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Hey guys full disclosure this video is long.

Mainly because I do a lot of talking but let me know how you guys feel about this wig and don’t forget to subscribe ❤️

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Products used for bleaching knots:

Bw2 powder

40 volume developer

Shimmering lights shampoo

I let the bleach sit for 40 minutes

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Okay, guys before we start this tutorial, you are going to need your beauty forever wig, which is this wig right here and bw2 powder with 40 volume developer now this is what i use. If you want to use 20 or something else you can and you definitely you definitely need the shimmering light shampoo. So right now i am using one hand to do this and one hand to record. I recommend you wear gloves when you are doing this, so i've been doing this a very long time. That is why i'm not wearing gloves, but you should wear gloves when you are doing this, so i'm gon na just do two full scoops. I think that should be enough, so two full scoops and i just free ball on developer, start off with a little. Oh, i'm not even start off with a little developer. Don'T do too much so then you start mixing. So obviously it's still powdery. So that wasn't enough developer, so i'm gon na add a little more so scoop it's not falling off. So if you do this, whether with your brush or a spoon, if it's runny and falling off, you got to add more powder honey. But if it's just like this creamy - and you know it's perfect so now, what you want to do is push these little hairs back so that it doesn't get. You know, bleached see these little hairs on the wig. Push that back so take the brush. Take the bleach and you want to get it as close as possible, so i do that part first kind of like you're painting. So, let's see and yep you want to cover all the knots. Don'T leave any space any gaps. So i'm gon na finish. Adding this and come back to show you, so this is how it looks fully on. I don't usually time it, but i'm going to time it just so that you guys can know how long i leave it on for um. I usually just check to see if the knots have turned brown, which they're already starting to a little bit, but i'm gon na time it for you guys so right now the knot is bleached and i rinsed it out. So you see it looks super orange. That'S when you take the chimney like shampoo and and just wrap it down, it's your girl, honey, hustler back with another video. You already know you already know today's video is going to be on beauty forever hair. Now let me take a let me breathe. Let me breathe. I'Ve heard a lot of good things about the beautiful beauty forever hair. I suggest i suggest if you are thinking about getting beauty forever hair. Do your research look at some other videos if you want curly, if you want straight look at some videos of the string now i do have a ball, so i am reviewing a bob. So if you want to order what i'm wearing the exact lengths, then you order this, but if you go and order something else that i didn't review and you come in my comments saying: oh, you ordered certain hair from this company. It was trash. Well, you ordered curly hair. I got on straight so off the bat don't come at me in the comments. Don'T come for me unless it's really a problem with the hair. Now this is my first day reviewing the hair. I don't know if the quality is good. Yet i have no idea, but i will keep you updated. If i get comments about you know, you ordered the hair and it's bad. This is not a sponsored video, i'm not getting paid to do this. I'M not getting paid to do this so me and you we the same. If you order something in his trash, it could have been a bad batch, but i i ordered it from amazon, so um yeah they actually reached out to me and then i ordered it. So it wasn't like i was just gon na order, this no they reached out to me and then i ordered it. This tutorial is going to be very different. This tutorial, i am not using glue, i will be using - got to be spray and got to be gel. The company is called, got to be glued, but this is not hair glue. I'M gon na repeat that again the company is called got to be glued, but this is not hair glue. This is holding spray and this is gel. So a lot of people mistake that this is hair glue. This is not hair glue. This is gel. This is gel just like eco, styler, gel or um, whatever other gel you use. This is just a hard. You know if you use it, it gets hard. So it's a pretty good gel. I love it. I actually love it and um. This is going to be my first time laying my lace down with it, because i no longer want to use glue. I'M not saying that i'm never going to use glue, but i no longer want to use it because i don't really keep my wigs on. For that long so - and let's get straight to the video now now um, since this is going to be a little different, i'm going to cut the lace first and then install it. So you see, i cut all the way up to the hairline. So and another thing is, i did bleach the knot. If you didn't skip the video, you will see the clip of me um doing a snippet of me bleaching, the knot. This is the knots bleached. Now i haven't added anything to the cap, no makeup or anything, but this is the knots bleached it bleached perfectly. Okay, now that i've cut the lace um, i'm going to add my makeup to the cap usual things that i usually do. If you watch my videos, then you already know this is like it's the same steps, the same steps that i always do yeah, so the sizing on the wig is off and usually i would be able to fix that. But since the um, the part that they bleached is in a certain way, i can't even i'm going to show you what i'm talking about when i say when i say the wig doesn't fit. I didn't tighten the straps, but okay, usually i like my wigs to fit just a tad bit bigger so that i can pull it up, but, as you can see like okay, if i pull this side down, then this side is up and if i pull this Side down, then this side is up, so it's like, i got ta think how am i gon na get this wig to fit? How am i gon na get this wig to fit me like? Oh, my head is, like average 22 size, so this is just. This. Is just ridiculous, but um, i think i could figure it out. Um this case scenario is one side might not fit. That'S the worst case scenario. Calm down, calm down just yeah one side is one side is not going to fit right. If your head is smaller than