Alipearl Hair Review Deep Wave Fake Scalp Lace Frontal Wig

Hi everyone! this video is a review for another unit I purchased from Alipearl Hair.


24 inches

medium size cap


Adjustable band in back with three combs on the inside

Brazilian hair

Fake scalp construction

200% density


Email: [email protected]

IG: @drealatrice

Hey guys and thank you so much for tuning in to watch this video before i start the video i have a quick announcement um. I was a little excited when i was making the video, so i forgot to tell you guys the price of the unit. Please forgive me i'm so sorry, but the price of this unit was 289.47 and this is a 200 percent density unit. You have to pay for that extra density because they normally come in like a come in 140 160.. So for the extra density i had to pay about, i had to pay about 35 extra to make it 200 density, but um. I forgot. I left that part out in the video. Like i said i was so super excited to get this video out to you. Guys so stay tuned and enjoy the video. Thank you guys, hello. What'S going on everybody, hey uh, hey everybody! I'M back today tonight rather with another video uh, it's about 905 pm saturday night, and i decided to what give you guys another hair review yay about this hair right here. Okay, so guys she's beautiful, she is beauty full okay and i'm gon na hook. You, ladies up with the website and the description of it. So if you want to go yourself, you can get this one as well, so i'm reading from my ipad so once again guys um, like i said i hope everybody is doing great uh, despite what's still going on with the coronavirus um. I hope everybody is doing well. I hope everybody had a fantastic day a fantastic week, and i wish you guys to have a fantastic blessed week. Uh coming up, so let's go ahead and get into it um, so um, oh before i get into it um. If you have not already guys go ahead and subscribe, what are you waiting on um, i'm trying to upload a little more regularly than i have done in the past, but guys? What are you waiting on huh it's free to subscribe? It doesn't cost you anything. Does not cost you anything to like the video so guys come on. Give your girl some support. Um ride with me and uh join the family, so um, let's get to it so guys. I got this hair this unit from ally, Okay, that's that's the name of the website:, okay, um. I placed the order on um june, 7th, okay and it took about two weeks. It did take about two weeks for me to get this, because this unit had to be customized, and i would tell you why, later on, what had to be customized. So it did take me about two weeks to get it so guys. The description of this wig is the fake scalp lace, wig deep wave. Okay, ladies, if this is the fake scalp lace, wig deep wave, okay, so the wig had already come pre-plugged, but those of you who have been kind of wrecking with me for a while y'all know that i like to go in even though they say that they Are pre-plugged i like to go back in and pre-plug my units just a little more to my liking, so i did go in just a little bit and i kind of plugged around the edges and you can see um my baby move um. I kind of went in ladies around the edges and i just plucked it just a little bit: okay, just a little bit not much because it did already come pre-plugged, but just a little bit it y'all. Look at that. Look at that! Hairline! Look at it! If this don't look realistic, i don't know what do now. It might still be a little white right here. I did go in with some eyeshadow color that was kind of uh close to my skin tone to kind of cover up that white. But it is just a little white right here, but you really, you can't see it unless you're looking for it but um. This is the hairline guys. This is the hairline, the hairline, it's beautiful, okay, um, the hair length is the hair length is 24 inches. Okay, the cap size is a size medium and the hair density is 200 percent. Guys, that's why it took two weeks for me to get it because of i added extra hair density now. Normally the hair density is about 180, but they give you an option to add extra density for a little fee, so the highest on this wig that the density could go was 200. So i said yeah give me 200 density because who likes thin hair me. I definitely don't i don't like for my units to look thin or sparse, so i don't mind paying that extra money, the extra dollars the extra coins for that density, because look, this is what that density will. Give you look at that. Y'All. Look at that! Look at that, okay, look! What'S going on everybody, looking at y'all whoa! Isn'T she beautiful? Isn'T she lovely? Even she wonderful look at her y'all she's, beautiful, okay and um? There is no adjustable band in here, so they do give you the option to um. Have them sew an adjustable band in or or an elastic band in the back, but i i didn't uh, because i knew i was going to glue it down. So i did not need an elastic man um and let me show y'all the fake scalp so like i said this is the fake scalp unit, so um this unit is 13 by 6. So that means that the lace comes down on the size, 13 inches and you have six inches of parting space going back now. That is the the length and the width of the fake scalp. So if y'all look see, look at that that looked like straight up, scalp right, uh-uh, it's not! This is the wig. This is how it that's the construction, that's how it's made guys! That'S how it comes. It'S beautiful! It gives you that fake scalp. Look that fake scalp effect, okay, and it's like this six inches back. So if you want to part it on the side, if you want to part it in the middle or if you want to go to your right side and part it you want to have that effect. Excuse me: you want to have that fake scalp effect. All the way through the 13x6, now after the 13x6, it's a regular, well wefted, bundles sewn on the cap. You know regular, but the 13x6 is the fake scalp and, like i said, let me get y'all a close-up. Look at that new part. Look at that! Look at that! That'S that's! That'S the fake scalp, okay and you got that all the way through. Oh look at that! So that's what it is guys. So, ladies, if y'all want to get this unit, like i said, allypro um, this is the fake scalp lace. Wig, deep wave, fake, scalp place wig deep, wave 24 inches show y'all y'all see how it look in the back. This is how it looks in the back, so i did go in here because it was really all the same length i went in and i did make me some layers throughout the unit. So i did. I went in with my fit or with my sheer my sheer cutters and i just layered it throughout the whole unit, because i like to have my face framed um. It gives me a better look when my face is framed and the hair is not all the same length so um. I installed this unit like that i've had it almost a month um. I have worn it before. This is like my my second or my third time wearing this unit um, but you know i wanted to come correct to give you guys a real, honest review, because i know how it is when you spend your money on something and you don't get what you Think you want to get you're disappointed, but um i give this a thumbs up, go get it go, get it now. I'M gon na tell you what i used to lay my units down, so this is the meltdown extreme hold. This is what i use 95 uh isopropyl alcohol, okay and um it'll it'll stay for this will stay for at least three weeks. Okay, and sometimes i use the bow hole. This is the boho extreme. I use this sometimes too, but what i noticed with the boho is, i think i was applying too many layers and it would show through white through my lace. It will show through white. So i don't really use this anymore. I use this and i haven't had any issues with it at all guys. So that's what i use to will my uh to adhere my units to my head. So that's all that i have for you guys tonight. I hope this uh video was informative. Guys please like comment: please subscribe, please please, please, please, please please subscribe to my channel guys and i will give you guys content. I do have another hair review. Have another unit now y'all my next review, my next unit that i'll do my review on guys. I'Ve had the unit for the unit for two years two years and i'm gon na show y'all how the hair still hold up that'll be the next video, okay, i'll, probably put it out, maybe the next week or two, because i still want to wear this baby Right here for a while, okay, okay, she giving me chaka khan vibes she's, giving me um, hey girl. How are you vibes, huh, um, so yeah guys? I hope this video was informative. I hope i didn't leave anything out um. This is my second unit perch. This is my second time purchasing from ali pearl hair. I this was my first unit and if you guys go back to my pre, not my previous video, but the one before that um i have a video up of that hit of that unit and that one is from alli pearl hair as well. So, like i said, i hope this video was informative. I thank you guys so much. I love you and always remember guys, god, over everything, have a good night goodbye,

Key’s Photography: does this hair shed alot?

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