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Hello my darlings, todays video is a wig tutorial.

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Thank you, hello, Darlings, welcome to Idris alamode, where I share all things of fabulous if you're new here my name is Idris and I love fashion Beauty and lifestyle. This is a bit different, but you guys have seen me with my hair, like plaited all back, but this is literally my natural hair and it's not bad I'm kind of liking it. You know I've given that rich Auntie Vibes, which we love to see um if you're new here please subscribe, comment down below and say hey to your girl. So today's video is a wig video. So you guys summer is here whoa almost here, and I thought it would be interesting to try something new completely new. It'S been a while, since I've had braids and today's video is a kindly sponsored by fancy Vivi and they have sent me this beautiful wig and it's come in this bag like so now, I'm going to show you what's in the box, so we have a deluxe Wig cap like so it also comes with hair clips and um. What are these lashes? I have two pairs of the cap and then we also have um the head cap. So fancy Vivi is an exciting wig brand they've just started up and they are already making such a huge name for themselves across all platforms. They are specializing in natural scalp, wigs, okay, which is 100 hand tied with baby hairs around which allows for a seamless, hairline transition and no bumps and no gaps, and this wig looks very realistic. So we are going to test it out and also they have premium. Japanese synthetic fiber, which is a silky and neat and uh, leaves no smell and the color does not fade and the wigs are lightweight, not rough, smooth, tight, compact, very soft and easy to separate and easy to wear. So if this is a cornrow boxed, braided wig that I have and it's designed with a knotless large square braid, which can be separated and um, can separate and can be dyed with various hairstyles. This wig is for my busy girls, who are always working, so this is the wig guys. I'M really excited to try this out, because you guys know that I like braids, but I don't have the patience to sit there and get it done so so this is gon na really come in handy um. Let me take off the net and then I can show you the wig close by. I like that, the I like that the braid the braid is actually quite lightweight. So can you see that it's really really lightweight? It doesn't look heavy. So it's not going to be weighty on your head and the scalp, as you can see, looks very natural. Can you see that it's very natural scalp and I'm really excited to try this out? It comes with baby hairs. As you can see, I just need to cut the lace raise of a great hairstyle, but they take a lot of time. I don't have patience and they're quite expensive as well. Let'S be honest, you know what I mean, so I think this is such a great way to switch hairstyles, especially for my girls that are planning to travel this year. You want to be switching up. Your looks, switching up your wigs. Definitely you could check out um fancy Vivi and check out this braided hairstyle. I love that it really comes with very thick baby hairs, which will help to make the hair look seamless and super natural again. I will just show you the scalp so that you can see what it looks like and then here we are with the baby hairs. You can see it's really thick hair, which is going to make life so much easier and so yeah, let's go ahead so that I can try this inside. We have a clip here. We have three Clips another here and another here so that you can secure your wig. So let's go ahead and try this on, I'm really anxious, but I'm excited. At the same time, I should have brought a mirror here. Actually one second I'll be right back. I'Ve put my mirror. I'Ve put my mirror on the side here so that I can see, because I don't have a table here, so I just want to be able to see this properly. The wig feels very lightweight um. I have a mirror here, so I'm just gon na see wig feels very lightweight, and I like that, I could wear it any way that I want so actually do you know what I'm gon na do I'm thinking to put the cap on my head, but nonetheless I don't actually think I need it. I could just um the lace already comes tinted, but I think I want mine just a little bit more brighter, and so I will probably go ahead and put concealer or not concealer powder, but I just I'll probably put some powder, but I just want to cut The lace quickly so that I can show you so again, I'm just looking here, because my mirror is here. Let me move you closer. So once again comes with already made baby hairs, as you can see, it's Blended in so well comes with baby hairs and it Blends in so so well with my natural hair texture, which I'm really liking so far, and I like how full they've made the baby Hairs and everything has been designed so that all you have to do is cut the lace and I would just set my baby hairs with some mousse and that's it. Okay. So now we're gon na go ahead and just cut the lace, so the lace literally oh, is this my own hair. I thought that was part of the braid for a second. So what I'm gon na do? Actually, I'm gon na remove the braid because I'm going to cut the lace from the back, because the baby has actually go all the way around to the back, which is really great. So I'm just gon na cut the lace from the back in a zigzag motion. No, I don't want to get the baby hairs. This is really good for getting that realistic. Look. I love that the they've been so thoughtful of getting the uh the wig around so guys I'll leave all the details about this wig in the description box down below including a discount as you do. I'M gon na cut the lace at the front so that you can see so I'm just literally doing a zigzag motion and trying my best not to get the baby hairs, because you guys know how much I love baby hairs. I feel like, if you want to get it realistic, look with your wig, it's best to keep baby hairs and or to do it properly, at least to try and do it properly. I think it's important to have baby hairs on the wig to try and get the best