headband and just bow the hair out, make sure it's neat and dark banging yeah super happy with that. So because it's just a four by four and not a full lace wig, you can't go too crazy with like um just like playing with the hair too much, because you would just expose the wig. So it's not super versatile. You can't really be doing um pulling the hair off your face or doing like a half up, half down or ponytails, but it does look really good and super affordable. Like 120 pounds for my discount code, absolutely banging what i will say as well, though, at the top there's not a lot of lace, stroke scalp at the top. You have to square that part in here. You have about a centimeter on each side um, but it still looks really good before you can see the wefts of hair. That'S what i mean, i'm really happy with it. I love the hair, really good quality full looks banging had so many compliments on it straight and super well and yeah. I love the fact that it's glue this as well, so obviously feeling myself a little bit. I'M gon na dance out. If you guys, like this wig, don't forget to check it out, it's linked to my description box, i'll catch you soon, looking good feeling, good, hey,

Beauty Forever hair: My Queen,I love your makeup,the hair transformation is really amazing,you slayed both of the styles. Love you~

Janet Thompson: Love the simplicity of it. Looks great on you.

Colette Nsatu: Great looking wig & a straight forward install

Peace to all mankind Godbless: Mimi try wetkiss hair...they have preplucked hd lace wigs... i want to see you in a real good lace wig

DoraMartins World.: Lovd love the hair.. simple yet elegant. Thanks for sharing ❣

HotSauceLeadFree: Waiting on that corporate lookbook

brownshuga24: Very pretty, Mimi!

Renie Nostalgic: Eyebrows looking good.

susurrers: Hey Mimi I sent you a dm on Instagram about promos ☺️ should I email instead?

Miss Ropa: What's the name of the last song please? great content btw mimi as always!

Jessie Jones: I know it’s early but happy Halloween

Edim O: Mimi Miami ❤️

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