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Welcome to another video sharing an easy glueless beginner friendly deep curly wig install featuring this fake scalp wig by AFSISTERWIG.


Wig: https://www.afsisterwig.com/products/d...


HAIRLINE: Pre-plucked

Lace COLOR: Medium Brown

LACE MATERIAL: Korean Lace in Medium Brown Color

HAIR COLOR: Natural Black


CAP SIZE: Small (21.5)

Wig Essentials: https://a.co/i71J9cR

Amazon Storefront: https://www.amazon.com/shop/beautifull...

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00:00 -- Intro

01:08 -- Wig Details

01:39 -- Wig Install

14:28 -- Coming Up


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Foreign hi Beauties: it's your girl Cindy, welcome! Welcome back to my channel welcome back to another video, so today's video is kind of like a fun chaotic. We can still so in this video I'm going to share how I installed this beautiful 20 inch deep wave wig here. I'Ve been getting a lot of questions lately about my hair and how I do it and things like that, and so I shared my um. My first video that I created years ago when I first started my YouTube journey and a lot of the things have changed. A lot of the products that I use have changed. My technique has changed a little bit, so I figured let me do an updated version for you guys and share one of my favorite wigs um this here, and so I hope you guys enjoy and let's get right into the video, the hair I'll be sharing those Videos from AF sister wig, it's a 20 inch deep wave hair. It comes with a cap, it comes with two caps, it comes with a comb, a brush and some clips, and I really love this hair because it's a 13x6 on the inside it has an adjustable band which makes it easy because I have a small head. You have three Combs and one in the back two on the sides and what I love is the fake scalp method. It makes it easier, you don't need a ball cap and it comes pre-plugged and bleached as well all right. So I currently have my hair braided down underneath here. I'M just gon na put this on. I don't ever do a ball cap method. Nor do I leave my hair in for too long like if I'm like, on vacation or, if I just have a lot going on I'll leave it in for a couple days, but for the most part this is it. This is my bald cap method, not really, but I just like to push it like, so that my hairline is covered up for the most part. Sometimes I will use a wig grip, but since this wig does have an adjustable band, I will not be um using that this time around. So I'm just going to cut the lace on the back part because who uses the back lace? I don't think I've ever used it. So I'm gon na cut that off. Thank you. So this is a 20 inch deep wave wig. So the last one that I had before was a loose wave, the one that I've been wearing for the last few weeks. But I think I just overall prefer a deep wave, um wig. So I'm gon na pop this on and I like this wig because it does have the um fake scalp in there from Marie. I forget her name, precious Marie. She created this fake Scout method, and so I don't even need a bald cap method. I really don't even need to put a um cap underneath, but I like it. Oh my gosh. This looks a little tight, but also this is not plucked enough. Like you guys see this, it's so full the last time I bought it. It was like pre-plugged and everything, and it looks pretty uh Wiggy at the moment, but all right, so we have that on. I'M definitely gon na have to customize it a bit because it's way too big the ear Tabs are too big. So before I do anything, I just want to flatten the hairline, and I have this um Tamer from my first wig. It came with another wig that I got from them, so we're just gon na push all this hair back, but I'm gon na do it like here. So I don't burn my forehead. This definitely needs a lot of plucking. I can tell for sure, because I don't like it to be too full around the hairline, so I'm going to take my hot comb and I'm literally just gon na put it like right in there, like just gently just a little bit just to push the hairline Out of the way like that, and I'm not going to fully comb it through, I'm just gon na like get this little portion just so it lays nice and flat. Well, let's cut the ear tabs. The way I like to cut the air tabs is by kind of mapping out like creating a part to see where my hairline is. This makes it easier because it's like all you're really doing is following the line that part that you create and then just cut off the back part. This part is always the hardest part for me, because I'm right-handed yeah, that's like way too full for my liking. I'M actually gon na just like hot comb, it all back, because I find that it makes it easier to see the hairline when it's like all back. I might take these tweezers here and we're just gon na like pluck I'm like not the best at plucking. I just pluck until I feel like it starts to look a little bit more natural and I just go all around in the section I'm going to use the even wonder, lace Bond here this one, but I like I like to get the sensitive one just because I want to make sure like nothing, moves my skin and then I also buy the skin protector, and I put a little bit of that on first before I apply the spray, but I'm just like thinking like. Do I even like how this is looking, because I know I'm going to do the side part I'm not a middle part girl, like I've, tried doing the middle parts. It just doesn't work for me, but let's see should I should we try doing a middle part today? Maybe let's apply a little bit of the protectant, so I'm going to spray it on a cotton round, just like three or four pumps, and then I'm just gon na go all around where I'm gon na apply the spray and you can use a blow dryer. But I just like to use my handy little fan. I use this thing for everything and I find that it helps to dry this trying to make sure, like my forehead, isn't too small, because I naturally have a bigger forehead and I don't mind that it shows sometimes. So I always want to be careful not to cover too much of my forehead push the hair back into place. So when I cut mine, I cut in like zigzag motions just so it doesn't give that like uniform line. Look, I honestly think I'm just gon na cut the lace off and apply it, because I'm not good at like applying it with just this method. So let's go cut it off. Why? Because it's looking a little crazy. I don't know if I want to try the middle part or not. Let'S see I'm gon na press it down and we'll see the good thing I love about like water wave textures is, if you don't like it, you just put some water and change The Parting. If you want to, I still need to go back and lay the sides a bit more, but I'm gon na just pull out. I don't really like to do baby hairs. Um, if I'm honest, like I, don't like how they look. I feel like they look too fake, but I do like to cut like some hairs and just make them shorter like this and then just kind of like swoop them just tiny bits, because I don't really like to do too much. So I'm gon na cut a couple all right. I just need to lay this side down all right, so I'm gon na take this elastic band. I usually put a wrapping strip around first, but I don't have any more. So I'm just going to put this elastic band, so this is straight out the box, the curls are beautiful, but I'm going to add a little bit of water and some mousse and we're going to lay this flatter all right. So I'm going to take this spray bottle and we're going to spray the hair, like the curls look, so beautiful almost like, don't want to disturb them, but the front is a bit poofy. I will say the hair does have a smell to it, so I would recommend co-washing it first. I like to do this because it helps keep the hair flatter like wetting it and then putting the mousse to set it, but these curls look so beautiful. I look. There is also a lot of shedding, though this is just from this side. Okay, so I'm going to apply a little bit of mousse and then I'm just going to put a tiny bit of just a tiny bit of makeup on. I don't know whenever I get my hair done, I feel like I need to get my. I need to do my makeup too. Like I don't know what it is, I'm still not used to this middle part um. So this spray, I'm using the lotta body spray. This is also on my Amazon storefront. I buy these in a pack of three because I go through these so much so I'm gon na put it on top to like lay it flat foreign. I think I'm already loving this already, because I definitely prefer deep wave over water wave, like my last unit that I've been wearing was a water wave, and that was just because I didn't realize that there were different hair textures. I thought it was just going to be like water wave just meant like they all look the same because historically, when I buy my wigs like it will just say, like Curly, I never paid attention to um the different textures. You would think I would know better since I have curly hair but curly kinky hair, but no wow. I love it. It'S so soft and it smells so good now with the mousse. I'M just not used to this middle part like I feel like. Should it be further back or is it just because I'm not used to it? I don't know I always do side parts. It'S my go-to, I'm gon na use a serum because I really like the shine that it gives the hair and I'll focus on the ends. As well just so, we can like lock in all the moisture into the hair okay. So this is the final hair, and what am I expecting I'll be honest? I'M not a fan nope, I'm not like the middle part. So let's go and switch to the side. Part real, quick yeah. I tried to do something different, but I don't like it so hard part. It is so for the mid. When I do the side part, I do like to do a tiny bit like real, tiny. That middle part was just not working. For me, this looks like a million times better, like a million times better. So stick to my side Parts, I'm gon na stick this side. This is a Milky socks better. This is such a chaotic, wig tutorial, it's not funny, but I'm no wig expert and sometimes it's trial and error until I get it right now, if you're feeling up for you can cut this and put layers in there, I just I don't, but maybe I could Just like just a tiny bit on the front part here, but I typically just kind of leave it alone, because I'm nervous that I'm gon na mess it up. What do we think? What do we think? Let me know in the comments. I hope you guys enjoyed this chaotic, wiggin Style with me. I'Ll have everything like for you down in the description bar? Thank you so much for watching and I'll see Beauty in my next video bye coming up. Next is a video sharing. My entire notion notion is a tool that I've been using to help me stay organized so make sure you subscribe. So you don't miss this video. Thank you. So much for watching and I'll see you in the next one.

