Watch Me Slay My Wig From Ali Pearl || Lace Wig Installation Tutorial For Beginners


Looking REAL SCALP! | Beginner/Lazy Wig Wearer Friendly

- No Plucking Needed!

- No Bleaching Needed!

- No Cap Needed

- No Work Needed!

Hair details: 180% fake scalp curly 13*4 lace frontal wig 24 inch (large size)

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What'S the babies, as you guys can see, I do have on my bald cap today we will be doing a hair tutorial on how I install my laces and yes, I am beneath a bunk bed and that's not our business today. I will be installing my ally, pearl 24 inch curly wig thanks Scout Bay right here, I'm just trying to test to see how they, oh damn, I'm just making sure to see how well the lace within my hairline normally for a beginner. You should mark it up, but you know I'm so and do stuff like that, because I've been taking up my time and on behalf of time for that, something that I do, though, that helps a lot. Is that, as I try to measure the size of the lace, I also clip off my bald cap, because I don't want to show the white part of any stuff. If that makes sense to you guys. Like me, I've been feeling like my forehead, is getting bigger because I've been putting on laces back-to-back, but hopefully that's not the case. Um I'm gon na go ahead and get get on with y'all and I'm gon na go ahead and cut my bald cap. My black bald cap that I'm not gon na be using because I don't use back fall cast, so I'm gon na cut it and turn it to a scrunchie to put my hair in a ponytail. That'S appearing on my understanding. Thank you now for the glue. I no longer use go spawn or any of those because I do have sensitive skin. So lately I've been using the yellow got ta, be just where this part of the install I make sure to put my first layer but got ta, be make sure that the area is wide because that's the only way you gon na have your lace occur. Okay, I mean by that is don't just put a little bit of glue bang. I understand that you don't want a waste, but you need them. You need to put it on back cuz. You got ta, keep in mind this ain't, no lace. This ain't, no legs glue. Bang, you need to make sure it's thick. You need to make sure it's the curse. If you don't put it on frou-frou, it's a little slipping, so you got ta put as much as you can't be. I understand just remember at the end of the day, it's only about 5 on stage, so this is me trying to my first layer, you're gon na no dry it up to the point that is almost completely dry and then, when it's almost dry, you're gon na Go ahead and put on your second layer of glue make sure for this layer. It is almost it's pretty much tacky. You don't need to make it completely dry. Babe cause y'all, do that for the first layer. So, for this thing is gon na be just a little bit tacky. What I do for me to know that it is drying up or has been dried up enough, is that it's gon na become more clear. It'S not gon na be completely clear, but it will become more clear and then not only that you're gon na take your finger and start bouncing me to make sure that your finger bounced back and then you go ahead after that. You see. Look bang! You see how look man the real ugly making like that. So then we'll go ahead and take my god it be spray. I don't know why you got ta, take the spray but be light, and I can't just do it because it works. Thank you. Ain'T. Nothing! Wrong with having a little bit extra security on your lace on understanding, like I said before guys, I am hardheaded instead of doing what I do. What you should do is cut the lace into three pieces and then slowly take your time and place it down onto your hairline. Unlike me, I'm a tardy, so I went ahead. I do the damn thing, because I an old tombe understand it. Now that I got the links on my hairline the right way, I'm gon na go ahead and take my rat tail comb and begin to comb it backwards. As I'm blow-drying my hair line, they don't try to use your finger, don't try to use no regular comb. They need to use a rat tail comb to get into it for real, I'm not extending. Now we will be cutting the lace. What I do to make it easier. I take the back of the rat tail comb and I go ahead and make a part around my ear talking over to cut and it helps me a lot as you guys can see now. Bayen got a comment down below cuz. I already know yes, my armpit is hairy. They have been in quarantine for so long peg. I don't know what's been going on, but it's like my hair has been growing faster, so I just be getting more lazy, told that I just let it do the damn thing. I let it be it suck now, as you guys can see, I did cut my ear off wait. I mean I cut the part of my ear that is supposed to be in so now I will go ahead, be cutting the legs completely and when you do this, please do not go straight across because you won't be walking around looking like a man with little Tape line don't do that baby, that's wrong. I learned lessons myself: you're