mine, then it might fit you, but this wig doesn't fit me, so i'm very upset because um i should i did try it on, but usually when the wig doesn't fit. I find a model and you know i ask for models and i will just apply it on the model, because i don't i get aggravated so quickly. I get aggravated so fast and this is just aggravating me. This is just ruining my review right now, because i'm not trying to be here all day and this wig does not fit. It does not fit and it could be because of the middle part. No, i'm not even going to make an excuse for the wig. It don't fit. We gon na do what we can, but i'm gon na keep it honest. I'Ma always keep it real. Because of that, i don't i don't like this wig. I don't like it. It'S beautiful, but i don't like you know the size like. I don't like that. I don't like that same process as if you were going to glue it down clean up your hairline a little bit. This is my first time trying this method, and i want to see how long it will last like if it could. Last more than three days, then, this is gon na, be my go-to, i'm gon na. Do i'm gon na do one layer of this because the wig don't fit so pointless. So now that i applied the gym, i'm so sad guys and i'm trying not to let it show in the video, but i am sad that this wig doesn't fit because i had plans. I don't really wear my wigs that long, but i have plans to you know test this got to be glued out and if it don't fit, how can i really test it? But now i'm better, i'm cheered up, i'm cheered up because i do have another wig to review and i'm waiting for it in the mail. So hopefully that won't fit. Hopefully it fit cuz. If it don't, i'm gon na, be i'm gon na be sad, okay, guys. So i'm back and it's still drying, but i'm ready to stick it on and get this over it um. So you want to make sure that the middle part is directly in the middle, i'm gon na fold it and do one side at a time. First, it's not stained because it doesn't fit great. My wig is not sticking guys. It'S not sticky. Oh i'm a failure. This is so aggravating. I don't even know what to do anymore. Think i'm going to cut off as you can see it didn't make it all. The way down to my hairline, but at least i got it to stay when the wig doesn't fit, it tries to force itself to pull back. So it's trying to you know, pull back so yeah guys. I want to add baby hairs, but then i don't that's something i need to think about quick, i'm just going to leave it down. So this okay, so y'all know this y'all know this hair is pretty. I kid you not if it wasn't for the sizing of this wig, this wig would have been perfect, 10 stars, but because it does not fit because it doesn't fit. I'M gon na give it a seven. I'M gon na give it a seven because it bleached good like when i say it bleach good. It wasn't like it wasn't like one of those wigs where half the knots bleach, perfect and half the knots, don't like all the knots bleached perfect great a1, but um as for the sizing it did not fit. It did not fit and um that's an important part when you um, the sizing of the wig is important. When um you wear when you get in a wig, because if it's too big, then your wig is gon na fold. If it's too small, then your wig is not gon na stay on and lay right, so it needs to fit just right. Tell me what you guys think about this wig tell me if you guys, like it um, if anyone watching does decide to buy it, feel free to leave me a comment on how you, like the wig. I hope you guys like comment and subscribe um i'm on the go to reaching a certain amount of subscribers, and i can't wait to start doing giveaways. I can't wait to start um being more interactive with you guys. I can't wait to start communicating more with you guys. This is all a new journey to me um, but it is something that i do like to do and you guys know that so subscribe comment like and hop on this journey with me guys, because i can't do it without you and that's me being honest without You guys there is no honey hustler. There is no youtube channel and um. The reason why i call myself honey hustlers, because i'm very sweet, i'm a very nice person and i do like honey, honey, anything honestly, honey, chicken of um honey buns. I love anything with the word honey in it and i am a hustler. I am a real life hustler, that's what i do. I'Ve been hustling for a very long time doing hair you know doing hair outside or now i do want to start doing makeup, even though my makeup isn't top not yet, but at least i'm getting there. So i want to start doing makeup and i want to start um doing more things, i'm very creative, so i do like to kind of build things and sell it, and you know i do a lot of selling. So i'm a hustler, not a diva, but i'm a hustler, and there goes my baby but yeah guys tell me you see how flowy this wig is. Look at how flo look look when i pulled this wig out the box, it was like a grandma wig. The ends was kind of like bumped up like that and you know, but with any wig, you have to add your touch to it. You can't wear a wig straight out. The box. I mean you can, if you want to, but i wouldn't recommend you wearing a wig straight out the box. That'S just! I wouldn't recommend that this wig feels nice. The hair on this feels it feels so gorgeous like it feels like perfect. So the hair on this feels like it's gon na last, like it feels like it's, not yaki texture and by yaki texture. I mean like rough and kinky. It'S like it's not silky like silky like that pack, hair silky, but it's kind of like a mix. It'S kind of like a a yaki and a silky in it together, so it feels really good. It feels really good. Oh, but um. Thank you guys for watching. Thank you guys, please thumbs up. Give it a thumbs. Give it a thumbs, give it a thumbs, a jokester like i really joke a lot so give it a thumbs up and um. See you guys in the next video

Nyla Allure: This hair is so bomb on you queen

LaTyia Rice: Just ordered this wig how long did you leave the bleach on for?

shernelli767: great review love the hair

TheLauraMarieJ: Is 20 volume enough to lift or is 40 the best option ?

Clarified Tangles: Love this !

Bailey Andrews: I just ordered it the other day. I have a peanut head though so hopefully it fits lol

fosterful: The wig on the page does not have highlights in the front it’s just plain black

Tee Tee: Hi, Idk if I missed it .What length did you get?

Kira: Are you selling this?

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