Z. Dyme: I'm a novice to wigs but I bought my first glueless 'fake scalp' wig. I really appreciate your candid approach for this video. It really helps me get my confidence up to wear my new wig! I've only done headband wigs before this one.

Diaphnie Casimir: This fits you so nicely

Angella Walker: I dont wear wigs but had to watch right away. The side part does suite you better but the middle one is not so bad. I learned alot..pretty easy and simple

Grace A: this is probably the best install I've seen and I love your channel already! thank you so much

Jamaican BSN, RN: This style fits you so nice

ambsuchadiva: Thank you for sharing! I recently asked about your wigs!! I think I can handle plucking lol fingers crossed! I’m going to check out their site! Keep inspiring!✔️

Ruth Willrich: Thanks...love the side part too!!❤️

Yassy Capri : I love this look on you! Yeah, I like the side part better too.

Uduehe Nse: Thanks Syndie, just the video I need

bruisednbeauty: You did a great job on tge install

Linda Ann Oliver: Beautiful you also look stunning with middle part


Carlene Clark: You are Gorgeous! ❤❤ love watching your videos.. I am a new subscriber..

Gretchen Nesmith: You did an awesome job I❤❤ it. No offense but I thought you went to a salon and got it done and that you were going to vlog at the salon. It looks really good. Were did you get the spray bottle from.

Sharon J: Hello, the wig came out nice, do you have to put the lace bond on since it's glueless? I have been looking for a glueless wig that doesn't require any bonding.

kristina expensive: What size cap for the wig did you buy?

kimley lewis: Niiiiice

Bri: I agree, I also don’t like baby hairs. They looks to exaggerated and wig like in my opinion.

Milly_in_denmark: Hey Syndie, the videos is so nice. Are you filmning with the Canon R 6 in this video?.

Mansah Emelia: The side part is so you

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