gon na go ahead and cut it and make it a zigzag as possible just to give you more of a natural effect when it comes to your hairline and lace boom, and I tell you - and I tell you what I said - bang Thank you. Thank you. Better. Go help right away. If you do the lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, itching, rash trouble, breathing or swelling of your face or throwing serious side effects from happen, including pancreatitis gallbladder problems make her taking sax Enda with medication. To treat Type 2 diabetes may cause low blood sugar. Tell your healthcare provider. If you feel your heart racing all the rest, depression or thoughts of suicide may occur. Call your healthcare provider right away. If you have any mental changes, why should this be subscribed to anybody and they really die based life? Now baby, we have cut off the lace now I'll go ahead and go back with my got ta be glue and I will take the back of my rat tail comb and begin to fill in those place. Those spots of the lace that is slight. You know standing up because we're not gon na be going out like that. We'Re not going on like that. They leave work too hard to get this far as you're taking the glue and you're putting it in the spots that do not have a glue. Make sure that it is still almost about dry because you don't want to just put it slap on the glue while it's still wet, because bait is gon na slip off. That'S not how you keep your lace. Oparin understand you, you nowaday! We are almost done. Trust me: we are almost there and I gon na go ahead and just take your trusty foundation and go ahead and place it around the lace. Stuff don't be like me and messy, because I'm tardy um now I'm gon na go ahead and just use my hot comb to go through with the lace to make sure that you know it's set and it's like a bit melted. I don't know how to relieve my leg like that, but I'm still trying mind you guys on the beginning myself, I'm trying to show you how what I do. I am sorry about. I don't know same for everybody, but the baby hairs is literally the worst part. This is the hardest part. I kid you not. It takes me about an hour and 30 minutes to do these dangling baby hair because I'm so bad at it, but I'm gon na. Let you guys it's just a child and everything at this point you just you just either. You know you got. Oh you don't I already got it, but I somehow managed to catch it me now when it comes to doing your baby hair. The best thing to use alcohol-free mousse do not use no alcohol, you got ta, say alcohol-free, Beibei but I'll, say alcohol-free, trust and believe when you use that mousse for your legs, babe lace just come in. Oh it's coming right, I'll stink and that's one period guys. I am so sorry, but I was not able to show you guys how I did my baby hairs. I took so long to do these things, but I'm I apologize when I get better I'll make sure to make a video about it, but this is a turn out of what I did with my baby hairs that took me so damn long period watch this watch. It whoa every time I wrap the baby hair BAE got ta make angelic music because that's how it feel. That'S, oddly filling I'm understanding. I worked so hard to do this now, a few details about this wig, although it was a fake scalp. I wasn't really a big fan of how the fakes got did look the face. Scalp. You were still able to see the nos that knocks her not bleach, and you couldn't do nothing about it because you can't even bleach it. You know it caused the hair to not stay flat, although it's a curly lace and it's supposed to have volume. I feel as though I could be wrong, but I feel because the face scalp was so thick. It wasn't the look that I wanted to go for. That'S how much hair I plucked out! I couldn't plug out too much hair because right behind the hairline that was the face cap, so that was to pluck too much you guys would be able to see it, and it would give me a bad look. But although, besides all of that, the hair is beautiful, it's still very soft, but they, although this hair, is beautiful, when it's dry I be out, he look like Mufasa, but I'd be looking like a pretty Milazzo. So that's a good thing.

re.ina9913 lol: I've been waiting for this tutorial period True baybee.giant fan

Merihya Hazelwood: She is too pretty !!..She said “be like Nike and just do it” somebody need to give her ,her own show

Tina Hyde: Love it

myaa: Perionaa❤

queenshia: Yess let that armpit hair be itself. I've fallen off too. Thanks for the tutorial!!!!

Johanna: On what setting of the blow dryer did you use to melt down the glue, and to lay the wig?

Mimi A:

ByDiana: The commercial though but hair

faith khathi: Use a concealer to define your part.

Esther A.: All them side effects

Simply Niyaaa: The radiowhat medicine they talking bout

Lady Red: baeee <3

Aïcha: Yessss

LAVISHLAYJIA: I have a business inquiry for you , please check your email

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