look. So I'm just gon na cut the lace quickly so that you can see. I think I kind of messed up here, but it's fine uh. So there we go there. We go Okay, cool, so I've cut that part. I just need to go ahead and cut this part. Okay and then here I'm just gon na okay cool. So I'm just gon na do that. Thank you, okie dokie! So I've cut the lace. Now I'm gon na put the wig on there. We go foreign. I really like how the wig is looking. So, as you can see, it's really flat on my head, which is a plus, because what you don't want is a bumpy look um. I like that. This is sitting on my head correctly, like. I cannot wait to wear this on holiday. It'S giving Janet Jackson, Poetic Justice. Do you know what I mean? I love it. I love it. I'M gon na fit my edges with the um with a mousse so that everything stays in place. You know, but I like that quite fluffy. The baby hairs are quite fluffy. It'S a really good look because it just makes everything look super natural. You know what I mean I really like that, and this is a glueless wig um, but if you're extra you could glue it down. If you just want that extra security, but you really do not need to glue this wig, It's a glueless wig and it contains Clips inside just to keep everything in place for you. I really like this. I was quite anxious to try these because I was like. Oh, I'm not sure how much like if it's gon na work for me, but it actually does. I just love how clearly the baby hairs. Are. I really love this. So there you go I've just added some mousse um, the hair comes already. So all you have to do is cut the lace and then now I'm just gon na spray. My bond lace, spray um, because I like what this does to the wig and to the baby hairs. So I'm just gon na. Do it like that, and we are ready to go to the if you wanted to add some color to the scalp you could, but I think this Blends very very well with my scalp, so I don't need to do anything else. All I've done to the wig is cut the lace. All I've done to the wig is cut the lace and just styled the baby hairs a little bit, but I like how the baby hairs already comes done. It'S been cut. I like that. The baby hairs have been cut and styled for you, so you don't have to do anything as you can see everything Blends in pretty pretty well. My natural hairline starts from here and I didn't keep any of the baby. Has hair just to have a more realistic. Look so this is what the hair is. Looking like on the side, I think this looks very very natural and blending super super. Well, you lay these comment down below. Let me know what you think about this style of wig. Would you rock it? Would you not? I think this looks incredible. I love that it comes done, and the fun fact is that you can actually style it many ways, so you could even like flip it. This way we can flip it. This way. Have it on one side: you could style it. You could do half up half down and then have some. You know on the sides. This is how I would probably style it like tie. It up have some on the side, but I'm definitely a middle part girl. So I would just Rock Mine very very simple. I love this look. What do we think? Is this a yay, or is this a nay? I would love to know if you would try something like this. I don't know, but I I'm loving it. I feel like this is really good, especially for holidays. Like I said doing extensions babes, I don't have the patience. I do not have the patience like I love how natural I love, how it's not too full. So it's not heavy on the head, like it's really light. You lay this comment down below and let me know what you think this week is 36 inches. As you can see like it's really really long, would you dare to try this, so I would also tie it up like that, but generally I would wear my um braids down like so I think this looks really good, all right foreign, so don't forget to sign Up using Code new 20, which gives you 20 off - and this is only for new signs up, so I'm really looking forward to hear what you guys, I think, try it out and let me know once again thank you so much to fancy Vivi for sponsoring. Today'S video and allowing me to try this new look, which I'm going to be rocking this summer, because you guys know I don't have the patience to sit down to get braids done, and I just love how lightweight it is and again the scalp is really natural. Looking the hair itself feels super lightweight on my head, and I just I love how it looks. I love the color, it's like a 1B, so it's like a nice natural black color. It literally looks like I've. Had my hair braided and I love how natural the scalp also looks, I love how natural the scalp also looks. I'Ve got uh my hat. My hair has been plaited underneath, but you get there's no bump like there's literally no bump, I'm sure you can see from where you are. That is not bumpy at all, so this is a great way if you want to um change up your look for summer. Try braids if you've always wanted to try braids and you're scared of it. Then this wig is perfect. Babe. This wig is perfect for you to try. I would also style it up like. So how does that look? I don't have any hair bands on me. Sorry. So like, but generally whenever I, whenever I did, have braids in the past it I always had it down. I just I like the look that it gives it's giving it's giving Janet Jackson, Poetic Justice like I just love that look. I always have it down, or I have one side front and one side to the back. I just I find it very, very classy, I'm really loving the baby hairs it. This is what really makes the wig look really realistic. For me, I love that the baby hairs has been styled for you as well making life so so much easier um. If you don't want them to look too fluffy, then you could literally lay them, but I kind of like how fluffy they look. It gives it more of a realistic look and yeah. I just love this. Look. I'M really glad that I tried it so once again, thank you so much to fancy Vivi for sponsoring today's video. You guys comment down below. Let me know what you think. Would you try this, would you not, I would love to know I'll, see you in the next video bye foreign

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