The Truth About Alipearl Hair | Honest Hair Review | Aliexpress Wig | Deep Wave

Wassup RoseGang,

I'm back with another hair review featuring Alipearl Hair from Aliexpress.I wanted to give ya'll a honest review so... Hope you enjoy!

Hair Deets: Alipearl Brazilian Hair 3 Bundles Deep Wave with 13X4 Frontal

Bundles were 24,26,26

Frontal was 20”

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What summers gangster girl? She was here back with another video, and I just got some hair that came today from Le pearl and I wanted to show you all the hair that I got before I got to put in and before I did some things to it. So I haven't opened it like, I haven't, taken it all the way out the package, but so I came in a FedEx package like this and then the bundles came directly inside of this. So these are the bundles. I got a frontal BAM and I got three bundles and then also in this FedEx bag. I got two league caps and a little card that just gives me care instructions. So immediately after get my package and open it up, I notice how strong of a smell the bag had as soon as I opened it. Even though there's sofas in packages, I could smell it through the FedEx bag, and I knew immediately that I'm gon na have to do something about the chemical smell that in your head. I'M not surprised that it has a chemical smell, I'm not to be happy that it does, but I'm not surprised because a lot of hair companies process the hair and they have to use chemicals and everything to get it into the texture that you desire to have. So I got three bundles. Like I said, then I got a closure, so I got two bundles of 26-inch yeah coupon. Those are the 26 inch and then I got one bundle of 24 and then my clothes, my I'm sorry, my friends who is 20 inches. So yeah now I'll show y'all what the hair looks like. I'M not gon na lie. T bundles looks really small and look at how thin they had look inside the package. So I was a little scared, I'm not sure it feel like it separates after you take it out or what I've never used this company before it's my first time shopping with him, but I saw like some cool stuff on YouTube on YouTube, like some good videos About him, so I want to give him a try. This is the first bundle I don't know. I thought the bundle was gon na look a lot bigger. These bundles are really small, but I got three of them, so they should come together nicely. I should have a full head, especially since I got a frontal umm but yeah. This is what the bundle looks like. It'S really small might just be my eyes. I'D be good enough, but this is the hair really really strong chemical smell, but it does look pretty. Don'T get me wrong, does look pretty you got some shine to it. I don't really see too many light strands. I see some brown strands like some light brown strands that could just come from processing but yep. This is the hair and looked at the front. So I might have to leave Smuts, which I probably am gon na bleep tonight. I heard a lot of good reviews about this hair. So that's why I bought it. I want to give it a try and here's the lace. It got like a little white tint like a grayish kind of tint to the lace it shouldn't be too bad. Cuz, like I said, I'm gon na bleach it anyway, and it don't look too too bad, but it does have like a little grayish tint to it. You see these nuts, I feel like these knots could be bleached, so I'm gon na bleach, the nice hair on, doesn't look too bad. It look. It look pretty nice. I don't think the hairline looks too bad at all. I might pluck it a little bit more and it is a little dense after you get past that, like first quarter inch of hair, I'm not sure if you can see, but you see how dense it gets like after the first 1/4 inch of hair. That might not be enough for me, so I might do some additional plucking, not sure, but I'm gon na go ahead and bleach. This ladies and I'm gon na use to get rid of the chemical smell. I'M gon na use some gained fabric softener and I'm gon na soak the hair for at least 24 hours to try to get rid of the chemical smell. I'Ve seen this on YouTube. I'Ve never tried it before, I'm not sure if it'll work, but I'm hoping it does so yeah. That'S what I'm gon na do alright y'all. So I went ahead and let the hair air-dry washed and conditioned it after I beat the bundles and everything and the smell came out. So yes, the smell came out. However, I did have to go back in Bleach the nuts on the frontal. Again, I don't know why was so hard to bleach the knots and even after the second time they didn't really take that. Well, but that's that's okay. I didn't get up installing it myself, because the person that I was supposed install it just wasn't available. I guess I don't know, but I end up installing myself and did my own, so in so ok, so the hair is really pretty. Don'T get me wrong. I'Ve been wearing it for a week now about a week yeah about a week now, and let me take these clips out so the hair is pretty. I just have a problem with the front, so I really don't like the frontal, because it is so small. I thought it was a thirteen by six - maybe it's a 13 by four, but even with the 13 by four. I didn't realize how little part in space I have like. I don't have any part in space. I got this right here on the side. I don't even know if that's two inches, I think that's about two inches but like immediately after there's tracks there. I try to call them over some hair to cover the tracks, but the frontal is extremely small, like I can't party like, if anything I probably will have to go like free party, like you know, like just a no part kind of hair stuff, but that's like Really my only cut not my only but one of my complaints, the hair does it doesn't shed that much, but it does shed like. I don't really know how to explain it like whenever I finger comb with my hands. I don't get very much, but whenever I try to brush it through to get tangles out, I do get a little bit of shedding on my floor and stuff, but I mean like that's to be expected whenever it comes to deep wave or curly hair. It'S not like crazy, it's not like a crazy amount of shedding, but it's a decent amount of shedding just be on the lookout for that. But overall, the quality of their hair is really nice. I really like the quality of the hair. I ended up only using two and a half bundles, so I thought I wasn't gon na happen up here, but I ended up actually have enough hair, so I have like a extra like half a bundle left over, and this is what the hair is looking like. I did have a 20 inch frontal two twenty fours 26 s and then the 24th I'll put this um the details in the description box above this is the hair. It is really pretty I, it really is so this is it. Please disregard the makeup on my shirt because I had to put this shirt on and eye makeup on, so y'all right not a go but um. This is how long it comes on me with the 26, what the 24 being at first and then the 26 and then another 26. So this is how long it goes stretched out. Let me see, I think, stretched out that's about right, not really complaining about the length, though, but overall, this hair is like really soft is really pretty. All I need to do is put water in it, and the crows come really nice and fluffy when they dry cuz it's dry now, but I just waited this morning. It smells good. The luster is definitely still there, so that's a plus so yeah. My only complaint is the frontal, but the frontal can be replaced, obviously because I got bundles. So if I don't let like this or if or if like I mess up one, I could just order another one, but overall the hair is really pretty guys. I really love it umm. I really don't know what else to say about it. This is what the curls look like up close deep way, but yeah I might go update. I might do like maybe a one-month update, just to see how long the hair and last to see if the quality decreases over time. But overall I really like it, and I think it's really cute just remember that the Front's was really small. And if you plan on having like deep parts or if you're a fan of having deep parts, then that's something you just gon na have to go without. If you get this but yep, that's it! So! Thank you, Ellie pearl. I hope enjoyed this video. Make sure you like comment and subscribe and I'll see on the next one

Tandra Powell: The hair looks really good!!! I just did an unboxing from them (a wig) and I’m very upset Soon as i unboxed the wig it was shedding...they Didnt even bleach my knots even tho they were suppose 2

Nautyca Daniels: This hair is so pretty, do you have any other recommendations for a deep wave frontal?

RockyNoAsap: What’s the deciding factor between buying the wig premade or making it out of bundles

BlackBarbie228: What do you wash and condition the hair with?

The Journey Of Thia Miranda: So 3 bundles and a frontal is enough or get 4 bundles and a frontal it looks great by the way

Jennell B: thanks for this review. is it still holding up?

NiaGrace Caisley: You did your own sew-in...I wish I had ya skillz. The hairs pretty

Boo James: Would u recommend this hair to sew in?

Kuloni Martin: How do you like the hair now ??

ashten Bash: What do you film off of?

Tiara D: Where’s the link?

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